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Gay Canadian teenager kills himself over depression and bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Ed Johnson 18 Oct 2011, 2:18pm

    R.I.P Jamie. Not another one lost through this tragedy, each life so precious and so devastatingly lost. My heart goes out to the families involved in this horrible incident. It’s changed their lives and the lives of the bullies involved forever.

    1. We need to hold the Christian religion accountable for all of these children who kill themselves due to the hate filled anti-LGBT propaganda that the Christians are spewing out everyday around the world. The Christians are desperate and are doing everything they can to destroy the hearts and minds of gay children today. We need laws to protect the children from these devils who pretend to be Christians who drive their people to bullie children and who then kill them selves. The blood is on the Christians hands and they need to be arrested and put in prison for the damage they are doing to the heart and minds of children today.

      1. You cannot generalize that all christians are to blame. I agree that some christian orginazations are to blame like the southern USA churches. Here in Canada, the United Church is pro LGBT. The minister in the church I attended before I moved was an open lesbian and the church and church members were supportive of her.

  2. If only he had known that he had so much to look forward to. It’s very sad that he didn’t understand the ‘It Gets Better’ message. Although he was bullied he also had supportive friends and parents- perhaps he was suffering with depression that should have been treated or perhaps it was a cry for help that went wrong. Perhaps the lesson is that the support of other gay peers is the most important support you can get if you are a gay teen and more needs to be done to set up LGBT youth groups etc.

    1. It gets better means nothinh

    2. You are fooling nobody with that nonsense about “treating” him, look at the truth
      these frauds and scammers are only interested in the money they can make and the pills they sell for kick backs and incentives that make the drug companies rich while the poor gays, LGBT people suffer from their “treatment” which does more harm than good. Don’t be fooled the headshrinkers are lying to you when they say they can help mental problems because they can’t and in fact the themselves are a bunch of loons themselves. Those people need to be locked up for the harm they do to gays.

      1. The vast majority of professional psychatrists and councillors don’t have a hotline to NARTH or ‘Big Pharma’. Claiming that they all have some sinister agenda to peddle is a wildly sweeping statement.

        1. Councilling is like brainwashing you can’t learn about every human mind, We are as individual as our fingerprints.

    3. “Referencing the It Gets Better campaign, he added: “I don’t want to wait three more years, this hurts too much. How do you even know it will get better? It’s not.”

      Yeah blame Jamie for all these people telling him what they can’t know for sure that campaign is idiotic at best malicious and cynical at worst

  3. So, so sad. R.I.P. Jamie.

  4. Revd Barry 18 Oct 2011, 2:42pm

    So Sad to read of another Teen who felt life wasnt worth living. Something needs to be done
    Reat In Peace Jamie

    1. Revd Barry 18 Oct 2011, 4:44pm

      Sorry I meant to put Rest In Peace Jamie

  5. All the time religious cults keep spewing their antigay rhetoric, supporting discrimination against such as banning us from marrying, inciting others to hate and in some cases commit violent crimes against us, we’ll NEVER solve bullying. The majority of religious cults are mostly responsible for homophobia throughout the world and still are. Young people hear their hateful messages, is it no wonder bullies exist? It begets one generation to the next . Their parents probably were raised the same way, self perpetuating. Not one religious cult leader has expressed any sympathy to this poor boy’s family. Doesn’t that tell us something?

    1. Revd Barry 18 Oct 2011, 4:43pm

      I Totally Agree Robert

    2. In the 90’s everyone wanted to be us. I not sure how we became so naff so quickly maybe its the rise of the religious lot or maybe it bcause we have no direction and rely on support from idiots like gaga madonna and miley

      1. Speak for yourself !

        1. I usually do.

      2. I don’t understand who you think wanted to be gay in the 90’s? Other than gay guys? And do you really think that gay guys in the 90’s were ‘cooler’ than they are now? Like who? And wasn’t madonna big in the 90’s?

        1. Most are dead now we lost some of great people from HIV/AIDs. We seem to have lost direction I do not remember so many kids killing themselves maybe it wasn’t reported

    3. Dave North 18 Oct 2011, 7:51pm

      I see STU the religious apologist is keeping clear of this news item.

      And well he should.

      This is the end result of his belief in freedom of religious expression.

    4. The only religious cult who is spending millions of dollars all the time now is the Catholic Church who calls gays their “enemy” and Christians who support terrorist Right Wing groups who want to stop gay marriage and destroy gays. Funny how Christians and Catholics keep trying to misdirect the gays to some other person or groups when it is them who are the ones who are doing the most damage to stop gays and even want to kill them. The proof is out the Catholic and Christian Religion are the ones along with the Mormons who spend the most money, millions and work countless hours to destroy gays. Nice try Pope and his Terrorist Christians.

  6. When children are bullied at school, it’s not just about violence and fear – awful as those are. It’s also about social ostracism. Teenagers are learning where they belong in the world. If teens get the message at school that they don’t belong anywhere, they’re going to be in pain, even when parents and a few friends are accepting, as in this case.

    As LGBT adults, we demand not just tolerance, but acceptance and inclusion. That’s one reason we have goods & services legislation in Europe – because it hurts when someone says “You aren’t good enough to shop at my store.” We want marriage, even though UK CPs are the same for most practical purposes, partly because it hurts that the law says “You aren’t as good as us”.

    But we look the other way when teens exclude each other. We say “it’s just part of growing up”. And we’re surprised they commit suicide? We can’t force teens to be friendly, but we can demand schools tackle this head-on, and promote and inclusive atmosphere.

    1. Excellent post, thank you. I was looking for a way to express what I wanted, and all I can say is – This. Everything Atalanta says. When the mantle of “other” is put on us, when we are treated as lesser human beings, it is very hard to believe that it will get better and it is how people are given permission to treat us inhumanely.

  7. This is my status update on Facebook yesterday after reading about this tragedy yesterday:
    Friends, I am very upset about the problem of gay teen suicide and the bullying that precedes it. The “It Gets Better” project is a partial answer much more needs to be done to MAKE IT BETTER NOW! The suicide, reported today, of a gay Canadian teen illustrates that dramatically. Please make sure your schools are safe and nurturing placed for LGBT teens and indeed anyone who is bullied for being different.

    1. it..gets better is rubbish it means nothing make it.better now or stfu RIP

  8. RIP Jamie This one size fits all gay lifestyle is not working. We seem to be the least diverse community all this talk about marriage while the kids are killing themselves. We come across as a bunch of selfish gits

    1. James!, I don’t understand your comments. They’re confusing. Who is selfish? Gay guys who want to get married, or kids who kill themselves?

      1. If you don’t understand I can’t help you

    2. Speak for yourself mate.

  9. My sincere sympathy to Jamie Hubley’s family, loved ones and friends.

  10. Devastating.

    We won’t forget you Jamie. We love you. We need to all learn to love a whole lot more.

  11. RIP young man.

    Another kid who will never get the chance to reach his full potential.

    When is bullying going to be taken seriously?

  12. Another child lost because of bullying. How many more have to die because they feel they are better off dead? No one seems to have an answer so it just goes on …….

    RIP Jamie

    1. The answer is to hold the Catholic and Christians accountable for every gay child that kills themselves or is bullied by another Christian, everybody knows that it is the Christians who are the ones who want to stop gays and destroy them, for 2,000 years now.

  13. oh god Im so upset having read this story – what a waste of a beautiful young person – check Jamie out on you tube link below -how do we allow this to happen to gay people so are in need of help? god bless you Jamie

  14. A terrible loss. Condolences to his parents and friends and may he rest in peace. When are the Canadian and American governments going to wake up and take drastic and punitive measures to stop bullying in schools? Time is running out.

  15. jamestoronto 18 Oct 2011, 8:58pm

    The video accounts and the newscasts here are just heart-wrenching. Can’t tell you how many times tears have welled up in my eyes. What a sad and totally unnecessary loss. He had so much potential that the world will never know now. When will this world wide epidemic stop?

  16. Sam,

    yes we do need to hold the Christian religion accountable for all these children who kill themselves due to the hate filled anti gay propaganda that the Christians are spewing out everyday around the world. But that’s not the only reason. There is too much misandry in our society, and most heterosexual men are biologically programmed to hate men who don’t show their love to women, and fall in love with other men. That is misandry, if we remove misandry, we have better chances to remove homophobia.

  17. rip jamie such a sad loss. it breaks my heart he felt that things wouldnt get better.

  18. HelenWilson 18 Oct 2011, 11:04pm

    A young man with a transgender history killed himself on Sunday, but nobody reports these things…..that’s the second trans suicide in two week I know of……The fact the government is unwilling to invest in a network of support foe trans people says it all.

    RIP James and Jason

  19. CaMoron and his Bullyingdom thugs are still allowing and encouraging bigots and other bullies to participate in their useless consultation on Equality… One more suicide? They will just tick a box and shrug their shoulders… Chris Phobe Grayling, Theresa Phobe May, Ian Phobe Duncan Smith, etc are still very much enjoying their usurped power in government and sending their anti-gay rhetoric now and then… CaMoron just looks the other way…. go figure…

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