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Cheerleader boy says Texas school kicked him off team for gay kiss

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Reader comments

  1. United States of Bigotry. Is anyone actually surprised by this? If anything there seems to be a fresh and growing trend of anti-LGBT behaviour, part of it is a backlash in resistance to the LGBT civil rights movement having success, part of it is due to people in positions of power and authority (preachers, politicians) giving people permission to behave like bigots. I’m sorry, but whenever I hear an American babble on about how their country is a glowing bastion of freedom and liberty etc, I just cry with laughter.

    1. You can always count on Texans to show how backwards some of the developed world is.
      Anyone going there, don’t forget to set your watch back fifty years

      1. I’m from Texas. Lumping the whole state into some sort of lame stereotype is just as bad as homophobic stereotypes or any other. Not all of us are as you describe.

        1. Mr Ripley's Asscrack 19 Oct 2011, 12:49pm

          Bit late for the debate, but one of the crucial elements of recent young gay suicides, to my mind, is that the school turns its back on the victim… don’t care what state it’s in, this is completely unacceptable to me.

          Also to scrutinise and adjudge someone who hasn’t committed a crime but to treat them of such is RETARDED and unacceptable… Kitkat, this is institutional homophobia par excellence.

          Hopefully the school will back down and reinstate, but some hope…

          1. I agree. I think that these cases point to a lack of support for the victim rather than the bullying per se.

        2. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:53am

          You are clearly right, but given the over-abundance of this kind of bigotry in Texas and other southern states (more than elsewhere) it behooves you to fight the bigots at the same time you complain that all Texans are not like that. Prove it to them by challenging bigotry, homophobia, and bullying everywhere.

    2. Christians and Catholics are the problem and they have been hating gays for 2,000 years now and everybody knows this. It is the elephant that is standing in the room and we all need to start a movement to hold the Catholics and Christians accountable for every gay child and LGBT person who is harmed as a result of their religious preaching to hate and kill gays, the part about stoning a gay to death that is.

      1. There are some within the Catholic and Christian movements who are trying to change that – it’s an uphill battle all the way.
        I chose to leave rather than continue to fight.

      2. Staircase2 20 Oct 2011, 1:44am

        Not AGAIN!

        1. Are you sure??? That’s not what I heard :P

      3. william weeks 1 Apr 2012, 3:01pm

        The Christians you refer to are fundamentalist christians who basically believe that everything in the bible is God’s word and the only REAL translation is the old archaic king james version. These people never think for themselves or use reason to try and understand the bible. If the preacher doesn’t know what it means then the consensus is God has not chosen to reveal the meaning of a particular scripture. They believe what they have been taught and what the preacher says to believe. They have no idea of what they truly believe and why. At best they are deceived, misguided christians. At worst they are not christians yet use the title christians. If people who describe themselves as christian believe and preach a gospel of hate, deny equal rights for all but a favored few, regardless what they call themselves they ARE NOT Christians

    3. Miguel Sanchez 19 Oct 2011, 2:40pm

      First off NOT ALL STATES ACT LIKE TEX ASS, so please get it rite before popping off.

      The boys parents need to hire a lawyer and sure the school and district.


  2. Dan Filson 18 Oct 2011, 3:32pm

    Nothing to add to that. Well said.

  3. Derek Williams 18 Oct 2011, 3:33pm

    This lad should not give up until he is reinstated and receives an apology.

  4. Texas you say? Well there’s a surprise.

    1. You know, Texas never repealed its anti-sodomy law. While the Supreme Court case of Lawrence v Texas made the law no longer workable, they still won’t repeal it despite numerous attempts. Anyone want to guess why?

      1. Because of the Super Devil and his long list of sin causing preserves…Like the Jar of marmalade that causes you to commit adultery and the strawberry conserve that causes well you know what.

        I kid but this cannot be too far from the truth.

      2. Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003), [1] is a landmark United States Supreme Court case. In the 6-3 ruling, the Court struck down the sodomy law in Texas.

  5. What do they mean by ‘privacy issues’?
    That they decided to violate the privacy of these two boys?

  6. What do they expect? This is Texas after all, where they beat, maim, and kill ALL GAYS!

    1. Don’t be ignorant. You are the one spreading hate here. Your “information” is ridiculous. I am from Texas, and the people I associate with are nothing like your insane stereotype.

      1. I second what you say. I have only ever known very liberal and open-minded Texans, though admittedly they were the ones I have met here in the UK! Interestingly, the only one I ever met who actually wore the cowboy gear and had the unmodified accent was gay. Wonderful stuff.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:30am

      Oh dear!!

  7. Somebody tell this boy to call his ACLU and sue that school for all the money they have. A kiss is just a kiss no matter who does it, grow up people in Texas.Christians again forcing their crazy brand of thinking on the people and they need to be sued to death for the hell they are making for people today, Christians destroying the hearts and minds of young gay children who then kill themselves. This is just another Holy War on Children and we need to stop the Christians before they destroy and rape another child.

  8. Surely this is both sexual discrimination & adding 1 + 1 & making 3, ie jumping to the wrong conclusion just because 2 lads kiss each other

  9. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:50am

    The answer is simple. Sue he school board for discrimination. Nothing gets a school boards attention like a successful lawsuit. If someone is bullied or discriminated against, the school board is notified but does nothing resulting in a dangerous environment for kids, or worse suicides or violence against kids, sue their asses off.

  10. Hmm.. bigoted, narrow minded neanderthals getting uppity again. I suppose it would have been SO different it he had kissed a girl. Oh, no, silly me, I forgot. Thats not allowed in most of the USA is it, due to the intrinsically stupid narrow mindedness of its Phelps-like followers.

  11. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:30am

    Ridiculous and discriminating when will these bigots finally learn?

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