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Call for New Jersey teacher to be sacked for anti-gay Facebook comments

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Reader comments

  1. What she did is no different from having an FB page covered in swastikas and chants of “white power.” Anti-semite, racist, homophobe all fit under the same odious umbrella. Assessing the page, it is clear where she works and who she is and she invites argument and dissent. I would be utterly amazed if she did not fall foul of a contractual code of conduct for her behaviour.

    1. Your minds are being controlled by the use of propaganda and the CIA who use Facebook to get you to give them information, they are sick people who even are members of the group Anonymous and they are Christians who want to stop gay marriage and gays. Think about it, the CIA, FBI, NSA and all “secret service” are anonymous people, meaning you do not know who they are, but they are people and most of them in the USA and the EU are Christians and Christians do not like gays.

  2. Of course she should be dismissed

  3. Rubber Ducky 18 Oct 2011, 6:24pm

    it depends on whether or not they have broken any rules, most schools these days do have a social media policy and if thats the case here then fair enough, me personaly id be happy for them to be fired and never near children however.. it should be said so far theres no evidence their rather nasty beliefs have been brought into the classroom BUT as they took a picture of an LGBT board thingy inside the school and posted it on their page and nasty comments about it this may well cross that line of private/work life

  4. The woman is a lunatic, living in her head, plain and simple. It’s always the same. When Zach Quinto came out there had to be ONE major god-troll on his Twitter going thru the motions. No wonder people are put off religion with freaks like these flying the flag.

    Can someone at least remind this woman Jebus died for HER sins or failing that, invite her to say what she said in front of the parents of the latest dead teenage victim of homophobia.

  5. Goodbye Viki Knox and please keep your filthy mouth shut – another publicity hunter. To be ignored

  6. So much of what she wrote was incoherent.

    Anyway, it’s good to see that HRC is circulating a petition.

    And I thought the bulletin board was quite well set up.

  7. She is nothing more than a Christian bully who hurts children and makes them suffer with her hateful words, how sick are these people, first they were raping and abusing children and now they try to destroy the minds of children they are entrusted to help. This kind of Christian bully needs to not only be fired but arrested and help responsible for child abuse, who knows how many children she has harmed or will cause to kill themselves as a result of her twisted mind and hate.

  8. She should not be left alone with children, absolutely sack her now!

  9. Gay Daily Mail Reader 18 Oct 2011, 11:17pm

    In the UK you can be locked up for inciting a riot on Facebook so it is reasonable that the likes of Viki Knox should be potted for her remarks which amount to hate. If I used words like n****r or P**i Facebook would take my account off me. If they want to write c*ap like that then they should go to the BNP or the Westboro Baptist Church websites.

  10. Gay rights groups should heavily taxed.

    She should not be dismissed for having an opinion and for speaking what she believes in.

    1. Why should they be heavily taxed?

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:33am

        What a surprise no answer… could it be that Neal is all hot air and nothing else?

    2. Please go and hire a Delorian, go back in time and join the German Socialist Party. You should fit right in.

    3. She should not be dismissed for having an opinion and for speaking what she believes in.

      Would you say the same thing if she said black people are sub-human?

      1. Yes. She is entitled to her opinion, and is free to express it.

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Oct 2011, 11:33am

          Would you want your child taught by a teacher with such
          bigoted views.

          I certainly would not.

        2. These are the people you think should be teachers? I do hope for your (and, for that matter, humanity’s) sake you don’t have children.

    4. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:38am

      Yeah, don’t punish people for promoting Hitler or any thing “they believe in” even if they, in doing so, are advocating violence against a group of people. Hate crime punishment is absolutely necessary.

    5. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:32am

      Your a very sad fello ain’t ya. So poorly educated. Your life must be dull.

  11. Three cheers for thought crime.

    1. So long freedom of expression, how often we forgot that you applied to everyone and not just those we agree with.

      1. ‘Thought crime’ is when you think something obnoxious – many people do and it isn’t illegal. Open your big dumb bigoted trap however and it’s a hate crime. That’s why she should be sacked.

        1. Thought crime was an illegal type of thought from 1984, that’s the problem with hate crimes. They’re not just punishing the crime itself they’re punishing the motivation behind it and that’s why it’s a bad thing, the motivation for a crime is little more than a thought, it’s the action that should be punished. Once we start to punish certain trains of thought we’ve started down a very dark road.

          As for hate speech, free speech doesn’t just apply to the people you agree with. Hate speech goes against the principle of free speech.

      2. She has freely expressed her ugly opinion and now she can face the consequences.
        If you aren’t prepared to take responsibility for your actions and for what you write or say then you should keep it to yourself.

        1. Like the homosexuals should keep their actions off the streets and not force Pride marches on people?

          1. Hello Neal.

            My name is Nathan, I’m 22 and gay. I will gladly join you in your campaign to remove all pride marches from the streets of all the cities in the world on the condition homosexuals/bisexuals are given the same absolute equality in every aspect of life that Hetrosexuals are given. When being gay is no longer an issue, there will be no more pride marches… it’s that simple.

            Unfortunatley, we don’t live in a perfect world, and just like the Black civil rights movement decades ago, gay/bi people are having to campaign to be recognised as human beings in their own civil rights movement. You would have thought we would have learn’t from history. But alas, there are some people in the world who honestly believe they are better than others for a simple biological reason…

          2. Neal homosexuality is not an opinion it is a natural human sexual orientation, while anti-gay dimwits like you continue trying to oppress gay and lesbian people then pride marches will continue to be necessary.

          3. Nawal Husnoo 19 Oct 2011, 5:11pm

            [Gay Agenda, 3:14]: It’s no party
            A number of homophobes have indicated their disapproval of Gay Pride Parades. Gay Pride, they claim, will make ordinary people less inclined to agree to equal civil rights for gay people. They are apparently oblivious to the fact that doing nothing hasn’t really worked all that well for gay people over the last thousand years or two. Others claim that they find the parades offensive. Let me make it clear for homophobes once and for all: Gay Pride Parade is not a party, although it often looks like one. Gay Pride Parade is a peaceful protest by the civil rights movement for gay people. It is a peaceful protest against a society that has, for far too long, denied civil rights to gay people, forced them into hiding for centuries and continues to bully them into repression.


          4. Forcing pride marches implies you weren’t more than welcome to leave.

          5. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:35am

            When was you forced to do a Pride march?

      3. Someone else who is unaquainted with John Stuart Mill’s “harm” principle… it’s the caveat which comes with free speech.

        1. And when utilitarianism becomes the law i’ll consider it, Until then…

          1. To a degree, it is already in the law of many countries. Even those countries which have explicit constitutional protection of “free speech” have laws against defamation, for example.

          2. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:36am

            Trouble is I don’t believe you even understand the crap you come out with!

  12. Self suppressed lesbian posing as a Christian. Yu can smell it a mile off.

  13. Must be horrendous to live in those southern American states! Where I live , religion is never mentioned in the workplace- that would be considered in bad taste. Also, round here when I pass any churches , most people are going inside on walking sticks and wlkling frames! Another 10 years and I imagine the churches will be be sold for conversion into housing.

    1. It must be, but New Jersey is hardly ‘southern’.

  14. Regardless of the fact that her comments were foul and disgusting, her personal FB page is her personal business. If she wants to express her anti-gay feelings on her personal page, that’s her choice and we should have no right to tell her she can’t. As long as she is not acting on this statement by singling out gay students at her job, we should have NO RIGHT to fire her based on her personal beliefs.

    1. If a male teacher had posted on his FaceBook page statements like ‘teenage girls are foul and disgusting whores’, would you argue that he was suitable to be a teacher ? Even if he hadn’t acted upon his opinions ?

      I would imagine not.

      1. People and their characteristic behaviors are distinct things. Making a blanket statement about all teen girls that both makes assumptions about them and assigns values to them would be bigotry. If he merely addressed the problem of teen sexuality, it would be very different. It seems to me that the teacher in question spoke only on her convictions about homosexuality and made no statement regarding those who practice it. That doesn’t constitute a hate crime; it’s a belief protected by the 1st Amendment. If you’re of the opinion that unpopular beliefs should be punishable by law, it doesn’t do much to support a gay agenda, does it?

        1. Little though I care for this woman’s opinions, I must agree that she is entitled to hold them. Whether she is entitled to bruit those opinions about, where this might reasonably be expected to lead to detrimental outcomes for others, is, perhaps, another question.

          Freedom of religion and speech in the USA is not entirely unfettered. There are defamation laws in the USA, which laws are clearly a limitation on free speech. I suspect, too, that any religion which required human sacrifice, for example, would find that its members’ religious freedoms were limited.

    2. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:45am

      Is her facebook really personal? Or is it accessable by students – her students just by searching with her name, which of course they all know? Makes a difference.

  15. This is yet another example of why religion and education should be kept as far apart as possible. These vile people have no place in the education of children. They should never have the opportunity of spreading their hatred among impressionable minds.

    1. So you’re not okay with discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, but you are okay with discrimination on the basis of religion? As a believer in civil rights and the Constitution, I’d like to kindly ask you to never speak out in support of anything I support. Your hypocritical help does more harm than good.

      1. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:44am

        Can’t you read Nate? Steve is not attempting to discriminate on the basis of religion – it is on the basis of bigotry and hate.

  16. Tall Stacey 20 Oct 2011, 2:18am

    I worry that we as a community are being baited by NOM’s defense alliance. We need to demand a full and impartial investigation by the proper authorities, and those authorities responsible to the public. We should not be proscribing and demanding a punishment.

    That lynch mob mentality is exactly the thing we are accused of, exactly the examples NOM is trying to document to “prove” that we are vicious, powerful and priveledged in order to support their contention that revealing their supporters/financiers would expose them to “the wrath of the gays”.

    Please my friends, call for justice, call for equity, but not a lynching! We must prove we are not what they accuse us of. Think about it a moment: One of these “offenses” has been promoted every couple weeks since teacher Buell ‘s facebook incident back in August – which coincidentally happened at about the same time the Court ruled that NOM’s contention that their supporters would be attacked if NOM was forced to reveal their names.

  17. David Myers 20 Oct 2011, 6:33am

    Its about time to smack down this demented hatemonger claiming to be a teacher. She wouldn’t get away with it if she was attacking any race, culture, or religion and she shouldn’t get it away with it regardless of how she interprets or mis-interprets her “relgion” to do so.

  18. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:31am

    Just what this world needs… more bigots teaching children how to hate…. Get rid already.

    1. Dammit you people just keep pushing your sick views into our childrens faces, your asking for big trouble, alot of parents said they are considering home schooling their kids , and telling the goverment to go to hell,……IIt Is NOT the samd hate that was held against the Blacks, You Queers just want to use that to push your sick agenda down our throats……SOTP IT OR , ELSE THEIR IS GOING TO BE FULL CIVIL WAR IN THIS COUNTRY……This Teacher Should Be Left Alone,….That Is Her Private Views

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