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Stonewall seeks new trustees

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Reader comments

  1. Start by advocating UK same sex marriage equality!

  2. I have Stonewall on my twitter feed, like many others I’m sure. But all I tend to see are PR campaigns (awards etc), glad-handing (seminars for “young people” to become…something…I wasn’t clear on that bit at all) and fund raising (lots of sky diving). I’m not sure that I am convinced of the practical day-to-day impact that Stonewall has on the lives of most LGBT people in this country. I’d sooner give my money to someone like the Albert Kennedy Trust.

  3. “Candidates with senior experience in communications, finance and audit, law, social policy and education are being encouraged to apply”

    Nice to have candidates that have a passion for LGBT rights as well, including a passion for promoting SS marriage in the UK. I think they support it but you certainly have to look hard in their website to find much mention of it.

  4. Be more mindful of trans issues and if you cannot be supportive, then at least be neutral and not starting nominating people for awards with a known track record of anti diversity.

    Like others, Stonewall only works for corporate bodies and they don’t really understand the issues anyway.

  5. *cough* transfolk *cough*

  6. ““Candidates with senior experience in communications, finance and audit, law, social policy and education are being encouraged to apply””

    So more of the same unelected, unrepresentative wealthy folk then.

    How about someone with a proven track record in LGBT equality issues.

    Stonewall has turned itself into an irrelevant joke in recent years.

    A representative Stonewall (with a new CEO – Ben Summerskill lacks all legitimacy these days) is needed. Otherwise the\y may as well close up shop.

  7. Unlike some vocal folks, I see that Stonewall chooses to be LG[sometimes-b] not LGBT and feel that that is their right to choose. Other projects are just LBT or suchlike, after all, so I don’t ‘buy’ the idea that being only LG/LGB is transphobic in itself.

    However, I note that here they are looking for a new chair and deputy chair who they say should be respectively female and male, to alternate from the previous pairing being male and female. Further that they say they alternate this each time.

    It’s one thing not to want to have trans as part of your mission: that’s fair enough. But not wanting anyone outside a neat binary to be allowed at the top of the organisation?


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