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Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. It would be nice to live in a world where the sexuality of famous people did not matter. We don’t live in this world, it DOES matter and he will almost certainly know that he has risked his career doing this. Good for him. Living an honest and authentic life is the best that any of us can do. And let’s be honest, unless he lived a totally cloistered life, he was going to get outed anyway. So this way he controls the message.

  2. Live long, and Prostate!

    Seriously, was he ever really in? Its not a coming out, just a casual statement about his personal lie. If we have to ‘come out’ its the best way it can be done. To me you are only really in if you have denied being gay.

  3. This is not really news. He was widely assumed to be gay since he became famous.

    I felt a semi-contempt for him when he did an ‘It Gets Better’ video while still officially in the closet – that was a very conflicting message – telling teenagers that they they grow up their gay lives will be better; while at the same time cowering in his own closet.

    I’m glad he’s finally come out though.

    At least I’ll be able to take him seriously if he talks about homophobic bullying (unlike Anderson ‘Queen of the Closet’ Cooper.

    1. Just because he didnt have a large neon sign over his head saying ‘im a fag’ it doesnt mean he was in the closet. He was out to anyone that cared to inquire. Thats not in the closet ‘cowering’.

      1. He was officially in the closet and his PR people were working overtime to ensure that his name was kept out of the press.

        Coming out in school deserves respect and takes enormous courage.

        Coming out in Hollywood or Broadway merits a shrug and a ‘what took you so long?’

        1. Spanner1960 18 Oct 2011, 12:36pm

          Even if he was in the closet, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t come to terms with his sexuality. It’s wankers like you that accuse anybody who isn’t a mouthy mincing queen that they are somehow letting the “gay community” down.

          it is well known how homophobic Hollywood is, and frankly, I think most of us would probably keep our traps shut if it meant potentially losing a highly paid career.

    2. Staircase2 17 Oct 2011, 2:38pm

      ‘Semi contempt’…? what an arsey thing to say….

      1. OK – outright contempt then.

        I was appalled that a closet case would do an ‘It Gets Better’ video – a video which is aimed at bullied gay teenagers, telling them that when they grow up their lives will be much better. Meanwhile he was languishing in his own closet – refusing to acknowledge his own homosexuality.

        An ‘It Gets Better’ video by ANY closet case deserves to be sneered at, as it is hypocritical and opportunistic.

        He’s redeemed himself by coming out.

    3. de Villiers 17 Oct 2011, 5:12pm

      David, you feel contempt for everyone.

  4. It’s also worth pointing out that the ‘closet’ in Hollywood no longer really exists. With 24 hour news; internet gossp; tabloid culture etc, then unless a star never steps out of his/her front door and remains entirely celibate then it will be very difficult to remain hidden.

    Fiercely heterosexual stars like John Travolta; Tom Cruise; Will Smith; Jada Pinkett Smith; Queen Latifah; Anderson Cooper; Matt Bomer; Kevin Spacey know this; which is why they keep their heterosexual private lives so publicly on display.

    1. Indeed, dAVID – and your list of fiercely heterosexual stars could have been so much longer. There are certain ones that really annoy me – not them keeping their lives private because they have every right to do that – but the ones who flaunt their ‘heterosexuality’ in a way which I find offensive. Whether their motivation is greed or worry about their careers, the message they’re sending to younger people just discovering their sexuality is that there’s nothing worse, nothing more important to keep hidden, than being gay.

    2. …Indeed, dAVID – and your list of fiercely heterosexual stars could have been so much longer. There are certain ones that really annoy me – not them keeping their lives private because they have every right to do that – but the ones who flaunt their ‘heterosexuality’ in a way which I find offensive. Whether their motivation is greed or worry about their careers, the message they’re sending to younger people just discovering their sexuality is that there’s nothing worse, nothing more important to keep hidden, than being gay.

    3. dAVID, Matt Bomer does not parade fake girlfriends. He goes to red carpet events with his partner and talks about his children, and he has given time and money to attack Prop 8. Bomer is in the “glass closet” like Quinto was – living openly but refusing to confirm his orientation to the public.

      I’m not defending the glass closet. I think being as out as possible is the single biggest thing any of us can do for equality. Although none of us is obliged to be out, it is hypocritical for those in the closet to say they’re committed to equality (unless coming out would endanger their safety). If Bomer wants to promote equality, he should come out.

      But there is a big difference between the glass closet and the older type of closet, built on fake marriages and lawsuits. Gay kids Google Matt Bomer and realise that a gay man can have a family and a career, while being out to friends and colleagues. They don’t see total acceptance – but it’s much better than Googling Tom Cruise.

      1. Indeed – which is why the media is as much to blame as Matt Bomer.

        Why is Matt Bomer not asked directly about his husband and the children they have together.

        Beyonce Knowles tried to keep her relationship and marriage to Jay-Z top secret – never appeaing in public with him; never commenting on him etc; yet the press went into a frenzy reporting on them.

        Matt Bomer is known to be gay. Yet the conspiracy of silence surrounding this fact is deafening.

        The older type of closet (whereby a star parades their beard) also exists.

        John Travolta; Tom Cruise; Will Smith don’t know how lucky they are, to be such ARDENT heterosexuals. Otherwise people might find their dsiplays of heterosexuality, quite ludicrously FAKE.

    4. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:06pm

      Woooo… bitter much?

  5. Ok ill be the first to just be positive then and say good for him. We cant all just go oh im gay lets get a press conferrence and the papers.

    He has finally reqche a point of comfort and internal courage to be open about himself

    1. Actually I don’t think what he did took courage. He is a movie and theatre actor and was already ouf of the closet to his family; friends; colleagues etc. It takes very litte courage to come out in such an industry.

      The PR people of the closet cases tell their clients – ‘If you come out then you will not earn as much money as you will if you stay in the closet’.

      It is greed that keeps people in the closet in Hollywood – not fear

      Someone who works in a factory or in a police station; or in a state or industry where being open can get you fired; is truly courageous for coming out.

      Hollywood actors should not be commended for their greed. Which is why most of them are in the closet.

      Proudly heterosexual Kevin Spacey knows this – he feels contempt for closet cases. He thinks they should engage in bracing walks in cruising areas at 4am. To keep fit of course. No other reason.

      1. Bravo, David!

      2. It is greed that keeps people in the closet in Hollywood

        It is greed that keeps people in Hollywood, fullstop. Regardless of sexuality.

        1. Staircase2 17 Oct 2011, 2:40pm

          This is of course (predictably) bollocks….

          1. Why, do you think actors go to Hollywood to fulfil their artistic ambitions? Bless.

        2. Sure you can say that it’s only greed that keeps people in Hollywood.
          In so much as it’s greed to earn money in any profession unless your chosen career path is a life of volunteer work and taking a vow of poverty.
          Why not simply say “it’s what he trained to do at a school of the performing arts and he’s hoping to make a success of himself, which in this case means climbing the greasy pole of the Hollywood studio system”?
          Does everything have to be that cynical?

          1. He could earn a very decent living on Broadway, and be fully out.

            Going to Hollywood is not a requirement of being a successful actor.

            There is no excuse for being in the closet at his age. At least he realised that.

            It’s idiots like Anderson Cooper; Tom Cruise; John travolta; Will Smith; Jada Pinkett-Smith; Queen Latifah; Matt Bomer that are the truly greedy, selfish ones.

          2. @ Flapjack: I only meant to indicate that it’s unfair to single out gay men who remain closeted for the sake of their Hollywood careers. I think pretty much everyone who’s ambitious in Hollywood willingly sacrifices a great deal of their personal lives for the sake of fame and fortune.

          3. @ dAVID: acting on stage and acting in films/tv may be part of the same profession but they’re quite distinct discplines, and people who’re successful in one can’t be certain of success in the other.

  6. These comings out by stars do still matter. Rumour is not fact. Many people don’t read gossip blogs, and don’t have great gaydar; to them, it really will be news that the guy who played Spock is gay. People are more supportive of equality the more LGBT people they know, and many people feel like they “know” celebrities; for millions of people, Quinto just increased by 1 the number of gay people they know.

    This is also significant because Zachary Quinto is, I think, the first young Hollywood actor staring in major action/drama movies to come out (Rupert Everett was already out by the time he made his first Hollywood film – the awful Hearts of Fire, which killed his career). As Brent Hartinger argued recently on AfterElton, studios think audiences will accept a gay actor only if he is a comic actor like NPH, who does not play serious romantic leads. Mr Quinto may prove the studios wrong – and if he does, Hollywood will change, smashing one of the last great American closets.

    1. Not know he’s gay?! You don’t need ‘gaydar’ to know this guy is gay. Are people really that clueless?

      1. Trawling the blogs this morning, yep, I found quite a few ;)

        Including some grumpy fanboys moaning “This ruins Star Trek”. I suppose they didn’t watch the same bromance movie that I saw!

        1. I saw those comments as well.. Are they idiots? HELLO, SULU?

    2. Sadly I suspect this will change nothing.

      It’s great that Zachary Quinto has confirmed what everyone already knew.

      I want him to now start naming the names of the PR scum who encourage these stars to stay closeted, out of sheer greed.

      It’s worth repeating – coming out while in school; or working in a traditionally homophobic industry requires FAR more guts than coming out in the acting or showbusiness world.

      These stars are all out in their private lives (some of them with the active collusion of their wives/beards). They simply refuse to confirm it, out of sheer greed.

      Any PR person who encourages someone to stay closeted for financial gain, should be named and shamed.

      1. it’s unfair to say that they stay in the closet out of sheer greed. it is undeniable that strong leading man performances don’t go to out gay actors often if at all (even in gay relationships films strangely). undoubtedly, the actor makes financial gains from this. but also, acting is not only their career, it’s their passion. if they want to get good roles it does make sense to stay in the closet.

        i don’t at all condone it though from an equality perspective. if even half of they rumoured gay actors had been out throughout the history of Hollywood, I think that society’s attitiudes towards homosexuality would be distinctly different.

        congratulations to zachary!

  7. Can we all have a DUH! moment here? I mean who DIDN’T know this guy was gay from the moment he opened his mouth? His biggest problem as an actor is that he can’t play ‘straight’ and be convincing. In fact in ‘Star Trek’ I think we had our first ‘closet’ Vulcan. His attempts to ‘play straight’ are about as pathetic as those of Sean Hayes or Liberace.

    1. You obnoxious poof – No one cares about your embittered ravings – You are the one who is re-affirming Stereo-types by claiming he can’t play St8 – says who? – you? – go get yaself a life and stop pissing on other peoples… shameful self loathing twit

    2. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:06pm

      Er who cares? get over it.

  8. Good for you, Zachary Quinto.

    As gay people we instinctively know when to come out, and you did the right thing at the right time.

    1. True. And Zachary Quinto came out YEARS ago. He was living an openly gay life. He just expected the media and his people, to hide this from the rest of the world.

      1. no he didnt , he just got on with his life, he didnt hide it actively. Im mean really, how could he?

        1. Yes he did hide it actively (or his scummy PR people did on his behalf). He was in Angels in America for heaven’s sake.

          And the press did not think to ask him ‘As a gay man do you think it important for gay actors to be out’.

          His PR people worked with the press to hide this news. Make no mistake about that.

          There is no real closet in the 21st century. Celebrities lives openly gay private lives, yet demand a culture of silence from the mainstream press.

          The internet and blogs tell the truth however as the Hollywood PR machine doesn’t control what’s reported there.

          1. PR companies do it as standard, its not his fault.. He COULD have insisted they didnt sure, but if it doesnt otherwise effect his life why bother? I rarely mention my homosexuality to people, but if asked i say it like it is. I dont feel the need. Actively making it an issue is so 1980s.

            I agree there are those that make a right meal of hiding it, like the scientology lot and Spacey, but him and Cooper dont.

            I suggest someone just ASKS cooper in public, the response you’ll get will make you feel stupid. He wont deny it.

          2. Oh absolutelly.

            I want a reporter to say quite openly to Anderson Cooper ‘As a gay man do you feel that your remaning officially closeted undermines your campaign against bullying. What type of message do you think you are sending to bullied gay teens by staying in the closet?’

            As for the likes of Travolta and Cruise and Smith – those guys need to caught up in a big old sex scanadl before they will ever come outa.

  9. paddyswurds 17 Oct 2011, 1:13pm

    “He wrote: “In light of Jamey’s death – it became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it – is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.””
    In my opinion it is extremely homophobic to hide ones sexuality and I would go as far as saying it is cowardly in the worst kind of way, as it contributes to the tragic death of so many young boys who take the secrecy as proof that being Gay is something to hide and be ashamed of. No doubt this comment will result in the usual flurry of whinges from those who are cowards and say “but it should be my choice” and I say fine, but you must shoulder a huge part of the consequences of your action or non action as it were.

    1. I believe that whether or not a famous person choses to come out or not, should be irrelevant.

      Therefore if Beyonce or David and Victoria Beckham’s relationships are public fodder’; then so too should be the same sex relationships of Matt Bomer; Anderson Cooper; Queen Latifah; as well as the sham marriages of JOhn Travolta; Will Smith and Tom Cruise.

      I believe in equality – and that also means equal treatment at the hands of the press.

      1. Indeed, man marries not once, but twice, one even has a chlld barely out of his teens, (Smith) and we say they are Gay!
        With all their prowess with women (hey their wives aren’t complaining), There’s a word for them, and it NOT Gay!

  10. Zachary Quinto and Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) Now there’s a perfect match if there ever was one.

  11. Brenda Jean 17 Oct 2011, 3:07pm

    From the very time, as a child or teen, when you realized you were gay, you also learned that being gay in a straight world was not a well received revelation. In fact, it meant that you would become at odds with your parents, the kids at school, and your friends in the neighborhood. You would be subjected to parental chastisement, bullying, severe harassment, and the brunt of anti-gay jokes. It’s no different if you are transgendered, only worse, because you will not only be considered pond scum by all in the streight community, but also get unbelieveable flack from the gay community. Coming out takes real guts, especially if you have a career that will nosedive when you spill the beans.

  12. I can’t believe all the negative comments here! Come on, give the guy a break! Most of us will have come out to family and friends at some time – remember how difficult that was? Zachary Quinto has just come out to the world in general, and in an industry that is notoriously homophobic. I can only applaud what he’s done – probably the first young, male and genuinely well-known Hollywood actor to have come out. Good for him! I hope it encourages everyone in his position to do the same. How about if they all get together and decide to come out on the same day – that’ll open the world’s eyes.

  13. Jeffrey Richter 17 Oct 2011, 4:22pm

    I applaud Mr. Quinto. That was not an easy thing to do!

  14. Sam Maloney 17 Oct 2011, 5:19pm

    Quinto has a very young fan base thanks to his ‘Heros’ and ‘Star Trek’ work. While we who subscribe to Pink News may not be surprised, this news may have a big, positive impact on the life of more than one 14 year old.
    To be honest, I’ve never much cared for him as an actor, but at least now I can respect him as a human being.
    EVERY person who comes out has an impact, just by refusing to be invisible any more.

  15. The act of “COMING OUT” for many is a difficult task even of many know.
    God for him.

  16. He is very good looking.

    Well done to him for taking a stand.

  17. I won’t be able to watch the Star Trek movie without giggling now, *keeps waiting for Spock to make out with Kirk*.

    Also, he came out in his own time. I understand the “irony” of a then closeted male making an “it gets better” video but it’s honestly the thought that counts.

  18. Gay Daily Mail Reader 18 Oct 2011, 7:04am

    It is the logical thing to do!

  19. Good on you, Zach.

  20. I for one am glad that Zachary Quinto is publicaly out. His past position has been to be known for activism rather than have the media exhert a puerile interest in those areas of life where anyone, Het or LGBT, should have a right to choose what is permissible to be shared. However if sharing that its OK to be Gay helps one other human being to feel that they are not alone it is to be aplauded whoever does it. Quinto, as a celebrity is fortunate in that celebrity status extends that influence.

  21. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:04pm

    Oh nice, wouldn’t say no then!! ;)

  22. Jesus, give it a rest, ‘Keith’! Your scatological obsessions are a serious bore.




  24. Just read all your comments dAVID. Why are you so bitter about Zachary? Next you’ll be telling us all that Richard Gere used to enjoy gerbils. And where did you get the idea Will Smith is a closeted gay man? And you’re so confused about this issue that your comments don’t agree with one another. On one comment you think it is irrelevant if someone comes out, then on another you want a reporter to ask a celebrity about his sexuality.

  25. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:05pm

    Guess with success comes jealousy.

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