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Cliff Richard backs gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Who would have thought, our first celebrity to support marriage equality. Let’s hope more celebrities voice strong support. Well done, Cliff.

    1. Scottish Government consultation on “Civil Partnership: Same Sex Marriage” is EASILY answered via this link:

      – 20 closed (Yes or No) questions
      – “notes” available via following link (relevant to Question 8&17)

      Marriage IS a civil contract: In a registrar office, religious references are prohibited by church & state. If a marriage fails, then the State grants a divorce (NOT the church)

    2. What Cliff is saying now about gay lifestyle goes against what he used to say and feel about the subject when he was involved in Mary Whitehouse movement. A chapter in the Bible (Leviticus) has a passage in it that says a man lying down with another man (gay) is an abomination and the penalty is death. So if Cliff is a real born again Christian as he says then he would go by and follow what the Bible says and follow God’s word. So he must not be what he says h eis.

      1. I hope he is a real Christian and not doing immoral things and gay lifestyle according to the Bible is wrong!

        1. Don Mc Cormick 23 Oct 2011, 2:21am

          Does this mean that he is gay after all – he would never say “NO” when asked by Piers Morgan !!

    3. I hope he is a real Christian and not doing immoral things and gay lifestyle goes against what the Bible says.

      1. So does disobeying your husband, failing to give all your money to the poor, and lending money at interest. So does hitting your enemy back and failing to abandon your family for the sake of Jesus. Especially embarrassing for Christians is the prohibition on spreading the gospel outside Israel or telling anyone that Jesus is the messiah.
        Same old selective drivel. Go away.

    4. The gay lifestyle goes against God’s word.

      1. what is this some kind of troll coven??

        1. Yep – just some more deluded souls who haven’t read the Bible or don’t understand it. I feel sorry for them really. Marking others out for ‘god’s’ disapproval always speaks volumes about the person’s self-esteem and lack of confidence.

    5. I am not a Christian but the lifestyle is wrong and immoral as is doing like beatgn your wife is wrong whether you are a Christian or not.

      1. Beating your wife is wrong whether youa re a Christina or not. Lying and stealing is too. Plus a lot of other things are like running around on your spouse.

        1. Yes, and murder is wrong too – so….heterosexual people are wrong. See how stupid your logic is? I doubt it.

          And BEING gay is not a ‘lifestyle’. You say you’re not a Christian, but you’ve sure swallowed some fundie Christian misinformation there.

  2. His statement would carry a bit more weight if he actually came out of the closet and talked about wanting to marry his partner.

    1. That’s it, the opponents of same sex marriage have lost. If they’ve lost Cliff Richard, they’ve lost Middle England. Only a radical fringe opposes it now.

    2. Who knows, perhaps he’s waiting for Cameron to make that final committment to full equality and bring in relgious marriage as well. Thanks Cliff, lets hope the young celebrities follow your lead and start making positive statements on SS marriages, I’m sick of all those negative stories from intellectual ex editors, journalists and bishops…let’s get more postive stories from supporters please!

  3. I rather like Sir Cliff. I think this a good statement coming from someone who grew up in a time when being gay was still a crime. Pity he got mixed up with a branch of Christianity that’s very anti-gay.

  4. We need to see a slew of straight celebrities declaring support. Every bit helps.

  5. As Cliff’s partner is an ex-priest, then I think Cliff would like a religious same-sex wedding when he finally marries his same-sex partner.

    Is Cliff still aligned to that monstrously bigotted christian sect he used to be a m member of?

    1. Father Ted 17 Oct 2011, 4:31pm

      The Mary Whiehouse Experience?

    2. de Villiers 17 Oct 2011, 5:09pm

      David, your constant lordly chanting of hail, fire, brimstone and intolerance drive me to God – if only to seek solace from you.

    3. Bitter as a lemon.

  6. Well done to Cliff. Thank goodness the government has promised marriage by 2015!

    1. Unlike Stonewall, and without any input from Stonewall.

  7. Daydream Believer 17 Oct 2011, 6:14pm

    So Sir Cliff and his partner, professed Christians, haven’t read I Corinthians 6:9-10 or Romans I:26-27 ?
    Those New Testament passages clearly CONDEMN homosexuality.
    Additionally, several Old Testament passages also condemn homosexuality.

    1. And your point is? You make it sound as if what the bible says is true just because it has something written in it? Are you insane? You don’t believe everything you read in a newspaper so why would you believe something written in a book?

      I wish they could bottle what religious people are doped up on coz sharing is caring!

      1. I dont think the words matter a jot … although the interpretation of what was meant is not what “daydream believer” says …

        As for religious people – I do like Cliffs style on this issue!

    2. Wrong – contextualise those passages in the NT and you will understand them properly rather than making them fit what you would like them to be

      1. You know what I like about Cliff …

        Not his music lol

        Is that he is open about his faith but prepared to stand up and be counted about morality and integrity on pro gay issues

    3. Actually the Bible does not clearly condemn homosexuality, AT ALL. If you go to the original herbrew (you know the language it was actually written in) and translate the passages constantly used in the Bible against homosexuality and homosexual relationships you will find very very different interpretations.

      Seriously, go and research the original meaning. Many of the modern bibles that have the word homosexual in them are wrong! Go to the original scripture and you will see lines such as ”Men who sleep with temple prostitutes” instead of the term ”homosexual” which was only adopted in biblical translation centuries after the original texts were written…

      I am no christian, far from it. But I have researched the Bible (as well as other religious texts) in considerable detail and this ”homosexuality is condemned in the bible” is just utter rubbish that unfortunatley has been around for centuries within the minds of the uneducated and biggoted that MUST be changed,

      1. Thank you. People who use their ‘holy book’ to attack others usually neither read nor understand it. They also cherry-pick with a vengeance.

    4. Spanner1960 18 Oct 2011, 12:30pm

      And many other passages condemn many other things too. When was the last time you stoned an adultress to death?

      1. Not recently, although have been tempted in the past ….

        But yeah if my “sin” in having sex with another man is equal to eating a king prawn biryani, then if thats how bad I get – doesnt really upset me a great deal …

        Now, where did I put the take away menu? :-)

    5. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:17pm

      Maybe live by your nickname would suit better…. airhead.

    6. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:18pm


  8. Bless him!

  9. God Bless Ciff, I hope I look that good when I turn 71.

  10. Gay Daily Mail Reader 18 Oct 2011, 7:11am

    A message of support from a man who himself suffers from a lot of bigotry from the popular music stations such as Radio One. They consider him ‘old fashioned’ and ‘out of touch’ and exclude his records from playlists because he is not ‘hip’ anymore. Yet it was the likes of him who justified those radio stations way back in the 50’s and 60’s when being gay was still a crime.

    1. I would hardly call Radio 1 refusing to play hus songs ‘bigotry’.

      The Radio 1 audience barely even know who he is – none of them were even born when Cliff was popular.

      secondly his songs over the past 15-20 years are really, quite appallingly bad.

      1. @dAVID

        Have to say deciding a particular artist is “old fashioned” or “out of touch” for a particular radio station does not strike me as bigotry either …

        I suspect those aged under 30 are much less aware of Cliff than the over 30s (and some of us are purely aware due to either The Young Ones or our mothers infatuations with him!).

        I have been racking my brains to try and remember any song in the last 15-20 years by Cliff that was borderline acceptable, and can’t … a few of his earlier ones are decent 50/60/70s tracks – not my usual taste of music but definitely listenable to eg Devil Woman

        1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 19 Oct 2011, 12:03am

          Maybe ‘bigotry’ was a strong word but I still feel that Cliff Richard get’s unfairly treated by the main radio stations every time he puts out a record. If his recent releases haven’t been as good as his classics such as ‘Devil Woman’ and ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ then what about the rubbish churned out by manufactured acts such as those managed by the likes of Cowell and Co. On one occassion Cliff Richard had to release a record under the name ‘Black Knight’ in an attempt to get round Radio One’s ban albiet without success.

  11. Does he still pray out loud to Jesus in his concerts? I have met homophobic fundies who think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, including one who said he once fancied other guys when he was possessed by demons. They probably like Cliff a lot less now, but, to paraphrase Dr Johnson, the blame of some is a positive accolade. Good for Cliff.

  12. After living in sin with a former Catholic priest for years, he is hardly in a position to criticise.

    Presumably, they will have to solve the title issue for married gay spouses, for example ‘Sir Cliff Richard and The Hon Joe Bloggs’ maybe.

    1. They have a lovenest in Portugal.

    2. Don’t think he did criticize, Doug ….

  13. Whether he ‘comes out’ or not is entirely his business. BUT, this statement is absolutley superb! I am actually very proud of him for doing this; thanks Cliff!

  14. My mouth dropped open when I saw this news in the Top Stories section!! Thank you thank you thank you Sir Cliff!!!! I do hope people take note (no pun intended) of what you have said!!

  15. He comes out in support of gay marriages? When will he just come out?

  16. Paul Halsall 18 Oct 2011, 7:07pm

    Look I like Cliff and all that (and he was very fanciable in SUMMER HOLIDAY, but he still has a lot to do before he can be forgiven for the Millennium Prayer

  17. Martin Lawrence 18 Oct 2011, 8:45pm

    Ah well, I suppose if he did come out the fact that he regularly went ‘strolling’ (let the reader understand) in a particular part of the woods in Weybridge, and was often seen there by a friend of mine who grew up in that place, might come out as well. Which might not be what he would want. Actually, it would destroy his cred with his straight fans. So maybe it’s best left as it is.

  18. I totally agree with Cliff’s statement……..if we all just came out of the closet and be ourselves the world would grow up fast. Gay people make the world go round:) Love it!!!!! And I am out in my community and proud of it!

  19. George Broadhead 19 Oct 2011, 9:00am

    Richard seems to have become more gay-friendly in his old age. In 1977 he declared: “Homosexuality in my mind will never be normality because I can see what normality means is a man and a woman procreating”.

    Also, he is an Evangelical Christian who has been guest-of-honour at rallies like Billy Graham’s, so one wonders how this new-found attitude will go down with his fellow evangelicals who are ultra homophobic.

    1. I bet Billy Graham would completely disagree with Cliff on this issue. Lilah

    2. Just because you believe homosexual practice is wrong does not make you homophobic. I wish people would use the English language correctly. Why is there so much vilification and downright INTOLERANCE of Christians who simply believe what the Bible says but are not afraid of those who are different but in fact love them. Jesus said ‘Love your enemies’ It seems Christians have lots of enemies these days but then So did Jesus and they crucified Him. Jesus said if they hate me they will hate you.

  20. Squires WA 19 Oct 2011, 1:12pm


    1. I agree.

      1. Being truthful is part of being a Christian too because lying is a sin.

      2. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:16pm

        Ah ha!! I see.

    2. Being truthful is part of being a Christian as lying is a sin. So I think Cliff should be honest too. And if he is living a gay lifestyle then he is not living a real Christian lifestyle.

    3. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:16pm

      Oh get over yourself you bitter wee thing.


  22. helle goeke 20 Oct 2011, 4:17pm

    Let everybody live as he/she like. Let everybody share his/her life with the person he/she loves. Who should care about somebody´s private life? In our time….. be tolerant to all people as long as they don´t hurt anybody else. And finally stopp this boring discussion. God loves them all.

  23. If You are a real Christian live the real Christian life and tell the truth and do not lie. If you are going to live a life of lying and or cheating doing immoral things and so on then don’t say you are a real Christian because you are not.

    1. Right!

    2. Staircase2 1 Nov 2011, 11:36pm

      This would of course make sense if ‘Brenda’ wasnt doing it merely to put Cliff down rather than make a broader point; I suggest she look elsewhere for examples of Christian Hypocrisy – I don’t see how Cliff’s (current) behaviour is an example of hypocrisy at all.

      Bless him – he clearly had some issues in the past (as many closeted gay men still do) but he seems very grown-up about sexuality these days – thank God ;o)

      1. I see where it is a hypocrisy because he is supposed to be a Christian and living by the Bible which is against sex outside of marriage and against homosexuality. So if he is doing either one of these things then he is not a true Christian and is lying which is also a sin and the Bible is against lying also and so he would qualify as being a hypocrite because he used to tell people to follow and live by the Bible and live a clean Christian life and if he is not doing what he tells others to do and is not practicing what he preaches then he is a hypocrite and a liar and not a real clean living Christian either. I am not bitter. I am just telling the truth. You never hear any scandal on Billy Graham who is a real Christian and the best example of a real Christian so if Cliff is a real Christian too then he would not want to do anything immoral or scandalous. And sex with a man or sex outside of marriage or adultery are all sins and scandalous so if Cliff is a real Christian and following and living by what the Bible says then he shoudl not do these things.

    3. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:15pm

      Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda… bitter much?

      1. In the Bible it says it is a sin to do gay stuff and it also is to do immoral stuff so I am not bitter just going by the Bible and the truth. And I don’t do immoral stuff.

  24. I don’t think Billy Graham would agree on this subject myself .I remember when I used to see Cliff on Billy Graham crusades in the past too.

    1. Don Mc Cormick 23 Oct 2011, 2:25am

      Billy Graham is a fraud !!

      1. No he is not a fraud! Billy Graham is a real Christian and there has never been any scandal on him! (Morally)

      2. Billy Graham is not a fraud.There has never been any scandal on him (immoral wise).

  25. Great to hear some support from a celebrity like him, despite it all being a bit bizarre.

    “It probably isn’t marriage as such because we recognise it as a man and woman and having babies. ”

    …but what a way to undermine your message, Cliff! Who is ‘we’ in the above statement? It’s certainly not me…

  26. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 5:14pm

    Good for Cliff. Now if we can have those supportive ‘celebs’ form an orderly queue please!!

  27. I am not bitter. I just go by what the Bible says and it is against gay and immoral stuff. I don’t do imoral stuff myself.

  28. Its pretty obvious from Scripture that God has judged homosexuality and has given us His instruction. I wonder which bit of Scripture on this subject does Cliff NOT get.
    No problem in practising homosexuality we have all been given free will but you cannot call yourself a bible believing Christian if you practise homosexuality. Why does’nt Cliff just give up on the God bit and livehis life on his own terms-it would be more honest. Nobody in this world cares.

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