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North Wales police to display rainbow flag in stations

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting idea. Hope it helps. We will probably see more religiously provoked homophobia in the press as American and Vatican money is pointlessly spent on opposing equal marriage, whipping up homophobia in the process. But in the end most people are fine with equality anyway.

  2. given my one experience with the police in north wales where they seemed to think being english was catching and were incredibly rude to me im not sure this is going to make a blind bit of difference!

    1. North Wales is full of racists, they have anti-english banners hanging all over the place in Gaelic, they burn down English businesses. My ex-partner is from Cardiff and we drove through north Wales a fair few times. It was like driving through the village of the damned.

      She carefully explained that North Wales is about 100 years behind the rest of the UK in their beliefs due to the fact the it is a heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian belief systems.

      A bad place for any LGBT person to visit, let alone live.

      1. All the more reason for the police to demonstrate a positive stance on equality … if your perceptions are realistic

      2. What complete and utter drivel – I should know; I work for North Wales police. Your post is littered with the usual bigotted stereotpical drivel spewed forth by the arrogant anti-welsh english type. Using the LGBT cloak as a convenient cover for your obvious racism won’t wash either. Burning down english business? Name one. Examples; evidence? Lies. You’re so ignorant you dont even know the difference between Welsh and Gaelic! Gaelic is spoken by the Irish, you fool. North Wales is not a “village” you drive through nor is it “heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian belief systems”. Yet more drivel. We have numberous openly LGBT people working in North Wales police including high ranking senior officers and are commended by stonewall for our equality and diversity programme but don’t let the facts get in the way of your spineless small minded hatred of the welsh. You clearly are suffering a congenital defect of the mind; you stupid, ignorant, bigotted, disgusting little “person”.

        1. I think you’ll find Gaelic is spoken in North Wales. I never referred to North Wales as a ” Village “, I said driving through North Wales was like driving through the village of the damned, which it was, as when we asked for directions we had nothing but abused hurled at us when they knew I was English.

          How can I be bigoted or prejudiced against Welsh people you stupid idiot when my ex-partner is Welsh and my two children are half welsh. Damn, you are an idiot. Also this was my experience 10 years ago. If you’d bother to ask questions instead of assaulting me with a abuse, then maybe you would have chilled out a bit. God help us if you work for the police, you sound a little insane.

          Hatred of the Welsh LMFAO, I was married to a Welsh person for 10 years and my two children are half welsh and half english, so your logic is flawed. Silly rabbit.

          1. actually welsh is brythonic not gaelic…God knows what ive started here, most of the people i met in north wales were perfectly nice, just a few neanderthal coppers (which we have here as well)- all i was trying to say is that a few stickers in windows isnt going to change behaviour- its window dressing (literally)- and without the police in general bucking up their act (and im talking individual officers here, the actual people we meet on the street not the PR people who do stuff like this) not much will change.

          2. Allan West 19 Dec 2011, 5:56pm

            Well spoken and well defended Melanie!
            Your comments were reasonable and fair, don’t be concerned about the vicious verbal insults from “starman”, he can’t help himself and his attitudes and vehemence is only to be expected.
            After all, as he says ~ he works for North Wales Police and is clearly indicative of their appallingly disgraceful, arrogant and overwhelmingly unacceptable attitude towards the public.
            If this “starman” worked in my old Force we’d have given him the boot from his position long ago, after giving him the relevant investigation for his language and conduct on here.
            Although, from my experiences with NWP, he’d simply trot out the old chestnut “I don’t recall ever saying/doing/implying anything like that” ~ a sure-fire and trusted way of responding by other NWP officers.

        2. There will always be halfwit out there who fails to see the good in anything. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t please everybody’ Starman…. Congratulations to the North Wales Police in reaching out to the LGBT community. Melanie is clearly a very miserable individual indeed.

        3. Carl Rowlands 2 Nov 2011, 7:58pm

          But trying to get you to respond to a report has taken me over 6 weeks. Too busy flying flags and visiting places talking about diversity!

      3. Having a lot of input with NWP, I know for a fact that they are in fact ahead of most Police Forces in the UK with regards equality and diversity.They have consulted with many members of the LGBT community and realized that many, especially young LGBT persons still had a perceived idea that NWP were not accepting, Through the consultation, it was fed back that the Rainbow stickers would make these young people more comfortable that they would feel welcome and happier to enter a Police station to be open and report incidents.I can not believe the negativity from some people, when all NWP are trying to do is help and make a difference. As for the fact that North Wales is racist, I know many people who live here from ethnic communities who are fully integrated into society and many who have actually learnt to speak Welsh. I woukd suggest that it many other parts of the country that are lacking behind.

        1. Excuse some of the spelling, keyboard issues. To further the above, I am aware that there are pockets of areas that there is an anti English feeling, but these areas are reducing and NWP treat anti English Hate Crime very seriously. These areas are mainly places where Welsh is a first language and it is a case where the locals are very protective of their own culture.

      4. I think you will find that the banners were in Welsh.

        1. Absolutely!

          As an Englishman who wanted to go to University in Wales, I was planning on learning some Cymraeg … but ended up on the south coast of England instead ….

          I know there are problems in Wales, but I have always been made welcome whenever I have been there

      5. @Melanie
        There is a lot of rubbish said about people from North Wales said by people from South Wales AND visa versa, as there is in England, however that does not make it true.

        Also there is a “racist” minority of welsh people in the north, south and middle of the country directed towards the English.

        I know a man from South Wales with English children who went to visit his parents and stopped off in a shop where two old crones slagged off his children very loudly in Welsh. He listened to it all very patiently and when he went to the counter to pay he spoke only in Welsh and they sh@t themselves because they knew he’d heard everything they’d said.

        Also there is a bridge on the North Welsh/English border, which used to have graffiti on it which read, “English should keep out” but they wrote it on the wrong side of the bridge so it appeared to say English people should stay out of England.

        There are plenty of lovely, friendly Welsh people to counter all this stupidity though.

        1. Cont… If everyone judged England on minority groups like the EDL. I think we’d all agree that would be pretty stupid and unfair.

          @Starman I understand why you’re angry and annoyed but calling people names is not going to encourage them to change their perception of North Wales police.

  3. what a total load of cobblers and nonsense and a complete waste of time and money.

    1. a) how much money for stickers for crying out loud

      b) would you prefer the police ignored their responsibility to try and foster confidence in all the communities they serve?

      1. Stu – we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. People were quick to moan on here not long ago about the affects of public sector spending cuts on police diversity departments and staff and wasn’t it terrible that there would be so much more homophobia and discrimination because of these cuts whinge, whinge, whinge. Here we have a police force doing something and what response do we get “what a lot of rubbish!” Do you know what? Sod the lot of you. Get up off your arses and do something yourself if you’re so bloody bothered.

        1. Starman,

          Absolutely. I am currently researching police attitudes on LGBT issues and whilst there is some clear variation across the country and some improvements that could be made in most locations, there is also clear and dynamic leadership in many forces seeking to ensure that they are fair, responsible and serve all their communities.
          Congratulations North Wales Police, I hope your efforts succeed and you will be valued by all the communities you serve

        2. All the best to you mate, some gay peoples attitudes to discrimination doesn’t move with the times, they are about 50 years behind the people who have already moved on. I can tell you from Northern Ireland that the police in Belfast are well ahead of what most gay people think they are and further ahead than some of our political leaders would like them to be. That doesn’t mean that there are not some officers who are less than ‘with the programme’ but in general the PSNI are OK to deal with whatever their personal opinions might be.

          If you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t then carry on doing what you think is best.

        3. Allan West 19 Dec 2011, 6:04pm

          starman, you are without doubt the most ignorant, pathetic specimen ever in the United Kingdom.
          You work for North Wales Police? That shows the low quality of people employed within NWP, doesn’t it? One must assume your job is cleaning the dirty toilets after they are used by people with stomach disorders, …. propbaly using your mouth instead of a mop or bucket.
          Certainly it seems your job doesn’t necessitate any degree of intelligence.

  4. Let’s just forget about policing then and pander instead to the limp wristed rectal lusters shall we.
    Effective policing is all but finished anyhow and this confirms it.

    1. … and breathe …


      1. Poor delicate flower.
        As you know, Pink news to the report feature extremely seriously.!
        Was it the wrists or the rectums that caused offence?

        1. delicate … we’ve clearly never met, and I hope (for both our sakes) never to have that pleasure …

          Very few people I arrested would have called me delicate

          I’d happily demonstrate sometime – I don’t think you would like it

          1. Stop it, Stu. You’re turning me on.

          2. @Riondo

            lol … I try my best … but shall behave

    2. What a silly bunt !!!

    3. I’ve just noticed a damp rock with a suspiciously empty space underneath it.

      1. Imagine it is quite slimy and mouldy too

    4. “limp wristed rectal lusters”

      Obsessed as ever by gay sex Keith…. what’s wrong, did the “ex-gay cure” not work?

      Tell me, are you still really pissed off that all your comments were deleted? Heh heh….

    5. Spanner1960 16 Oct 2011, 5:58pm

      That’s odd Keith. You haven’t mentioned faeces at all in this post.
      What’s up? Constipated?

  5. Well done for not being scared of the inevitable Daily Mail hatchet job, Nice one North Wales Police

  6. Well done NW police. Hopefully the rest of Wales, England and Northern Ireland will follow suite. Rainbow Flag stickers, produced by Stonewall, have been displayed on the entrances to police stations in Scotland since 2009.

  7. Rainbow flag stickers to encourage the LGBT community to visit and report homophobic, or indeed any other crime, should be being displayed as a matter of standard police proticol accross the whole of the UK. Why does it take the proding of the likes of Stonewall to get this into place?

  8. I question the motive of the Daily Mail’s reporting this excellent initiative by North Wales Police. Just lok at the usual hate-fuelled comments underneath the DM’s article. Be sure that Christian extremists like Christian Concern will be up in arms about it as a sign of ‘political correctness’ and ‘an attack on Christians’.

  9. This is a laudable initiative and I hope lgbt people suffering violence will have the courage to respond. North Wales has a particularly bad reputation for homophobia and this could be a lifeline. The Police themselves are not free of homophobia but they have made huge strides in recent years. I knew a gay policeman in the 80s who left the force because he literally feared for his life.
    Things do get better. They just seem to do it glacially slowly at times!

  10. I applaud this.

  11. Carl Rowlands 2 Nov 2011, 8:01pm

    I reported an LGBT crime some 6 weeks ago and despite contacting NWP on 5 different occasions I am still waiting for someone to get back to me to give me a status report! The person who perpetrated this crime will have forgotten all about it by the time they call to see them!!!!!!

    1. Allan West 19 Dec 2011, 6:23pm

      Carl, being an early retired Dorset Police officer living in North Wales, I had similar experiences in September 2006 at Caernarfon Court (!!). I was threatened inside the court, told I was going to be killed when I left, and was attacked by a number of Welsh locals in the car park. NWP sided with these thugs, were clearly friendly with them, treated me with hostility, and actually tried to fit me up with a statement that I was “the cause of the trouble”, ignoring court CCTV footage records and eyewitness accounts from a solicitor and member of the public. Only CPS stopped the rot, instructing they had no evidence against me.
      If you hope this shambles of a police force in North Wales will do anything for you as a victim, you are sadly mistaken. I’ve honestly never met a more corrupt, dishonest bunch. If moral courage and ethics was money, they’d all be on the poverty line.
      Bitter? Yes, because I know how the Police SHOULD behave!!!

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