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New Jersey teacher accused of anti-gay Facebook comments

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  1. Got all the answers I needed when I read “prayer group”. How I long for the day that the christian god takes the same path as Enki, Odin and Zeus and becomes bloody extinct.

    1. “According to the Star-Ledger, she is said to have to have called homosexuality “a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation””
      So by that rationale it WAS Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve!
      Don’t you just love it when fundies tie themselves up in contradictory knots about what their mythical book supposedly teaches?

      1. Love it, Flapjack!

      2. You are partly right Flapjack. Christians, and I am sure Ms Knox included would regard creation as perfect at the very beginning – but things did change soon after that.

        1. Well, it’s her words, not mine – homosexuality is
          “a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation”. Assuming she’s not alluding to gay animals, that sort of begs a question!
          I’m thinking there was a hunky gardener in the garden of Eden that got edited out of Genesis in later editions of the book because he didn’t result in any begatting. Eve came later.

          1. Your imagination is as good as the one which wrote Genesis… :)

          2. Like you say Jonpol, most of these versions and interpretations of the Old and New testament that believers cook up to suit their own agendas (including Ms Knox’s) comfortably fit under the banner of “fan fiction”, I’m just adding my own schism to the mix… who knows, maybe it’ll catch on! I mean… buff gardener, building up a sweat, doesn’t yet realise he’s naked… I’m sold on that already ;)

      3. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 16 Oct 2011, 2:08pm

        You’d think that yahweh would have created a perfect world in the first place though, with perfect little nodding sheep to experiment on… Another admission that they create, and continue to fabricate, yahweh in their own image to their own ends.

    2. Arthur C. Clark predicted religion would die out around the year 3000. He’s been right in most things so far.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 11:22am

        Only if “religion” doesn’t destroy humanity before then.

      2. That’s unlikely. Buddhism has been around for over 2000 years already. There are many old religions, older than Christainty that have more chances of out living Christainty.

      3. Sooner than that, as we discover more about the universe the gaps in our knowledge that ‘God’ can inhabit become increasingly small. There’ll come a time when it’s only taught in history classes.

        1. Staircase2 14 Oct 2011, 3:07pm

          This is of course, complete nonsense…

          The more we learn the more we realise how little we actually know….

          The quest for ‘total’ knowledge is an ongoing (and infinite) journey – not a destination….

          If anything, it could be said that the more we ‘discover about the universe’ the GREATER the space there is for ‘God’ (Replace the word ‘God’ with ‘Life’ – it makes Life much easier….! lol)

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 3:15pm


            Just ignore the God concept altogether.

            Life is much easier.

          2. I think there is room for both perspectives …

            Just as some of the known solid scientific facts on which the formation of the universe have been hung have been brought into question recently … causing more questions than answers – we realise there is more we do not know than we thought … equally, there are many unanswered questions on creation, God etc etc

            There is dogma on both sides, there is bigotry on both sides, there is warmth on both sides, there is integrity on both sides …. It is about trying to develop and sustain more of the integrity and warmth and eliminating and refuting as much of the bigotry as possible – wherever it comes from

    3. Lyuba Tereshchenko 14 Oct 2011, 4:12pm

      LOL, some of us honour All-Father Odin. It is dishonourable to be as stupid and hateful as this old cow of a ‘teacher’.

    4. The only cancer that is spreading is Satan’s power over the Christians as he takes over their minds and souls and makes them into possessed demons who do the devils evil work of hating and destroying their fellow men who are also the children of God. Poor Christians are loosing their minds to Satan. Perhaps if the Christians had not sinned so much they would not be in the trouble they are in. Perhaps they think by pointing the finger at somebody else they think that God will not know that they are in fact the real sinners who hate and destroy God’s children, just look at the priest and what they are and have been doing, even today,

  2. The socalled ‘educator’ should be sacked!!!!!

  3. Why is this news.

    A religious person is a bigot.

    Most of them are.

    Religion fosters hatred. We all know that.

    1. Religion does not foster hatred. I’m a Witch and my religion does not foster hatred.

      What you mean is Judeo-Christian religion fosters hatred, you need to be more specific in your statement, as generalisations like that make you know better than the judeo-christian fundamentalists.

      1. *no better

      2. and comments like yours are no better either.
        I belong to a Christian church that is VERY active in supporting the LGBT community and its rights and has done so for many years. It is also the 3rd largest denomination in my country. I was married by a minister of my church, within the church, in a legally recognized ceremony. Yes, in my country, there is marriage equality, and it is in part to vocal support from my church.
        By your comments, it would seem that YOUR religion does foster hatred.. against other religions.

        1. Yes. But look at the stories on the PN front page. How many of them directly relate to religion? How many have religion involved in bigotry? The onus is not on LGBT people to tolerate intolerance, or encourage “change”, it is for the moderates to work on re-habilitating their own faith. Right now they are lying with dogs and being surprised when they get up with fleas. How about cleaning the bloody dog for a change?

          1. @Valksy

            Yes but look at the stories on PN over the last few days and how many of those related to religious people and organisations making positive stances on LGBT issues – then how many of those were ridiculted, stereotyped and undermined by people like dAVID in a damaging manner …

          2. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 3:16pm

            Religion fomenting division again.

          3. @Dr Robin Guthrie

            In this case it is religion fomenting division – granted …

            There has been plenty of division agitated by atheists on PN this week however, which as an agnostic gay man who is passionate about liberty, equality and freedom – I find it deeply concerning and full of hypocracy

        2. If you are member of an LGBT supportive church then I would kindly ask toheat a LOT more condemnation from your church on the monstrouis behaviour of other churches.

          When I hear people say ‘But my religion is inclusive’ it always conffuses me. Because I never hear these allegedly inclusive churches loudly condemning the hatred and bigotry of their fellow christians.

          Therefore the ‘tolerant’ christians can only blame themselves that people regard all religions are monstrous and hate-filled.

          1. Perhaps you don’t hear because you choose not to listen – there has been plenty of evidence of accepting and supportive religious groups just here on PN for the last week or so and yet your rhetoric has remained the same …

        3. “Yes, in my country, there is marriage equality”
          hope your country isn’t the U.S., it certainly does not
          support marriage equality.

          1. Galadriel1010 14 Oct 2011, 6:49pm

            Well the logical conclusion would be that it’s not the US, wouldn’t it?

        4. “there has been plenty of evidence of accepting and supportive religious groups just here on PN for the last week”

          And why is that necessary.

          It is necessary because ALL of the flack we are getting is coming from other Religious denominations, branches, chapters, cults, call it what you will wanting to stop or remove our rights. ALL of it.

          It is the ONE thing preventing full equality.

          Congratulations to those churches supporting us, but the big beasts will not stop in their underhand methods.

          EG: Catholic church in Scotland posting out 100,000 cards to its flock in an attempt to sway the Scottish Parliament.

          Every single advance that gay people have made has had to fight off these people on each occasion and I am sick of it
          and wet blankets like you apologizing on their behalf and I am sick of it.

          1. @Dave North

            The problem is that yes – there are some giants of religious groupings that harbour hatred or resentment etc against LGBT people, although not all their members.

            Rightly, LGBT people, including many on PN have been saying that religious people are invisible who are pro gay and accepting. There have been many examples in the past week or two just here on PN.

            We need to carefully frame our language to encourage that support which even the most virulent anti religious on PN has demanded at times in the past. Yes, we should condemn the likes of the Archbishop of Glasgow in a robust manner. Yes we should be strong in our fight for equality and legitimacy. That includes recognising our allies and not damaging our fight by behaving inappropriately (even though we have been treated appallingly in the past) – the prize equality is the most important thing

          2. And furthermore I am not apologizing for any bigotry or religious person – all bigotry is wrong

            I am demanding that those who have integrity in the LGBT communities do not lower themselves to the standards of some religious people who are bigoted and become bigoted themselves in reverse. We are better than that.

      3. Religion does not foster hate; fear fostered hate, and religion was constucted to deal with the unknown aspect of a fear based though system. Either way, religion – christian, wican or any other fear based illusion- is not the best way to heal any shaky foundation built of fear. In the mind all things are permissible, but not all things are functional.

        1. I can understand where you’re coming from but you have painted all religions with one brush. I’m Buddhist and what you explain here is opposite to Buddhism. Buddhism is about wisdom of reality and compassion to every single life form in this universe. But this just paints you with the same brush too. My advice is if you are not sure about something then don’t speak, for you haven’t studied every religion? You haven’t talked to every person from every religion? :)

          1. Yes but arguably, since Buddhism isn’t centred on supernatural forces or beings, it is strictly speaking more a philosophy than a religion (though I admit that’s not how it works in many cultures).

      4. Calling Wicca a religion is a bit of an overstatement.

      5. The religions that do not foster hatred and division are very small and are totally overwhelmed by the sheer viciousness and bigotry of most religions.

        A kind, tolerant religion is simply the exception that proves the rule of how monstrous religion truly is.

        1. Blinkered, much …?

          1. paddyswurds 15 Oct 2011, 11:50am

            What I find so totally bewildering is the whole idea of faith in creation and deities. Even more astonishing is when supposedly educated and intelligent people cling to this ancient fiction. Fiction apssed down orally from fearful nomadic peoples who didn’t understand ……. well, anything frankly….

          2. I also find it bewildering, Paddyswurds …

            I dont accept the premise of their beliefs in the slightest …

            I also find it bewildering that people who claim to seek integrity and equality then fail to see who their allies are and engage in what can be perceived as reverse bigotry and stereotyping. I thought most LGBT people were both more sophisticated, more intelligent and indeed better than that.

            It seems I am mistaken – or is it just the exception that make the rule that are so visible on PN?

    2. No its polarised views that foster hatred. Open minds explore other options.

      Polarised views can occur whether you are religious or agnostic or (as your views show) atheist …

      Equally, many religious people, atheists and agnostics have more temperant open minds and can see beyond the small minded stereotyping (whether that be stereotyping of LGBT people or religious people) …

      1. Totally agree with you Stu….its refreshing to hear an educated voice of reason. Religion nor lack of religion is not the problem, but people who use religious or non religious beliefs to further their own personal dislike or hatred of ANY community IS the problem. Fighting hate with hate….won’t work.

        Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
        Martin Luther King, Jr.

      2. I do not stereotype religious people.

        I stereotype religions.

        The stereotype of religion is that they are cruel, vicious, hateful, monstrous and divisive is based on reality.

        Most religions are like this = catholicism; baptism; prebyterianism; othodox judaism; sunni islam; shia islam; hinduism; sikhism; scientology; mormonism.

        Religion poisons everything.

        1. Let yourself believe that, dAVID … but your language over the past few days has not differentiated between a belief system and those who hold it … nor has it differentiated between those who hold the strident views you (and I) oppose and those who do not … You have presumed in your comments that few people of religion are positive towards LGBT people …

          In short, the vast majority of your comments about religion and religious people have been stereotyped …

          That said, to prove my open mind, there have been some comments you have made which are factual and without intolerance or blinkered vision – and where you have been fair, I have mostly indicated my support for your comments …

          “Religion poisons everything” – bit of a sweeping statement … whilst I totally accept religion has caused a lot of damage, its is impossible to deny it has done some good too and it is also impossible to deny that there are many accepting and supportive religious people …

          1. I’d be curious to know where you find your moral values and responsibilities, Stu.

            Curious, that’s all.

          2. @Jonpol

            I feel a dynamic responsibility for myself and my fellow man.

            I feel we all have a responsibility to each other.

            In terms of ideology, philosophy or whatever, not sure which school of thought I particularly lean towards (if any). I do know my perspective on the world and how it does interrelate has evolved a lot over the years. I once was very antagonistic towards religion but then began to realise that this approach does not achieve anything.

          3. David Myers 14 Oct 2011, 10:05pm

            Stu, you sound like a humanist or a secular humanist which is what I choose to call myself. I agree with you that we have to judge religious persons by what they do and what they preach, not just by the religion they belong to.

          4. @David

            Not been pigeon holed as a humanist before – might have to investigate that theory a little more

            I certainly do agree that religious people should be judged by what they do and what they say themselves (not necessarily which church etc they belong to or (sometimes) what the leaders of their church etc says).

    3. JohnWilliam 14 Oct 2011, 3:06pm

      Religion does not foster hatred. The person believing in that religion does. It’s people like Viki Knox who use religion for their own gain to make themselves feel better about their own lives and to pick on others. While the rest of us who believe in whatever are rarely heard from because they try to help others and simply get by without drawing attention to themselves.

    4. Staircase2 14 Oct 2011, 3:08pm

      Not true

      Ooh the irony of having the Biblical name ‘David’ too….lol

    5. Bigotry fosters hatred ….

      Some bigotry is from religion and some is not …

  4. I’m an ex-fundie. One thing you MUST understand is that once you’re in a fundie church, all your rational thinking goes out of the window.

    There have been many times I was presented with clear scientific evidence for Evolution and the age of the Earth etc etc.

    Please don’t judge these fundies, they truly are not crazy, they have just been mislead like I was. When you’re trapped in a cult, because that’s what fundamentalism is, everything you’ve ever been taught goes out of the window.

    Fundies are just insecure people who are lost and are brainwashed to believe in God without question. I constantly got in to trouble with my pastor because I questioned the bible.

    I was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape and finally accept myself as a transexual woman.

    The crunch came when I told my pastor I had LGBT friends and the look of horror on his face said it all.

    That’s when I knew were not worshipping the same Jesus.

    1. *** Oh and I am no longer am a Christian, I am a practising witch, Wicca is a peaceful,loving religion. I struggle to believe in the God of the bible and the commands he gave to murder children,rape women and other ludicrous laws.

      But like I said, I was a fundie and you are so blinded and focused that nothing can penetrate it except love. You cannot win an argument with a fundie, the only way to break it is with love. They wait for to pounce on you, but the only key to disarm them is with love. Oh and they LOVE to be persecuted, to them it’s the best thing that can happen to them!!!

    2. I try not to judge these fundies, but it becomes increasingly hard to maintain impartiality when they keep on judging me. And I’m speaking as someone who like yourself was brought up as christian.
      The day I finally jacked in the dogma was a weight off my shoulders, haven’t looked back since.

      1. I agree that fundies are hard not to judge – particularly when they vehemently attack (unjustifiably LGBT people) and some strident criticism from us is wholly appropriate in these circumstances.

        That said, not all Christians, Jews etc are anti-gay and the stereotyping of them as such is as damaging as the stereotyping of all gay men as promiscuous barebacking queens … neither is true, and neither concept should be reinforced as though it is the truth

    3. JohnWilliam 14 Oct 2011, 3:08pm

      I’m sorry for what you must have been through and i’m happy you had your chance to escape and live your life.

    4. Staircase2 14 Oct 2011, 3:12pm

      @Melanie….And bless you for that! lol

      We do however (with the exception of children or especially vulnerable people) have to lay most of the responsibility at the feet of those who join the cults and go along with the brainwashing in the first place…

      Its very easy to talk about the brainwashing techniques used – but the question is a) why go to those organisations in the first place or b) stick around when every fibre of your being is telling you that youre being manipulated before the brainwashing fully kicks in?

      It’s high time we taught all our young people how to say ‘no’ from a young age and encouraged people to think for themselves and become fully self-realised.

      The fact we live in societies which DON’T do that – in fact teaching our young people to obey existing ideas – is what is the kernel of this particular problem (not the cult churches/religions themselves)

  5. Cambodia Guesthouse 14 Oct 2011, 12:37pm

    I have no problem with whatever people want to believe in. My problem comes when they INSIST that I should also worship their invisible sky-pixies and INSIST that I live the same hateful lifestyles that they do..

    No Thanks!

    1. Staircase2 14 Oct 2011, 3:13pm

      I agree with you – except what is it with the notion of ‘invisible sky pixies’ exactly? Thats the second time Ive seen that phrase used here – which begs the question – where did you get it from? ;o)

      1. Galadriel1010 14 Oct 2011, 6:53pm

        It’s a phrase that’s been used by quite a lot of anti-Christian users on here for quite some time. I can’t remember who started it, or if I ever knew, but I wish they hadn’t. The sentiment behind it has driven me away from the site twice.

        1. Its disappointing that some on here whilst rightly condemning the bigoted rhetoric of those homophobes who hide behind religion fail to either recognise the wealth of support there is in some Christian (and other religious) groups, recognise their own bigotry or appreciate that they undermine the battle to achieve fairness and equality.

          I always value your contributions, Galadriel1010

  6. In principle I would say that if she manages to teach without diseminating these hate messages to her own students then she should keep her job. Putting them on Facebook raises serious questions about her commitment to that.

  7. I do not support the words of this “teacher”. I am not happy with the school citing the first amendment to support her when they would most likely violate that same amendment and deny students the right to build a gay straight coalition.
    However, as pointed out here, not all religions, not even all Christians, behave as badly as this “teacher”. To call for an end to all religions is as unfair as the fundy call for all to believe as they do.
    I practice my religion in peace, leaving others the right to believe or not believe. All I ask is the same in return – to be allowed to believe in peace.

    1. You’re unhappy with the concept of freedom of expression?

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 1:52pm

      “I practice my religion in peace”

      That’ll be a first….

      1. “That’ll be a first….”

        that’s unfair, many people practice their religion in peace.
        it’s just that we usually don’t hear of them because,
        “I practice my religion in peace”

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 2:28pm


          Announcing it on a gay forum is NOT practising it in peace.

        2. @Dr Robin Guthrie

          They can’t win though …

          Either they maintain a dignified peace about their faith and how they live it and people complain that they don’t shout out enough about their acceptance and positive view of LGBT issues

          Or they voice their support and they are barracked down – because “Christians can not have that view”

          Or they are told “announcing it on a gay forum is NOT practicing it in peace”

          What the hell are they supposed to do – just as your have a right to freedom of expression and a family life which are some of the fundamental things we are fighting for, so they have a right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion …

          I dont agree with their beliefs, but they are entitled to respect and fairness just as every LGBT person is

          1. Look. I have sufferred 50 years of crap because of the bloody religious.

            I will think what I f’in well like.

            Support them if you must, but I will return their bile.

          2. And to add to that.

            Even now they are making there bl@@dy presence felt on this GAY. ie ( Not Religous ) Forum.

            They just cant leave alone can they.

            So be a religous apologist all you like. Personally I care not one jot for any of them and their stinking faith.

          3. Strangely enough I find your attitude even more inhumane than those who abuse us as gay men

            You are intelligent enough to know that not everyone who is religious is a bigoted person

            I dont agree with their beliefs, but I only condemn those who are bigoted – not everyone who shares the beliefs. I dont support the beliefs.

            Probably all gay people have had some negative (sometimes vastly damaging) contact with some who are religious – that does not justify a bigoted response, makes it understandable but not justifiable …

            Whilst some religious people may treat LGBT people equally as evil and abhorrent – not all (and probably not the majority) actually do … nor does their ignorant stereotyping justify a reaction of stereotyping

            As for whose side I am on. As a gay man who is not religious in the slightest – perhaps you feel I should sign up and rally the LGBT cause – and I do … That does not prevent me seeing unreasonable behaviour in the LGBT communities

          4. Oh and to add to that – some gay people do have a faith – so discussion of religious issues may be relevant to them, and those who whilst not sharing the faith or belief system have an interest in having some knowledge about it.

            Get over it

          5. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 10:05pm

            No STU.

            I come onto a Gay News Paper to read the Gay news, however inevitably the deluded religionist’s find their way onto here and give us grief.

            Tell me.

            Should I head off to say, Christian Concern, and spout at them. No. I do not. For one. It has no right to reply, something typical for religous web sites and secondly If it did, I would be courteous enough to let them get on with their faith. Uninterrupted from my aethiest views.

            Do you think these people have the right to come onto these fora and criticize us at every turn, no matter what the subject. Marriage, adoption, right to exist etc.

            Where are the pro-gay churches crying foul against the anti gay ones. They are few and far between.

            “so they have a right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion”

            Yes, I agree have these rights. Just stop bringing them onto gay forums where clashes and upset are guaranteed.

          6. @Dr Guthrie

            So effectively you are saying that gay Christians or Jews could not discuss their views on this site because it is a gay site?

            Thats wrong

            I dont care about the trolls like Keith, they deserve to be barred etc due to their irresponsible and ignorant behaviour.

            I do care about those who support us, are gay and wish to talk about those things. They have a right to their conversations on here just as much as you do

          7. @Dr Guthrie

            There have been dozens of people including church leaders and Rabbis being pro gay on PN recently …

            Perhaps you didnt notice because your blinkers were on

    3. Your refusal to actively condemn these monstrous bigots is the reason why people are so distrustful of religion.

      The ‘tolerant’ religions must really exhaust themselves in their rush to do NOTHING, when the bigotted religions spew their usual hateful bile.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 2:26pm

        It’s either they fear them or agree with them.

        And again, it shows the division that is endemic in religion.

        Those gay friendly churches see the anti-gay churches as “them”, “other”, “not us”. AKA. Division.

      2. Yet when they do, dAVID you still condemn them – thats what you have done this week on PN

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 10:07pm

          Keeping tabs are we. Mr 203 posts ( Top of the List ). Well done get a gold star.

          Who set you up as as forum administrator?

          1. Cheap comment

      3. I totally condemn the bigoted behaviour of this teacher and others such as the Archbishop of Glasgow who spout vile rhetoric

        I condemn the bigoted gay people who stereotype all people of religion as being homophobes – it simply isnt true

        No bigotry is acceptable, no hatred is positive, all hate crime (regardless of the direction perpetrated eg homophobic, transphobic, faith based, racist etc etc) are inhumane and disgusting …

  8. I wonder if this kind of saying try to hide some lesbianism in this lady’s closet.

  9. Hating religious people is wrong. Some of them are quite nice.

    I absolutely hate religion though.

    And this is entirely justifiable.

    Hating a monstrous, fake belief system discriminates against nobody.

    Religious people are protected from discriimination based on their age; race; sex; ethnicity etc.

    Religious groups however try to pervert our democracy by altering our laws to suit their monstrous beliefs.

    We need to stop respecting people’s religious beliefs so much.

    Why are we supposed to be so hyper-sensitive to the christian belief that Jesus the Zombie (he rose from the dead – that makes him a zombie) is the son of a genocidal ‘god’ (A ‘god’ who murdered the 1st born child of every Egyptian).

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 2:23pm

      Unfortunately the religious are the ones who know the least about religion.

      We atheists are much more educated on the topic but why let a little knowledge get in the way of dogma.

    2. Religious people are protected from discrimination because of their race, age, disability, sex, orientation etc … law also protects them due to their religion – there are specific offences in criminal law where they are aggravated by hatred on the grounds of religion and this can include using threating, abusive or insulting words or behaviour … which I would contend have been used from time to time on PN both towards LGBT people and by LGBT people towards religious people.
      Its not acceptable behaviour whoever causes it and for whatever reason it is caused.

      1. Well, the religious should not come onto a gay forum and spit threir venom.

        As a gay man, I leave the religious to their own forums so they should return the courtesy.

        1. What about those who are both gay and religious?

          Or those who are gay and happy to have conversations about spirituality?

          Being gay does not mean you can not have discussions about philosophical and ideological ideas

        2. What about those who are both gay and religious?

          Or those who are gay and happy to have conversations about spirituality?

          Being gay does not mean you can not have discussions about philosophical and ideological ideas

        3. Sorry about the duplicate post in error

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 15 Oct 2011, 2:05am

            Turkeys voting for Xmas.

          2. Regardless of your views on what they believe – they are entitled to those views and are gay and should be able to discuss them on a gay news site when they are relevant to the story in question

            Unless you think they should be excluded, but then for what reason? They are gay? They are discussing news?

            So, its more about your discomfort and prejudice about religion, perhaps …?

  10. Miguel Sanchez 14 Oct 2011, 2:39pm

    SACK HER!!!!!

    1. Absolutely she should be sacked

  11. Staircase2 14 Oct 2011, 3:03pm

    The woman’s clearly a complete arse.

    The only “perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation” and a “sin” that “breeds like cancer” is the desire to oppress others (or, indeed, ourselves..!)

    It would be nice to live in a world where someone who’s a Teacher should know this already….!

  12. JohnWilliam 14 Oct 2011, 3:11pm

    Honestly, i am not taking a shot at anybody here that believes in whatever. But it is because of people like Viki Knox that i wonder what the world would have been like without religion. Would the world be a better place or would we simply have something else in its place?

    1. Probably something else in its place that was equally divisive

      Probably the religion replacement would be something that was difficult to prove/disprove

      Probably those who were vehemently against it would be offensive

      Probably those who were vehemently for it would be bigoted and offensive …

  13. Gaga Flash Mob Response Unit 14 Oct 2011, 3:20pm

    Fetch the ghetto blaster!

  14. What I find so screwed up with the American system of free speech is that you can’t be prosecuted for hate speech unless it incites someone to commit a violent crime as a result and yet you can be charged for shouting the word “fire” in a theatre. No country has total freedom of speech or expression, none.

  15. “student prayer group”? This is why we need separation of church and state! This kind of hate mongering does not belong in a school. No wonder we still have so much trouble with bullies – the teacher is setting the example!

    1. Galadriel1010 14 Oct 2011, 6:58pm

      Students are allowed a prayer group if they want one, and teachers are allowed to take part in that. The teacher should be ensuring that the students don’t allow their religious beliefs to cloud their treatment of others, but they are entitled to practice their religion

      1. Dave North 14 Oct 2011, 9:56pm

        “The teacher should be ensuring that the students don’t allow their religious beliefs to cloud their treatment of others, but they are entitled to practice their religion”

        You will find that these to things are generally mutually exclusive.

        1. Yes. In fact, religious beliefs are responsible for an entire world view which includes an afterlife of bliss or damnation as a consequence of how sentient human beings have responded to supposedly divine commands.

          Viki Knox seems to be leading a Christian prayer group so that a Christian world view inevitably encapsulates her mind and prevents here from an honest inquiry into the doctrines of her faith.

          Since such a world view is based on untestable propositions, how can it be different from the world view held by worshipers of Zeus, Osiris, Mazda, Ganesh…etc.?

          What’s more, in the total absence of evidence, how can such a world view hypnotize people in the same way that, in former days, people devoted their lives to a vision that the world was flat and resting on the back of a sea turtle?

          I am referring to religious world views, not states of peace, love and bliss, etc. that can and are experienced by human beings as natural phenomena of the brain.

  16. soapbubblequeen 14 Oct 2011, 6:43pm

    Moronic mad cow. I hope she gets run over by a bus.

  17. Sam Maloney 14 Oct 2011, 7:38pm

    The ACLU is right– free speech is a scared right this side of the Atlantic… so instead, I’d fire her for incompetence since she thinks cancer ‘breeds’…

  18. Mary Flying Eagle 14 Oct 2011, 8:32pm

    Mercy Me!!!! Sounds as though you are quite the pervert in your warped mind, and, Very Dangerous.. You a BIGOT, teach in our schools?????? SHAMEFUL!!!

  19. According to Human Rights Campaign, Viki Knox’ comments on FB are so frightening that Joe Solomese (pres. HRC)has begun an online petition to make sure the school’s superintendent takes immediate action against her tirade.

    Apparently, Knox was reacting to a small bulletin board at her school recognizing LGBT History Month.

    Part of her message, visible to all:

    “Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?



    I can’t help but compare Viki Knox to Uganda’s Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera.

    In the meantime reasonable people are focusing on nuclear proliferation, climate change, education, poverty.

  20. John Paragano, a local attorney and former township councilman, who said he had initially been contacted by a parent, wrote to the school district and is calling for the teacher’s dismissal.

    “Hateful public comments from a teacher cannot be tolerated,” wrote Paragano, also a former Union Township Municipal Court judge. “She has a right to say it. But she does not have a right to keep her job after saying it.”

    Union Chief School Administrator Patrick Martin said the district is investigating the incident.

    —- LGBTQ Nation News

    1. What a douche !!

  21. Why don’t they do something about the pedophile priest and leave the gays alone?

  22. This woman needs to be sacked in my opinion.

  23. Another case of shame. This poor woman does not understand the fundamental teachings of her ‘own’ religion. Should we forgive her? Yes.

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