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Lesbian confirmed as US federal judge

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations, Alison Nathan.

    Carry on !

  2. Firstly, congrats to Alison, I’m so glad she made it in!

    Secondly, what a load of tosh. I don’t know how things are done over in U.S.A, but here in the UK a person’s bias is allowed to influece their opinions to certain degree’s. The only woman to sit in the House of Lords Court/Supreme Court has stated very publically that she can bring something else, another perspective to the table in cases that involve woman that her male counter parts simply can’t… a female opinion.

    I’m very glad the an LGBT voice will have it’s say and bring it’s LGBT experience to the American legal system… it needs it!

    1. Oh forgive all the grammer there, mobiles are no good for commenting! :(

  3. So what is the GOP suggesting? That there is such a thing as a judge who doesn’t implement a ‘political ideology’, consciously or otherwise?
    Hot air and hypocrisy.

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