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14 October 2011

  • 14th October 2011

    New Zealand Labour will allow gay couples to adopt 21

    New Zealand Labour says it will push for gay couples to be allowed to adopt

    7:21 PM — New Zealand's Labour Party says it will push for gay couples to be allowed to adopt. It will modernise the law "to ensure the widest pool of suitable adults is lawfully available to provide care to children in need".

  • North Wales police to display rainbow flag in stations 41

    Rainbow flag stickers will be displayed in North Wales police stations (Photo: Kevin Wong)

    4:43 PM — North Wales police are to display rainbow flag stickers in stations to encourage gay people to report homophobic crime. Diversity leaders at the force believe the stickers will reassure gay people that they will be treated sensitively and respectfully.

  • First US military gay convention meets this weekend 15

    The first convention for gay troops is being held this weekend

    4:19 PM — The first convention for gay military personnel is meeting in Las Vegas this weekend. The OutServe Leadership Summit, which began yesterday, is the largest gathering of openly gay troops since Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed last month.

  • Lesbian confirmed as US federal judge 4

    Alison Nathan was confirmed as a federal judge

    3:10 PM — The US senate has confirmed a lesbian to serve as a US federal judge in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Alison Nathan is the second of four openly gay people appointed by President Obama to be confirmed.

  • ‘Inspirational’ Ugandan lesbian campaigner wins human rights award 8

    Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera was honoured for her courage

    1:54 PM — Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, the Ugandan gay rights campaigner, has been honoured with a prestigious human rights award. The activist, who has risked death to speak up for other LGBT people, received the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders in Geneva on Wednesday.

  • Elton John speaks out for new gay rights group 18

    Elton John has backed Kaleidoscope

    1:22 PM — Elton John has penned an article in support of new gay rights group Kaleidoscope. Writing for the Huffington Post with Johann Hari, John called the non-profit group "remarkable" and called for readers to support it.

  • Government consults on removing ‘insulting’ speech from public order laws 217

    The government is considering changing the Public Order Act

    11:52 AM — The Home Office is looking at the possibility of removing the offence of causing "insult' from the Public Order Act. The law has been used to arrest Christian street preachers who deliver anti-gay sermons, such as Cumbrian preacher Dale McAlpine.

  • New Jersey teacher accused of anti-gay Facebook comments 114

    There have been calls to sack the teacher

    10:24 AM — A teacher in New Jersey, US, has been criticised for allegedly saying homosexuality is "perverted" and "breeds like cancer" on her Facebook page. Viki Knox, who works in Union High School in the Union Township school district, reportedly advises a student prayer group.

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