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US Supreme Court refuses to hear gay parents’ appeal

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Reader comments

  1. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought a birth cert states the biological mother and father? If that is the case then they shouldn’t be on it. If the father is unknown then he is unknown…
    Plus it doesn’t matter what a piece of paper says anyone can father a child but only some can be a dad. As long as they are protected from biological claims in the future….

    1. In a number of American states, the birth certificate can be altered to reflect adoption decrees. Louisiana is a state that allows that. Apparently for straight couples.

    2. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 11:22pm

      I agree, a birth certificate has nothing to do with adoption. America is a very strange place sometimes.

      1. Of course it does!

        When a single person adopts a child, the name that will exist on the kid’s birth certificate is only one. When a man and a woman adopts a kid, their names will be in the birth certificate. The same should be applied to gay couples.

  2. The important question is not really about the piece of paper. If Louisiana will not respect the decision of the New York State Court by granting the adoption order, would Louisiana recognise Adar and Smith as the legal parents should the family enter the state. Could a child be made an orphan by crossing state lines?

    1. That is an interesting thought, Fred.

  3. When will the gay brigade learn to respect the law of the land. Most decent folk manage it!

    1. Poe’s Law – When someone plays a tosspot so convincingly that it is hard to distinguish morons from people who play morons on the internet. Occasionally used for satirical purposes. Mostly used by the dull and boring. who scream for attention because they have nothing worthwhile to say.

    2. Most decent folk are not discriminated against by the law. It is perfectly legitimate for those who are to campaign lawfully to change it.

    3. I imagine you’re the type that in the past would have campaigned against universal suffrage or the abolition of slavery simply because the existing law should be respected. Sad.

    4. Miguel Sanchez 14 Oct 2011, 2:48pm

      We do jackass so sod off

  4. Apparently there is no law of the land in the US. There are 50 states with different laws which is idiotic.

    1. de Villiers 14 Oct 2011, 5:00pm

      Like the EU?

      1. The EU is not a loose federation of independent states, not federal government. The comparison is not valid. Think about what you’re going to say, and how stupid it sounds, before the snotty responses next time.

  5. If you are an American the law of the land from coast to coast should grant the same rights and privileges of equality! To live in a country with 50 different laws and statutes is so illogical and prejudicial.

    Whether your an adoptive parent or job seeker who relocates you should not have to live life needing a lawyer to have to learn your rights, restrictions or privileges of living or traveling to a different state!

    You can be certain of one thing and that is if your American the IRS won’t discriminate against you if you owe them money! funny how the only law consistent across the land is pretty much the tax mans!

    Although I don’t get why they had to go to the Supreme Court if lower courts were agreeing to their case?… shows how complicated the USA legal system is.

    I know I would be crossing the State line out of Louisiana if my parental rights of the protection and well being of my child were compromised in any way because of where I live.

    1. de Villiers 14 Oct 2011, 5:01pm

      Like in the EU?

    2. de Villiers 14 Oct 2011, 5:02pm

      Also – different laws allows some countries to move faster than others in enacting same-sex protections. Otherwise, if all the states had to agree together or it had to be approved by a central Parliament, the rights might never be enacted.

      Let some move more quickly than others – to show the way to the rest.

  6. For those people who think of the USA as one think again. The way the states work is similar to the EU, think of Washington politics as the EU Parliment and the states as EU Countires. Unless Washington say otherwise the states can do what they like.
    So those who critise the USA need to also look at the anti gay policies in some EU countries and start presure on their MEP.

  7. Miguel Sanchez 14 Oct 2011, 2:51pm

    Most states recognize adoptions in other states. I’ve not heard of an adoptive child removed from their parents for any reason.

  8. A silly fight to take on. A birth certificate should list the biological parents. It should have nothing to do with who the child’s legal guardians are. This is much like religious ‘marriage’ vs legal ‘marriage’ They are two different things.

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