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US politician Sally Kern ‘fears for life’ after saying homosexuality killed has more Americans than terrorists

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Reader comments

  1. Aww.

    Poor Sally.

    Throws some sh!t at the gays and gets some sh!t thrown back and doesn’t like it.

    She is a nasty piece of work and is now playing the victim card.

    Life’s a bitch Sally and so are you.

    1. Indeed. She says LGBT are worse than terrorists, then wets her knickers in fright when we complain. If it wasn’t for the fact she wanted to sell a book, I would just assume she was a standard issue loon.

      1. Interesting …

        She thinks LGBT people are worse than terrorists and then she gets some angry communications from LGBT people and she gets “frightened” (or from my view seizes an opportunity to develop a victim mentality!) … makes you wonder what she thinks terrorists do if she thinks LGBT people are worse …

        If I had a violin I would play it for her … not

        Strange that being a “devout” Christian she fails to recognise righteous anger.

        1. Well, she lied about the death threats. And bearing false witness is against the commandments…whereas being gay is not. So she is a bigger “sinner” (a BS term) than any of us. Typical christofascist cherry-picking moron.

    2. Another Hannah 16 Oct 2011, 8:49pm

      traditional christians used to have a device for dealing with women like here. I think it’s wrong, but she likes all that’s fundamental so I think it should be fitted to her for a while at least. It’s called the scolds bridle.

  2. While it is utterly shameful that anyone should receive threats (gay people particularly should know better!), I can’t help but think that this is some sort of poetic justice.

    People sharing the views of this woman have been inflicting fear on gay people for decades if not centuries, so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that she should find herself in our shoes for a bit.

    She may also want to bear in mind that it’s generally people with a religious bent who go around killing people they don’t agree with. As far as I know that’s not happened from a gay person, yet…

  3. At least she knows how it feels for all those lgbt people who are terrified they’ll be killed for being who they are.

  4. She has complained of threats before, but law enforcement found no merit in her claims. Notice the name of her book? This is media spin, nothing more. In fact, she seems like a typical christian – a bloody lying hypocrite. By making herself seem like a victim she whips up the mob and they buy her book. It is disingenuous and dangerous. Oh, and apparently her son is gay, so she is busy demonising him too.

    1. Is there any actual evidence (other than her claims) that she has actually received any actual threats, not mere abuse.

  5. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Oct 2011, 11:03am

    Welcome to our world Sally……

    This is what it feels like to feel threatened and scared.

  6. oi idiot your lot have killed far more gay people than we have straight ones aqnd that’s the way it’s always going to be.

    She’s just a lying attention seeking pillock

  7. Oh no! Emails! Oh the humanity! Come on people, the woman received a bunch of critical emails for goodness’ sake! Can you think of anything more horrendously terrifying than that? I mean, thousands gay people in America get beaten, abused, discriminated against, murdered and driven to suicide, but poor Sally Kerns has to put up with far worse – an inbox full of people who disagree with her!

    And from the massively powerful gay rights lobby too. That titanic and ubiquitous behemoth that is so influential it has managed to get gay people the right to marry in six out of fifty states of the US! Come on, a whopping 12% success rate. Can you get any more powerful than that?

    1. LOL, your comment has had me in stitches! So funny but true.

  8. She clearly has not realised that it is religious hatred and fundamentalism that is cousin problems in the world, not the gay agenda as she puts it. She and her fellow Republican cronies keep spouting that America is the land of the free, well I guess it is you are are white, middle class and god fearing.

    Also, I;ve never heard of gay groups issuing death threats like Islamist would do. At most, we would want to come and make over your home with bright vibrant colours (stereotype I know but you get the point)

  9. Why would this dumb, hateful B!tch fear death anyway.

    I thought her type would get aroused by meeting ‘god’.

    Perhaps that’s what she’s up to.

    She’s trying to become a martyr so that for all eternity she can be god’s f***toy?

    1. I must say I just had my drink come out my nose reading that. Thanks for making me laugh :D

    2. I think she may have a slightly warmer afterlife on the cards.

  10. apparently she thinks being gay is a deadly infectious disease ??

  11. Cameron Hawk 13 Oct 2011, 11:49am

    How stupid is a politician allowed to be? And still be active as a politician. No wonder that the world we live in, is as it is, when some people still vote for Sally Kern, and her kind. I have never heard that we as LGBT community attack anyone for not agreeing with our way of life. And HIV/AIDS is not only a gay matter; the virus has been tracked back to the last century as far as I have been informed, and mainly and maybe even only among heterosexuals, not gays.

    1. Unfortunately, in places like Oklahoma, politicians like her to tend to be rewarded by voters for such views, or punished for not having them. Oklahoma is sometimes called “the buckle” of the Bible Belt.

    2. In North America generally, and especially in the Bible Belt, we tend to only hear from the small minority who spout this kind of garbage. The majority are much more open minded. At this point, 53% of Americans support gay marriage and many others are undecided. But we only hear from Sally Kern and others like her. Others are afraid to speak up because of her and her kind screaming and spreading publicly their hurtful views.

      However the word is getting out and views are changing. People are becoming more accepting. I know this because I live in a very conservative part of Alberta, the most conservative (read “red neck”) province in Canada. In 2005, when gay marriage was legislated in Canada, our premier and our current Prime Minister vowed to do away with it. because of who their supporters are. They soon found that there wasn’t enough support in the general population to do this and quickly let it drop.

      Maybe Sally Kern will also get this message.

  12. Can’t stand the heat, etc.

  13. Her argument is homosexuality is a bigger threat than terrorism because HIV/AIDs kills more Americans?? Using that logic Cancer must be a bigger threat to american society than HIV/AIDs, why doesnt she pick on cancer victims! These people only get media attention because they are so ridiculous

    1. Father Ted 13 Oct 2011, 2:33pm

      Surely in America obesity is the biggest killer? Looks like she’s already succumbed.

    2. Cancer is not contagious and cannot be spread to others (including innocent babies) with immoral practices as championed by the gay brigade and heterosexual fornicators.

      1. Strangely innocent babies do get cancer and sometimes from the actions of humans

        Strangely homosexual men are not involved in passing HIV onto a newborn …

        So the relevance of your comments on this site – zero

        1. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 12:06am

          I thought this idiotic dispicable troll had already been banned. I guess I’m just an irrepresible optimist ;-).

  14. Our communitiy has been devastated by HIV/AIDS and this woman tries to use that as a weapon. What an evil hypocritical bitch!

    1. You brought it on yourselves with digusting ungodly practices it was entirely avoidable but lusting after rectums (an unclean area) and other such perversions was more important to you than life.

      1. reported – again …

        1. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 12:09am

          Stu, I’m pretty much a novice on this site and only get most of these messages about 12 hours later, so, can you tell me how to report abuse as I don’t seem to be able to find it.

          1. Hi David,

            At the top of the comment you wish to report, for example if I was going to report yours (I am not!) then there is (at moment) David Myers about an hour ago Report. If you click on the word report with your mouse a box will appear you can type your concern eg inciting hatred, offensive etc and then click to send.

            Sometimes it takes a while to have an impact but it is worth doing

        2. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 7:51am

          Thanks Stu. I feel so stupid now. I was looking for something that would show up (like on other sites) when you right click. There it was right in front of me. Anyway, thanks for the answer and not calling me an idiot. That’s my job and I accept it. Yes, I will use the report button in the future in cases like this. Thanks

          1. If you havent used it before why shoudl you know lol

            I dont know how to make things bold in comments like some do lol

      2. Actually, no, we don’t lust after rectums, we lust after PEOPLE.

        Why don’t you comment on another site, rather than get laughed at on this one? Your not going to convince anyone.

        And plenty of straight couples have anal sex, so it’s not just us!

        And you speak of us being ungodly? What happened to “love thy neighbor?”

        1. Well said, Zac

  15. Dawkins gets death threats from christians all the time. Welcome to the world of being an outspoken controversial public figure

    1. They are not Christians if they send death threats though are they.. They merely profess to be!

      1. Perhaps a bit like you, Keith – given your conduct

        1. I have never claimed to be a Christian any more than you have though , have I?

          1. Yes you have – specifically referring to being Christian

      2. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 12:04am

        Stu, I thought this idiotic troll had been banned – guess I’m just an irrepressible optimist ;-)

  16. Death is too good for some people!

    1. Yes. It would be better for you to suffer a long drawn out case of HIV , caused by your own immorality. Plenty of time to contemplate your ungodly ways and consider the results of going against nature.

      1. What do you do for an encore? Threaten to set your unicorn on us. Sky daddy/zombie son/holy spook is FICTION. Campfire tales told by desert nomads who couldn’t explain why the sun rose.

        1. So why Does Job 26 :7 written 3500 years agos say that the earth hangs on nothing. Was that not an accurate statement , way ahead of it;’s time?

      2. Christ forgives.

        Judge not least you be judged.

        Love is not ungodly.

        Christ gathered around him ALL people, especially those who others turned away. He welcomed them. Your “OMG cooties! Cooties!!” approach to gay people belies your unchrist-like approach to the world.

        1. Christ topld people to REPENT before they could be forgiven. Homosexuals would have to cease practuicing their perversions to be forgiven, then work on controlling their wrong desires, just as a paedophile would have to control wrong desires, also the incestuous and zoophiliacs. You cannot continue to commit sins an gain salvation. Gross sinners must show signs of repentance.
          Matthew 3:8 Jesus says… “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.”

          1. Yawn Yawn Yawn

      3. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 7:58am

        Careful keith . . . you know the old saying . . .”what you say goes, but only for you”. Wouldn’t that be ironic, a christian bigot like you getting AIDS from heterosexual sex! Don’t worry, unlike you, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but maybe I could support a false positive for you – just to give you a little perspective and fear of god for your bigotry. Now go away troll!

  17. Rubber Ducky 13 Oct 2011, 12:20pm

    ‘The representative added that she and her husband felt “liberated” when they discussed the possibility of dying for their cause.’

    hang on a second.. are they honestly takling about matyrdom? well i suppose that makes her as crazy as those whom they consider terrorists then does it not?

  18. “she said she has felt “physical fear” when gay people send her angry emails.”

    Angry e-mails are not death threats!

    Interesting to see how Sally Kern is now playing the victim card, as a way of detracting attention from her outrageous homophobic views.

    1. Yeah, didn’t she claim to have received actual death threats? And when no proof was found of that, looks like she decided to persist with this pathetic ‘I’m such a victim, look everyone!’ crap.

  19. David Nottingham 13 Oct 2011, 12:47pm

    Is it me, or this woman just stupid? She is ill-informed, ignorant of plain facts and completely unfit for public office. If she is trying to justify her homophobic views by spouting a load of rhetoric,hatred and (quite frankly) plain nonsense, one wonders about the rest of her political acumen. This is not just about gay issues, this woman is not capable of taking on information and synthesising a reasoned response. I’d have said that was a crucial skill for anyone in politics. What an absolute buffoon….

    1. for those out of the US this is Oklahoma, land of the truly deluded.

  20. Sally should be frightened we’re recruting children after all.

    Nothing worse than an 8yr old attacking a bigoted politican with a rolled up Lady Gaga poster.

  21. Isn’t FEAR a lack of FAITH Mrs K……thats what i was taught. SO if your are FEARING for your life…check out your FAITH in YOUR G.O.D
    BTW there are so many holes in your argument it resembles a pair of old fishnet tights

  22. PS…how many of those ‘terriost’ attacks were done in the name of G.O.D??

  23. Is this the Sally kern who LIED about receiving death threats?

    1. Hi Iris, I think you are right.
      I sort of remember a PN story from some time back. Perahps time to check the archives again, so to speak

      1. Hi JohnK,

        I can’t find that info on PN but I think it’s here somewhere. I remember that the alleged death threats were investigated by the police and they could find no evidence of any.

        I also notice Kern appears to have lied previously as detailed in this PN story:

        She seems determined to portray herself as a victim. She’s also made horrible racist remarks. Who on earth voted for her?

        1. Okie Keith voted for her.

        2. Thank you for those, Stu. Got them all open to read later.

    2. Yep. But she has to sell books…so what is the harm in a little “bearing false witness”…. (which is, of course, a commandment whereas not being gay is not so arguably her sin is much much more serious). Standard issue christofascist dimwit.

      1. True :D I often wonder if people like her lie knowingly hoping that their original lie will stick in the public mind more strongly than any subsequent correction, or if they’re so deluded that they actually believe what they say.

        1. Simple answer – Yes. Modern media in the US, Faux “News” for example, are often caught telling a lie and then repeating it over and over. Apparently if you say a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

          1. If only life were that simple …

            Personally find honesty and integrity a much better option – although I have failed (as have we all, I guess) on occasion

  24. She and Tory councillor James Malliff should get together, they have much in common.

    1. Both fat.

  25. What a gibbering, raving, lying nutcase. What’s truly frightening is that she won political office – what does that say about some of the American hinterland? Is it even worse than we thought?

    1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 2:47pm

      Why does she get publicity on gay websites?

      1. So we can co-ordinate our campaigns against her?

    2. Oklahoma is sometimes called “the buckle of the Bible Belt” for a reason. Fundamentalist evangelical Christians make up the majority of voters there, and they tend to reward people like Sally Kern every election season. It’s people who express respect and tolerance who are less likely to be voted for.

      1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 8:02pm

        It’s ironic really when you think about it.

  26. JohnWilliam 13 Oct 2011, 1:47pm

    This seems like nothing more than a cheap attempt to promote her book by throwing us under the bus and it’s desperate to say the least.

  27. I think we should all send her flowers, pick one color and flower like green carnations (ala Oscar Wilde). Make it a freaking movement.

  28. Sally Kern is such a vile creature. Her views are not welcome in the 21st century.

  29. douglas in canada 13 Oct 2011, 2:17pm

    “Stupidity in office” is even more dangerous.

    Is she going after tobacco companies for all the deaths due to cancer? Is she going after alcohol producers and suppliers, and auto makers, for all the deaths on the nation’s highways due to drunk drivers? Is she going after fastfood providers for all the people suffering and dying from obesity issues?

    This woman is small and knows it, so she uses her office to ‘appear’ like a big personality. She knows she’s stupid, but thinks that the more she talks, and the more sympathy she can elicit for herself, she will be honored in some way. … Not much different than the emperor in “the Emperor’s New Clothes.” She just needs a chance for someone honest to tell her she’s making a fool of herself. But that won’t happen, because ‘stupid’ has surrounded itself with ‘stupid.’

  30. I’m glad she has that fear, it’s the same feeling some young kids have everyday when they wake up to get ready to attend a school full of bullies. Bullies that are fueled by her poisonous words.

    How does it feel Sally?

  31. Father Ted 13 Oct 2011, 2:26pm

    She sounds seriously delusional.

  32. Evidence first please Sally Kern, you make up so much defamatory stuff about gay people and how they are destroying the world without providing any evidence for it, so why should anyone believe this latest story just because you say so.

  33. Father Ted 13 Oct 2011, 2:36pm

    Surely in America obesity is the biggest killer?

    She’s at more risk from fast food joints than from gays. Looks like she’s already succumbed.

  34. Sally Kern has a gay son did you all know.

    He has disowned her. Not surprisingly.

    Sally Kern is a bad mother.

    She’s going to hell for that.

    1. AWESOME! So that’s where the hatred comes from! I didn’t know that – thanks :)

      1. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 7:52am

        Her poor son. How that must rankle.

  35. OMG What a self righteous egomaniac, to actually write a book and name it ” The Stoning Of Sally Kern ”

    All we need for her now is to die on the cross for us, so that she can save us from our sins.

    Then perhaps she will rise on the third day and delver us from evil.

    What a twat.

    1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 8:08pm

      I thought she was referring to a youthful smoking habit.

  36. IMV she feels threatened because she knows so many see her silly attitude and she sees beyond her comfort zone of like minded HATERS.

    Her FEAR is from realizing she is in the minority !

    poor baby
    but she is cashin i or hopes to by selling her views to her acolytes.

  37. Nawal Husnoo 13 Oct 2011, 5:29pm

    [Gay Agenda, 4:36]

    Many homophobic bigots have either claimed they are using their freedom of speech to sprout their homophobic arguments against equal civil rights for gay people, or have claimed that other homophobic bigots (not them — they are, afterall, perfectly rational, intelligent interlocutors) are entitled to their views and should be able to express it freely. This may be the single, unique, rare, exclusive, exceptional time that I agree with them. I agree completely that in a democratic society, every person is entitled to his views and he has the freedom to express these views. Similarly, I claim my own freedom of speech in writing this book and the accompanying website, as well as posting replies to homophobic drivel where I see it. In fact, freedom of speech is only that. There is absolutely no freedom from being challenged.

    1. Nawal Husnoo 13 Oct 2011, 5:30pm

      Indeed, given that all the arguments that are used to deny equal civil rights to gay couples are based on ignorance and arrogance, I find it quite easy to show that each and every argument is invalid by confronting them with the real world. People have the right to live in their delusions in private, but once somebody makes a public claim based on their fantasy (e.g. that gay couples can’t be good parents [Gay Agenda, 3:4], or that gay people are mentally ill [Gay Agenda, 4:22]), I reserve the right to point my finger at them and ridicule them in public. Freedom of speech does not come with the automatic right to be taken seriously. Expressing one’s bigoted views based on false information as if it came from the real world carries absolutely no immunity from being ridiculed.


  38. Can this woman notbtell the difference between a sexual orientation and a disease? HIV is killing people, not homosexulaity, you stupif twat! And HIV has also killed millions of straights, for the record. Or maybe she’s one of those who think homosexuality is a disease?

  39. which has destroyed and ended the life of more people? Terrorism attack here in America or HIV/AIDS?

    1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 8:13pm

      Neither. Obesity has killed 50 million Americans in the last 12 months. As most gay people go to the gym, it’s mainly a heterosexual epidemic.

      1. Neither????
        Read the question again you disease riddled intellectual pygmy!

        1. Demonstrate your lack of Christianity yet again, Keith

          1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 11:34pm


          2. Keith referring to someone else as an intellectual pygmy is the best example of ‘takes one to know one’ I’ve ever come across.

        2. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:50pm

          Worst example of a human being – don’t take seriously.

    2. Depends what you define as terrorism!

      1. I suppose perpetuating loathsome diseases that kill even innocent babies could be defined as terrorism .

        1. Those innocent babies – the ones born to HETROSEXUAL parents?!?

          1. Keith seems to not understand basic biology

            Gay men and lesbian women can not have children without assistance. There has to be a heterosexual element involved or science. That does not make this parenting wrong.

            However, a gay man having sex with a gay man will not cause a baby to have HIV. A lesbian woman having sex with a lesbian woman will not cause a baby to have HIV. Its simple, but Keith seems blind to simple facts.

            Also for terrorism to occur there has to be a co-ordinated approach to bring catastrophic loss of life. Now there may be some gay men out there who deliberately seek to infect others with HIV but I am not aware of any terrorist group who use gay men to carry out “biohazard” terrorism – in any event the deaths would take decades to occur, with no guarantee…. the concept of calling gay men “terrorists” is demented.

          2. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 11:40pm

            Stu, Keith isn’t a real person. It’s probably jock having a laugh.

          3. Unofrtunately I fear Keith is real

            or if not then there are plenty like him

          4. Yes, I think Keith’s real too. He might write vile things but I feel sorry for him as he clearly has many issues. He’d do well to speak to someone about them.

            BUT – responding to his repetitive, pointless comments is only giving him the attention he craves, and, in my opinion, doing nothing to help his apparent mental health issues. The best (and kindest too) thing to do is ignore him. Report and ignore.

          5. @Iris

            I agree with the sentiment of what you are saying about reporting and ignoring Keith, and I realise it is probably the right thing to do … but for two reasons it is incredibly difficult to do – i) his incredulous comments deserve reply partly because some people (hopefully not many) may be persuaded by his inane comments ii) he is infuriating in his ignorance and bigotry …

            and breathe … lol

            I shall try harder lol

          6. Stu, no problem :D I understand how difficult it is when we all read his offensive and/or illogical comments, but the worst of them will be removed or hidden under the new system here, which is a big improvement.

            What helped me decide to ignore him was the realisation that I’d get more sense conversing with a random sentence generator. When that fails, I remind myself that he’s surely got some kind of deep psychological issues going on, and it’s unkind to encourage him. My hope is if he gets no response online he’ll talk to a real person and get some help.

            But yes, I totally get how tempting it is to respond! :D

          7. Chocolate Starfish 15 Oct 2011, 5:19pm

            I include heterosexual fornicators though. Always have!

          8. and Keith changes his nom de plume again

            and continues to have nothing relevant or important to say

        2. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 11:37pm

          Oh, you mean the American health system, thats certainly terrorism. Also maybe the 30 million people kept below the poverty line.

        3. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:51pm

          Yawn – It’s your ignorance that kills innocent babies. Shame you don’t see it but the blood is firmly on your hands.

    3. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 7:42am


      1. Succinct but beautifully eloquent :D

      2. On that I entirely agree with you Dr Guthrie!

    4. AIDS. Your point being? What?

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:52pm

        Very much doubt even he knows somehow!

    5. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:49pm

      This coming from the worst example of a human being.

  40. Well…I wouldn’t miss her if one of you killed her…

    1. Unkind. She’s not all there. She needs psychiatric help. And in addition, I bet she’s absolutely BEGGING to be attacked. See how her cringeworthy, narcissistic little book portrays her as a victim and martyr, see how it ‘foretells’ attacks in its title. She’s like a mega-troll. Leave her stew in her own bile and hate.

      1. She is most certainly not all there.
        I would think she was saying this on purpose to get support for her book if she hadn’t already said such offensive ramblings before.
        In an ideal world this woman would be ground up into pig food and her book burned.

        1. I think she’s desperate for attention all the time book or no book. I imagine it helps her feel less impotent and worthless by pointing the finger at other people, but she’s seriously deluded.

          Me – I’d go with the book-burning, but be happy if she herself was sectioned for a significant length of time.

          1. The personal opinions of some of these homophobes is disgusting and dangerous.
            Moreso since she is a lawmaker they are even more influential and just create barriers, tension and hate.
            Let’s have a witch burning Iris, i think i’ve found one

  41. Yeah, fear of death by e-mail. Pity there isn’t a way I could show this silly slitch what it’s like to be a homeless trans woman!

  42. Ignorance kills more than anything. Hence all the hundreds of thousands of deaths in USA every year from alcoholism, smoking, drugs and obesity. Sally’s time warp of a mind obviously hasn’t heard of the link between social exclusion and death.

    This woman has no knowledge and no integrity. She acts on fear, not strength and therefore will always fail.

    Don’t worry baby, you are only in danger of having a makeover!

  43. Fearing for life? What life?

  44. clearly a brainwashed retard chuck crap at the gays you will get it back BITCH. gay rights will wipe religion out in the end

  45. Cambodia Guesthouse 14 Oct 2011, 2:44am

    Yeah, clearly a lying scam to play the victim card and promote her hateful book..

    If it were true… welcome to our world dear.. Maybe you know what it feels like to be threatened and in fear of your life..

    From where I’m sitting, the hate and venom is only coming from two quarters.. The Republicans and the god-botherers!

  46. She has such a slanted view of life… after all every day we are bombarded with the presumption that heterosexuality is the norm by people who fail to recognize that we are all created different, whether it be by color creed culture of sexuality. Going through life saying my way or else is going to have repercussions and meet with many opposing view points.

    What goes around comes around! Now she feels vulnerable threatened. persecuted, insecure and fears for her life for speaking out! That happens to gay people every day around the globe welcome to the real world Sally Kerns!

    The only thing that is danger to you is your distorted perception of humanity!

  47. Oh dear, one really feels so sad for Mrs Innocent!

  48. No. No. It’s the right wing politicians who say “we will find you and we will kill you”. Or call for Juilan Assange to be killed. Or lock up Bradley Manning without charge or trial.
    Sally, darling. You misheard.

  49. Yeah, because we all know it’s the homophobes who are constantly getting beaten to death by gay people… oh no, wait a minute. It’s not, it’s always the other way around. Not that she cares when gay people do get killed by the homophobes she supports and encourages with her hate.

  50. I think SHE might be frightened of GLITTER bombs ???

    With a helmet hair cut like that i think she needs a bit of “Jazzing UP ” ?

    Just a thought

    1. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 8:03am

      If that’s her real fear, someone should oblige her and put the lie to her claims of “death threats”. Honey, you just mistook a glitter bomb threat for a death threat . . . easy to understand for paranoid idiots like yourself.

  51. Yes because gay people kill others who persecute them! I mean get a life!!!

    We gays are just too bloomin’ fabulous to be killing people because of their hatred. Perhaps it’s her hatred that is giving her the fear and she’s blaming the gays for it.

    Whatever the truth, this is one crazy and stupid lady (I use the term lady loosely!)

  52. I don’t actually see her being quoted as saying there were death threats, or threats of physical harm. Was this the case?

    Because otherwise, I reckon this is just another case of someone desperately wanting to pass for a hero and a martyr to further their own despicable agenda.

    1. She’d previously claimed she had to hire a bodygurad because she’d received death threats, however police found no evidence of any at all. She’s also apparently lied about what was said at a PFLAG meeting – as shown by the recording they cleverly made at the time unknown to Miss Martyr Sally.

  53. Gaga Flash Mob Response Unit 14 Oct 2011, 3:22pm

    Flash mob!

    1. Yah JAZZ her UP …!

  54. The Doctor 14 Oct 2011, 3:38pm

    There are plently of people on here bashing Sally Kern. I just want to point out that pouring more hate into the situation won’t help anyone. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I fully understand the feeling of injustice, but would like to see people respond in a bigger way to Mrs. Kern. I think it would also help the cause if we could spread this message: There are Christian communities out there who are fully supportive – don’t let a close-minded minority dictate your life.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 14 Oct 2011, 3:53pm

      Unfortunately it is closed minded minorities like this woman in positions of power that are trying to dictate our lives.

      Liberal fluffy responses do not work with her type and sometimes stronger actions are required.

      1. @Dr Robin Guthrie

        Indeed something stronger is indeed called for – but we need to show integrity in our robust campaigns so that we do not undermine our own actions with arguable bigotry from a different angle.

        1. David Myers 15 Oct 2011, 8:06am

          Absolutely! Turn the other cheek, but do it on nation-wide television and tell her Jesus loves her but hates her sins (of bigotry).

  55. where does she get the statistics , religions has killed more that is for sure

  56. Staircase2 14 Oct 2011, 4:52pm

    Not the brightest button in the sewing box is she…

    “The representative added that she and her husband felt “liberated” when they discussed the possibility of dying for their cause.” Hmmmm – could that have anything to do with her “currently promoting a book, ‘The Stoning of Sally Kern’ “….?

    Stoning my arse!

    What an idiot!

    (Ooh! Did I say ‘idiot’…? What I meant to say was ‘bigoted, reactionary, uptight, brainless idiot lacking in empathy or any understanding of Jesus’s message of love & acceptance’…)

    (…ahh – that feels better!) :o)

    1. I will believe she is a martyr when she jumps off the George Washington Bridge, like that poor bullied gay student.

    2. Queers spread intestinal parasites aswell.Aswell as being social parasites themselves. They destroyed the livelihood of a Christian B&B couple with the assistance of the British law.

  57. Gay Daily Mail Reader 14 Oct 2011, 5:30pm

    What a sick homophobe. Let’s start with terrorism in Oklahomo: Timothy McVeigh (who was straight) killed 168 people including 19 children under six. Gays killed 0 people (inc. 0 children.). 9/11: Al Qaida (who also hates gays) killed almost 3000 people in New York and Washington. Gays killed 0 people.
    People like us have been criminalised, persecuted, discriminated against beaten up and subjected to state – sanctioned murder and it still goes on in some countries today. But unlike other oppressed minorities such as the Palestinians and the Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland we did not form gay rights militias and go round murdering men, women and children in order to make our voices heard. Sally Kern has nothing to fear as we are a peaceful, loving people and I will strongly condem anybody who uses violence against that bigoted women who cannot keep her mouth shut.

    1. But we can have fabulous flashmobs.

  58. gay people brought more love in the world,and opened a completely new perspective in the LOVE between two individuals or persons.The homosexualism helped the man-woman revelations to become more profound and miningfull.Where this politicians grow up.I like her hair stile.

  59. Mexicans have also killed more Americans than terrorists, so the solution is clear: let’s kill all the Mexicans !!

  60. It’s also interesting to see her behavior from a psychiatric view: she believes she is already going to be killed and is already promoting a book about her own stoning. It looks like the beginning of a case of Cotard delusion, in which the patient believes he is already dead and is now just a walking corpse or a ghost. So don’t miss Sally Kern’s next book, “Messages from the Afterlife: How I Was Killed and Buried by Gay People”.

  61. Ooooh!

    Now that the boot is on the other foot, how does it feel? You make the LGBT feel threatened, then when some ‘extremists’ do the same to you, you don’t like it.

    Now you know what its like when you have to keep looking over your shoulders…………………..


  62. Duck quick!!! It’s an incoming email from the gays gasp!!! I wish I had figured out sooner how deadly glbt emails are, I could have been emailing the phelps family too!!!

    1. Send them a Stonewall ‘Some People Are Gay!!!’ postcard… much more satisfying once you’ve sent a few….

  63. Another Hannah 16 Oct 2011, 8:50pm

    We need to get back to basics, back to FUNDAMENTALS. traditional Christians used to have a device for dealing with women like here. I think it’s wrong, but she likes all that’s fundamental so I think it should be fitted to her for a while at least. It’s called the scolds bridle.

  64. middleeasternatheist 18 Oct 2011, 9:19am

    If she finds homosexuality a problem, it might be worth mentioning that the risk of HIV transmission among lesbians is even LOWER than for heterosexuals!!
    Male homosexuals are at a risk of transmitting AIDS because of the form of sex they have.
    In any case, you cannot compare a disease with terrorism…that’s just like comparing the black plague with the holocaust, etc. People do not generally INTEND to screw people over by spreading a disease, but terrorists ALWAYS intend to kill people…

  65. Miss Kern to me, seems to be very narrow-minded in comparing terrorists with homosexuality (which she additionally wrongly intertwines with AIDS).

    Speaking of moral fibre, she and her fellow campaigners should start to broaden up their horizons in order to be able to love and understand instead of fearing things they don’t understand and don’t dare to deal with and therefore will never be able to understand. As people who always talk about Jesus and the holy bible it surprises me that there seems to be such a lack of knowledge about what really matters.

    Instead of asking “Lord, what have I done wrong!” and thereby giving away responsibility she should ask herself, “What can I do to do better?”

    Let’s give empathy and multiperspectivity a try!

  66. Well when Sally has banned the two biggest killers of people on the planet, cigarettes and alcohol, maybe she can deal with the next biggest killer of people, that’d be ignorance.

  67. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:48pm

    Erm, didn’t she bring this on herself?

    So she wants sympathy then, yeah?

    Fat chance.

  68. This is as disgusting as it gets. She is trying to make us look like rabid killers. Remember Anita Bryant? Both disgusting homophobes. I would say more but I know my post would be deleted and I wouldn’t be able the moderator for doing so. What I realy would like to say about her is just that bad.

    1. “and I wouldn’t be able the moderator” should read as “and I wouldn’t be able blame the moderator”.

  69. So now every one who dies of aids is a homo really these fools are still living in the early 80s has she not heard of hetro transmission or that of drug users silly women no homosexual would waist there time with you ,and why don’t she include the murder of abortion doctors in terrorism ?

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