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Tory MEP Roger Helmer quits

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Reader comments

  1. A man whose inolvement in politics will not be missed

    Are there any areas his bigotry does not extend to?

    Good riddance

    1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 7:26pm

      He seems like a very sad man.

  2. Thank goodness. I live in his constituency and am so embarrassed by his never ending bigotry and hate. Goodbye you fool and may no one hear from you again.

  3. Jason Brown 13 Oct 2011, 3:29pm

    Pissed off the gays, women and Catholics, it’s nice to know that he has an equal opportunities policy on hating people.

  4. you know when you tell a straight bloke you are gay and his first response is ‘i don’t mind gay people as long as they don’t try and bum me’ well that’s the irrational fear of homosexuals.

    i appreciate the fact that he stands by his convictions, making no effort to hide his hate or put some tory spin on it. leaving his role in a governing party, this is the way bigots should act.

    he thinks its because of his disagreements with the party, but this is bigger than politics and this may be a great opportunity for him to see that is actually SOCIETY that he wants to be shaking a stick at.

    but as i have said in another story about ultra conservative views in modern society, they dont fit. this should not have been his choice to make.

    1. I suspect that he’s trying to suggest that he has never met anyone with an irrational fear of homosexuals because from his bigoted point of view, a fear of GLBT folk is entirely rational.

  5. Another one down….. how many to go??

  6. P*ss off and enjoy your Peerage (oh, so you think he won’t be ‘rewarded’ with one?)!

  7. Derek Williams 13 Oct 2011, 3:35pm

    Such “irrationally frightened of homosexuals” people are a gift to us. Notwithstanding the obvious harm they would do if taken seriously, they get themselves in the news and thus we get the chance to respond. Through this comes public education.

    The savvy public gets to hear and make up its mind on each LGBThomophobe debate. If you have doubts, think back to Harvey Milk and Anita Bryant live debates, and then think forward again to a certain Oscar winning movie.

  8. Alison Dilly 13 Oct 2011, 3:42pm

    Very glad he’s going. Hopefully he causes no more damage in our lives afterwards, or even before. Maybe he can persuade more of his bigotted accomplices to go too!

  9. A workman came to my house to fit a new floor. He was flirting with me and I told him I was transwoman.

    His attitude changed completely, saying he wasn’t gay. I told him that neither was I, he went on to say that he thought what I was doing was wrong.

    I asked him why and he couldn’t give me a valid answer, I told him that I didn’t choose this and the evidence strongly suggests that it is either genetic or in utero.

    Even then, I guess judeo-christian religion is so ingrained in the population that they can’t even think for themselves.

    1. You did dismiss him from further work and make a complaint?

    2. I would have asked him to GTFO my house.

    3. “I told him that I didn’t choose this”

      If you didnt choose it who did? Evidence what utter tosh.

      1. Mike, gender and orientation are not choices for anyone!

  10. Good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out. Oh, and for other hard of thinking tory nitwits, “homophobia” is both a term in common parlance as well as a psychiatric term. Learn the difference, educate yourselves, and then you go go back to shooting yourselves in the foot every time you speak, rather than blowing your leg off at the knee.

  11. Good riddance.

  12. He’s leaving because – Oh my God – they’re not right-wing enough!!

  13. I’m so , so very, very pleased to see him go..

    And it was only a few weeks ago he wrote a scathing artilce on gay marriage, don’t know why PN failed to mention this…

    1. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 7:30pm

      He seems obsessed with homosexuality.

  14. So many people in the Conservative party are glad to see the back of his vile man!

  15. What a good example to set- let’s hope more old school bigots follow his lead and get out of politics!

  16. One less homophobe to deal with. Let’s hope Malliff will be next to go, permanently. Let us also hope these vile people are in the minority in all parties.

  17. He could join the BNP. I’m sure he’d fit in well there.

    1. Yes, that’s what I was wondering, where is he going to?

    2. Hopefully he’s going to Hell on a pudding cart.

  18. I heard of Helmer for the first time today when I stumbled across one of his articles on ConservativeView. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  19. Obese-City, Oklahoma 13 Oct 2011, 7:33pm

    With that moustache he could join a Village People tribute band.

    1. Now he can stay at the…
      Yes he can stay at the


  20. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. Don’t hurry back, you won’t be missed.

  21. saynotommmmm 13 Oct 2011, 10:51pm

    some one well past his best before date

  22. I wish there was a ‘gay cure’ therapy, I would certainly have it.

    1. Walter Mitty 13 Oct 2011, 11:50pm

      Just think how much money you’re saving, and put it towards the personality transplant.

    2. No you wouldn’t because you’re a straight troll. But you’re in luck, ignorance is 100% curable!

    3. Spanner1960 14 Oct 2011, 10:36am

      Even if it were possible to make you straight, I doubt any woman would be interested in a twat like you.

    4. Impossible to cure the gay let alone pray away the gay. There is enough scientific evidence out there to prove that sexual orienation is immutable. You may be able to change behaviour, anyone can remain celibate but you can’t make a gay person be attracted to a heterosexual sexually no more than make a heterosexual feel attracted to a gay person. Orientation is immutable just like eye colour. Something tells me you’re a very unhappy person to wish to be anything than you already are. Accept it and love yourself a bit. Being gay is as old as civilization itself. We’ve always coexisted along side straights.

    5. Then you are having bad sex or are in bad company or both, Mike.
      Luckily, good sex and good company are both available if you look for them. Especially if you stop devaluing who you are and how you get it on.

  23. This should come as no surprise to anyone. When the lights go on (as has started happening in the Conservative Party) the cockroaches scurry for cover.

  24. I am sure that Rodg will find soon find a party of hatred to campaign for!

  25. It’s justified for any politician to be passionate about what they do and who they represent… that is the reason they win election.

    Its also appropriate to be expected to resign when you fail speak positively, when you don’t represent or respect the diversity amongst the people in your constituency.

  26. Someone has put the trash out then ?

    GREAT !

  27. I am one of many in the Conservative Party who is glad to see the back of him. He was an embarassment to the Party and totally out of touch with both it and society in general. He won’t be missed.

  28. I imagine the folks at UKIP are already hiding under the dining room table and pretending not to be in.

  29. So why is it ok for a surgeon to perform a sex change operation but not for psychiatrist to try to ‘turn’ a consenting homosexual?

    1. You can’t convert a gay person into a heterosexual, no more than you can convert a heterosexual into a gay person. Sexual orientation is immutable, there’s enough scientific evidence out their to prove it. Its like eye color, impossible to change. You might try to change behaviour but orientation, absolutely NOT. Anyone can remain celibate if they tried but they still remain gay or straight as the case may be.

    2. You do realise there is a massive difference between the two classes of people you reference right? Gender identity ≠ sexual orientation.

  30. Neither of you answered the question.

    1. Here’s the answer, Marky –
      Because a person who feels that they are really of the sex other than the one his/her body expresses has a realistic prospect through surgery and hormone therapy of attaining at least a facsimile of a body more in accord with how he/she feels, and has not simply been conditioned to fear and reject the unwanted sex identity(if you are morphologically a boy or girl no-one is likely to demonise you for it) . A person who is gay and has been made to fear and reject his or her own sexuality through religious or social opprobrium (and it comes from NOWHERE else) and is tempted by offers of being ‘turned’ heterosexual is –
      1/ being peddled useless quackery unsupported by any evidence as to its efficacy; au contraire, the evidence of its uselessness is overwhelming;
      2/ being subjected to ‘treatments’ almost always associated with an active and ideological hatred of homosexuality which amplifies the guilt already learned by the subject and which has hugely destructive effects on self-esteem and mental health.
      For these reasons supposed ‘cure’ programmes directed at l+g people are ethically unacceptable in a way which sex-change operations are not. As a liberal, I believe that a consenting subject should be allowed to seek out such withcraft, but should be fully informed as to the implications.
      Hope that clears it up.

  31. DonHarrisonLD 19 Oct 2011, 4:36pm

    That is good news to see those responsible for making such reckless homophobic comments. But will it stop other such docks? I do not think so.

  32. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:55pm

    Good riddance, then.

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