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Mary Portas apologises for calling female Cabinet ministers ‘ugly’

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Reader comments

  1. The pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.

    1. Definitely

  2. Do these people go to college to learn such poor judgement?

  3. Do these people go to college to learn such poor judgement…or is it a gift?

  4. I’d have sacked her now and reminded her she’s in a government position where people will be watching her and looking up to her.
    These people have a right to dress however they want, Mary Portas needs to remember that.

  5. Adam Manchester 13 Oct 2011, 11:31am

    I don’t think it’s a big deal to be honest, she’s apologised. Imagine if someone scrutinised all your facebook rants? I’m sure we all slip up at times and good for her for owning up and trying to put it right. How often do we get a politician to do this?

    1. She is a public figure who made her comments in an interview with a newspaper – that is hardly comparable to some private individual making a snide comment on their personal facebook account.

  6. At least she has apoogised.

    But her abusive outburst reveals a truly nasty, woman-hating side to Portas.

    She needs to get out of the fashion industry.

    That is where she learned her opinionsx that women should be judged on their appearance.

    It is a truly misogynistic industry.

    1. Here we go…

      I really do think it’s a bad idea to sling words around without any other evidence apart from something she said to a trashy mag.

      1. A government adviser criticises 4 female ministers for their appearance, when it has nothing to do with their jobs, yet does not apply the same shallow standards to men.

        If a man had made those comments he would have been sacked for his misogyny.

        Why is there a double standard being applied to Mary Portas’s stupid and offensive comments.

        And isn’t she an utter embarrassment as a government adviser if she does not even know the members of the government she is advising.

        I’d get rid of her to honest – she is at very best ignorant, ill-informed and offensive.

        She should go back to promoting eating disorders in women as she has spent many years doing.

        1. Ok..I understand your point.

  7. Anyone else get the sinking feeling this debacle will pave the way for a tv show with Mary providing makeovers and advice to the four ‘offending’ MPs?

  8. Style and fashion has its place and let’s face it us gays are great at it…..why is everyone suddenly so priggish about this stuff?

    1. Because it is misogynistic to judge female politicians on their dress sense, when their dress sense has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to do their job. While not subjecting male politicians to the same vile standards.

      If Mary Portas had been criticising the anorexc models she usually works with then she may have had a point.

      Models make their living based on their appearance. Politicians do not.

      1. I don’t think she is judging their capacity to do their job at all…….and tbh all politicians are ‘marketed’.

    2. “Us gays”? Are you seriously saying you don’t know gay men who are unfashionable and lack style? I know loads!

      1. Yep…you would.

        1. Would I really? But that cheap jibe suggests the sort of gay men you’d be associated with, and the word ‘style’ certainly doesn’t come to mind there either.

  9. She admits that she doesn’t even know who the women are and then goes on to say “I’m not an abusive person.”
    If this were true, she would never have said those things in the first place. The whole apology smacks of CYA.

    1. It needs to be repeated. Mary Portas and her wife work in fashion.

      Fashion is a massively misogynistic industry.

      No-one should be surprised that Mary Portas is as shallow as a puddle.

  10. Teresa May is worse than ugly ! Anyway why apoloige for telling the truth ? I’m over 50 and I’m Ugly ! !

    1. Theresa May is a homophobic bigot for sure.

      If Mary Portas had criticised Ms May’s ugly character and personality then she may have had a point.

      BUt that would have been using her brain. Instead Portas descended to the level of playground bully and started calling May’s dress sense and appearance ugly.

      It’s trul;y pathetic behaviour from a supposedly intelligent woman and it reeks of CYA as mentioned by someone else.

  11. And isn’t it appalling that Mary Portas is a government adviser when she does not even know who the members of government are?

    1. How do you apologize for calling someone ugly?

      “Um, I didn’t have my glasses on, and now that I see you clearly, you’re really not quite so bad.” ?

      “I mispoke. I really just meant homely (or maybe just plain).” ?

      “Of course I really didn’t mean you! I was referring to the other three.” ?

      Well, whatever she wrote, I’m sure her apology was graciously accepted by the four ugly women.

  12. Is it just me or is the picture of Portas on this PN story better than the one that was on the other article?

  13. Ignorant but truthful. Unlike politicians.

  14. All Mary wants to do is “JAZZ it UP” ?

    Tigra 07 have you heard the saying
    “it dose what it says on the tin ” ?

    Well if you look like a bag of rags …. You act like a bag of rags

    As for dAVID (is that a SMALL d for dumb ?)

    When you go to an interview what do you wear The same ol tat you would do the painting in or gardening in ?
    I think not
    As a woman she is better placed to amke a comment on women than you ?

    AND reading your comments dAVID you seem as deep as a dinner plate !

    1. “As a woman she is better placed to amke a comment on women than you ?”

      What a REMARKABLY unintelligent comment.

      1. dAVID you really are DUMB arent you !

        so YOU are INTELLIGENT ? Says who …

    2. Well if you look like a bag of rags …. You act like a bag of rags

      Yes, I believe that’s the sort of thing people said about Gandhi.

      Ever heard of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

      1. So you like to JUDGE do you ?

        1. So you’re admitting you haven’t heard of one of the best-known English proverbs?

  15. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:53pm

    Ok then.

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