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Tracy Morgan was ‘hurt’ by his own anti-gay rant

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Reader comments

  1. Garbage. He knew exactly what he was doing and exactly why he was saying it, he had done it before!! I’m glad it hurt him. And what a vacuous cretin to think he “heals” anyone. He tries to say funny things so that people laugh, anything else is ego stroking and moronic. I would prefer it if he couldn’t get another gig and his career landed in the khazi where it belongs.

  2. “Morgan also said comedy audiences should be aware that anyone can be a be a target for a joke.”

    I am waiting for him to slide further downhill with this thinking. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  3. He is an idiot. Those stupid comments were not funny – change gay to black and see how funny it is. He gave a lot of already hateful and ignorant people inspiration and justification for their beliefs and behaviour.

  4. Well, Bruce, Pryor and Carlin were able to speak English. A langu’age he has yet to master. And to even try to put himself in such company is ABSURD! This guy is moron, plain and simple. He has no ‘God given gift’ for comedy, homophobic or otherwise. And if he thinks such statements are humorous, then he is in the wrong business. But that is just stating the obvious

    1. ROFL
      I was just going to post that his gift can’t be that “god given” if he cannot seem to string together a sequence of words without committing grammatical genocide.

      1. If any of had said If my son was born black
        I would kill the …… we would not have been heard of again.

  5. All the anti gay people seem to have no substance.

  6. Paula Thomas 12 Oct 2011, 12:44pm

    Either he doesn’t g4et it or he thinks his audience is stupid.

  7. “I try to use my gift that God gave me to help the world”

    Yeah, yeah.

    Typical christian – using their vicious ‘god’ to attack and belittle others.

    No wonder christianity is dying out even in the US.

  8. ohh its bloody pc gone mad, you cant say you want to stab your son on the grounds of his sexuality anymore.

    i would have to see his act when it comes down to it. usually when a comedian takes a stance like this it will be a parody of homophobia. fictional dj alan partridge is the best example of this (or at least the one i can think of now). the fact that that wasn’t his excuse worries me. ……also the fact that he compares himself to lenny bruce or carlin.

    1. PC gone mad? Oh it’s OK then for you tyo make racist jokes is it?

      1. Spanner1960 12 Oct 2011, 1:11pm

        There is a difference making jokes ‘with’ people, rather than jokes at their expense.
        I have no problems with jokes that take the piss out of gay people as long as it is about their idiosyncrasies or situations.
        It’s when it’s targeted directly and maliciously at people like this wanker that I get angry.

      2. that was a joke. with respect, does that opening sentance not seem absurd to you? ofc it does, it is. i hate the ‘pc gone mad’ argument its usually the only line of deffence when an individuals hate is challenged. i have no interest in making racists jokes and as a liberal minded man i would love to know what gave you that impression.

        if you missunderstood the whole parody thing, its all about who the laughs are aimed at. in a parody of homophobia or racism the character would constantly contradict themself to show how the ideals are flawed, or at least make the character out to be a fool. granted in every case there are idiots that take it at face value, and they belong at morgans shows.

  9. Spanner1960 12 Oct 2011, 1:08pm

    I wonder how he would feel if he went to a Roy “Chubby” Brown show and got a tirade of ni**er and anti-black jokes.

    Black people “should not complain about something as insignificant as bullying”.

    Chubby can then explain that it was all a “misunderstanding.”

  10. not as hurt as he would have been if id been there and thrown a glass at his smirking face.

  11. I haven’t ever heard anything that offensive and i’m a Chubby Brown and Frankie Boyle fan.
    I doubt what he said was a joke at all and i’m glad it damaged his career.

  12. I can’t decide whether it’s more ridiculous that he considers his “humour” God-given or that he sees it as “healing.” Not in any doubt that he’s an A-grade plonker, though.

    1. I think the issue is one of normalising any prejudice – playground culture for children and bar culture for adults. These remarks generate an impression that it is ok to have these prejudices, even if “only! in humour.

      Same reason why it was not OK for Clarkson to describe a car as “ginger beer, …..queer..” It is not really offensive, per se – maybe even funny – but it means that the next day the kids in the playground feel that little bit more cool repeating this sentiment or expression. And the really prejudiced feel some vindication and support.

      So here, this unfunny man (who has the nerve to compare himself to Lenny Bruce!!) is in his own little public arena saying its ok to treat homosexuality as a bad thing. His crocodile tears mean diddly squat.

      1. David Myers 12 Oct 2011, 7:52pm

        Simply put – he is a simpleton as#hole!

  13. Jason Brown 12 Oct 2011, 2:31pm

    ‘bummed out’
    Better choice of words perhaps?

    Although I did find it hilarious that he thinks the ability to tell crap jokes is worthy of God’s abilities.

    God was just chillin then one day he was like yeah I’ll let Tracy tell some jokes that’ll be cool, God also blessed me with outrageous amounts of sex appeal and the ability to see that Tracy is a bellend.

  14. Dear Mr. Morgan,

    Comedy should be funny. That i all.

  15. I wish God would realize he made a mistake giving that ‘gift’ to an asshole. Christian bigot gibberish at its best..

  16. On the day of Matthew Shepherd’s death this kind of attitude shows us that nothing has really changed in America.

    People are being attacked, being killed or committing suicide because of comments made by excuses for humanity – such as this man.

    Shame on you America, shame on you for doing this to your children. Shame on you for still flaunting your homophobia and shame on this fool for trying to hide his hate through the guise of comedy.

    1. Yes. America is clearly at fault for Tracy Morgan’s idiocy.

      1. No, but it is at fault for the amount of LGBT youth that are getting a very raw deal at this moment in time – or is the amount of deaths not enough for you?

        It’s not perfect here either, but it’s much better.

        So yes, shame on the USA!

      2. Sean Martin 17 Jan 2012, 12:52pm

        The attitudes in that country encourage his idiocy.

  17. What, should we feel sorry for him? Haha!

  18. He was “hurt” too? Yes – that’s called “punishment”. I’m sure that if he murdered his son for being gay, as he’d proposed, then he’d consider any prison sentence to be “hurting” him too. He deserves to be “hurt” for his homophobic outburst as a warning to himself and others of the consequences of being a bigot/idiot. This has to be the most pathetic play of the “victim” card ever. So he can add loser” to “bigot” and “fool” on his list of personal qualities.

  19. Mary Flying Eagle 12 Oct 2011, 9:53pm

    tracy morgan, You are The Joke.
    I watch NO TV Show, Program, Movie with your name attached to/with it.
    You are Not Funny. Get Lost.

  20. I hope the episode is a nail in the coffin of his career. He’s stupid and ignorant if he doesn’t understand why it is a bad thing to victimise minorities.

    1. yup, he just isn’t that talented or funny.

  21. Cambodia Guesthouse 13 Oct 2011, 2:21am

    First this moron chooses to use his ‘god given talent’ to sprout words of hatred, then he chooses to try and play ‘the victim’..

    Pathetic loser. You’ve been hurt also mister?

    Paybacks a bitch!

    Mind you, he was only saying what he truly thinks… Well, try this for what I truly think…

    I must admit that if MY son turned out to be a homophobic loser ‘comic’…. I’d be tempted to kill him also!

  22. >use me gift to heal the world
    Stopped reading there aaaaand facepalm.

  23. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:25pm

    Oh well so long as he was….

  24. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:25pm

    Oh well so long as he was…. thats ok then innit!!??

  25. He’s poking fun at the gay community and HE’S called Tracy!?

    What a tw@% he knew exactly what he was doing! Don’t use comedy as an excuse for your bigotry!

  26. I thoroughly enjoyed this season’s 30 Rock in the weeks where TM did not appear.

    Unfortunately, it was due to kidney surgery and nothing to do with being taken off the air for being a two-faced hypocrite.

    Unfortunately he’s back in the series last week – but I still fast-forward through any scene’s this tw@t is in. Saved myself 10 minutes of life.

    Here’s to hoping he’s taken off the air for good until he apologises. Hope his new kidney wasn’t from a gay person.

  27. Aw, now he’s sorry? too bad, I don’t buy it.
    His comedy is nothing like Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce and George Carlin, and he shouldn’t put himself on such a pedestal.

    Equal opportunity insultists are one thing, advocating violence against one group (to which he doesn’t belong) is another. as Valsky said, he knew exactly what he was doing. He’s not a child – or is he?

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