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Survey: Half of gay men out at work

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Reader comments

  1. “Just one in ten said they liked to keep their sexuality completely private”

    That’s one in ten of people who were happy to respond to a survey that identifies them as gay. I’d guess that is a self-selected group of people who are more likely to be out. So, unfortunately, there’s probably more than 10% who “like” to keep their sexuality completely private.

  2. well I came out to my mother in strictest naturally everyone ive ever met knew within two days! It does get a bit boring having to explain every time i move jobs- but its better than having to talk about football and fending off the office troll.

  3. “Just one in ten said they liked to keep their sexuality completely private”

    HA! Look where that got David Laws!

    1. Liam Fox seems to manage!

      1. I’m sure Liam Fox would have had his oh-so-close best man, arrange a clASSy OK! Magazine spread, introducing the world to his oh-so fragrant bride, if the price had been right.

  4. They could go work in the theatre.

    1. Some of us do, and produce masterpieces. We tend to be good in lots of other areas of work, too.
      Be careful of stereotypes. They can backfire on you.

      1. The world’s most popular literary work (the bible ) was penned by heterosexuals. The worlds most popular band (the beatles) were heterosexuals. Most popular artist (Elvis) hetero,

        1. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:44pm

          Yes but the Bible is for nothing but for man to control all others by inventing and blaming God. How bitter they get when they see others seeing through this and actually living their lifes.

          Bitter, I mean look at you.

  5. By never making a big deal out of it, it has never been a big deal at work. Sure people know, but I’ve always been judged by the quality of my work, not by whom I sleep with.

    1. Then you are lucky. Big deal or not, others do suffer harassment and discrimination. The need for anti-discrimination laws and policies isn’t going away any time soon.

  6. There have been incredible changes over the last 50 years! I was fortunate that when I started work in 1986 that I could be ‘myself’ because homosexuality had been decriminalised and anti-discrimination laws were in place. I have never ever encountered any form of discrimination in the workplace in 25 years. I came out to my family and friends at the same time and that was the best thing I ever did! Never live in fear and always be one self! If people dont like it, whether family or whoever, tough titties! Many of my younger gay friends thank me for being so open which inspired them to get on with life and getting out of that cursed closet! May the revolution continue!

  7. Spanner1960 13 Oct 2011, 8:57am

    As long as there is homophobia, there will be people that remain in the closet. Sadly I see that situation will never totally disappear.

  8. Adam at Gay Life Coach 13 Oct 2011, 11:17am

    Has anyone seen the French film “The Closet” in which a straight man pretends to be gay at work to help him with his career? It adds a new twist to this issue.

    1. PumpkinPie 13 Oct 2011, 5:51pm

      Reminds me of a funny plot twist regarding a recurring character in Ugly Betty. A highly camp and delightfully bitchy fashion reporter is later revealed to actually be a somewhat butch straight man, who adopted this alternate persona because he didn’t think he stood a chance in the fashion industry as his regular self.

  9. Do we really do “work” ? A more interesting survey would be how many gay UK people are in work ?

    1. i most certainly do work thank you very much! as indeed do most of the gay men i know…

  10. Its good to see that more gay guys are out to their work collegues and friends.

  11. PumpkinPie 13 Oct 2011, 6:11pm

    I’m always out with work colleagues. I just wish it were less awkward to come out as bisexual. Seriously, short of directly announcing your sexuality, it seems very difficult for a lot of people to get the idea that you’re attracted to women AND men.

    You’d think it would be easy enough to just express interest in men and women (e.g. when people are discussing “hot celebrities” or whatever). I used to think that, too.

    As it turns out, some people will think that whenever you refer to people of one gender being attractive, you’re just commenting on their “aesthetic/objective” attractiveness and it’s only the other gender that you’re really attracted to. Some people will think you’re just being zany and kidding around for a laugh. Some people just tend to forget and base your sexuality on the last person you expressed interest in.

    And then you run the risk of successfully demonstrating that you’re bi, but looking like a total nymphomaniac in the process, thanks to all the hinting it took.

    Personally, I just prefer to be open and let people come to the right conclusion by themselves. But, it can take a long time for some people, and it can be irritating being misrepresented, so I’m always thankful for opportunites to “put people right” (i.e. those times where it’s not awkward to openly state your sexuality, because somebody has mistakenly classified you as something else and you need to correct them).

    Ah, outing oneself can be a confusing, tricky old business. Still, it is always entertaining to see the reactions of people who honestly had no idea. ;)

  12. These are the people who call gays their enemy

  13. Maybe that 10% are happy not being out. I have no intention of ever coming out, don’t want any pressure to.

    I don’t consider myself in the closet.

    I’m my own person.

    1. Al, it is your right to ‘not come out’ but if you are asked , ‘Are you gay?” and your answer is “no” then what does that make you? Ofcourse, I have seen and known many gay men who deny who they are and think that they have the straights fooled! They dont and it is a very sad performance to witness!

      1. I’m sure some people are gay without detection, like me… I think.

  14. Coming out at work has been the best thing I have done, no one has treated me different. We all have a joke about stuff same as before, just which I had done it sooner. It made me realise what great friends/collegues/managers I had. Whats funny is a few people don’t know and I am still the posterboy of my dept which I like. I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve, I am not judged on this but my work ethic.

  15. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:42pm

    That would be half the men they asked not half the Gay population. This is wrong and misleading.

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