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Nicole Kidman’s transgender film shelved

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Reader comments

  1. Busy my arse!

  2. I REALLY want this film to be made! :(

  3. Disappointing – and very hard to believe all these major actresses were just too busy.

  4. Rubber Ducky 11 Oct 2011, 4:31pm

    does too busy translate into not going to be paid enough? ahh mabie im just far too pesimistic about things these days

  5. Anyone heard news about the Gareth Thomas film with Mickey Rourke?

  6. 11 Oct 2011, 11:30pm

    They meant It’s shelved …That means It’s shelved to on top Shelve!

  7. When they pull out after initially signing up usually it means they’ve seen the scoot and realised it’s a dud.

  8. I’m not crazy about that aspect of the film but I think it’s great it doesn’t look like she’s giving up until she finds one actress who won’t back down–for whatever reason. Good luck Nichol!

  9. Purity Vendetta 12 Oct 2011, 3:53pm

    All I can say is thank goodness! There is only one genuinely sympathetic portrayal of the transsexual experience to have come out of Hollywood. I suspect that this wouldd only be another rewriting of our history for nefarious reasons.

    1. shelleybear 18 Oct 2011, 10:02pm

      And that was?
      Please, don’t say “Trans America”

  10. One good thing is that now we’ll have more time to look for and read the book before the film comes out – which is what I was thinking of doing. Anyone has read the book ? Is it any good ? The story seems very interesting, but what exactly is the focus of the book ? On the romantic relationship between Einar and Gerda or on the psychological aspects of Einar’s case ? Because the second one is the direction I was hoping to see (as I am a bigger fan of psychological novels than regular novels).

    1. I read it a few years ago. It’s interesting and easy to read. Not the world’s best writing (but certainly not the worst) but an interesting and quite moving story. The focus? Well, I’d say that it’s from Einar’s angle – his early life (briefly), his marriage, becoming Lili (major section obviously), and his operations. No, I wouldn’t classify it as a romantic story really. Although there has to be some focus on the marriage to Gerda, it’s not really romantic – more about their feelings as Lily develops. Really it’s wholly Einar/Lili’s story, concentrating on emotions and longing to be Lili and feel whole.

      1. Interesting. I may give it a try.

      2. Please don’t refer to her as a he

        1. Refer to who as ‘he’? Einar refers to himself as ‘he’ when he’s Einar, and as ‘she’ when she’s Lili in the book. Initially, Einar only ‘becomes’ Lili for very short periods and the desire to BE Lili completely gradually grows. Although we can’t check, I imagine the real person used both pronouns at different points as and when they felt appropriate at different stages of their life.

          What did you think of the book?

  11. Angela Erde 18 Oct 2011, 9:36am

    If readers and the author of this article are interested in learning more about intersex – Lili Elbe was intersex – may I recommend this URL:

    This may also be useful:

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