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Mary Portas calls Cabinet women ‘an ugly bunch’

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Reader comments

  1. Jennie Kermode 11 Oct 2011, 2:18pm

    I prefer cabinet ministers to have their minds on their work rather than worrying about lipstick. And when it comes to finding women attractive, depth wins out over inane celebrity every time. Come on, Pink News readers, tell me I’m not alone!

  2. If possible can we have some smart, attractive, charasmatic ministers who are intelligent, committed and dynamic … and well dressed … if not well intelligence, commitment, dynamism and communication skills are my priorities …

  3. This is pathetic – but it’s proof that being lesbian does not necessarily mean being enlightened or feminist.
    I am with the other posters here – the first priority of the ministers should be intelligence, commitment, dynamism and great communication skills.

    1. I agree and some gay men seem to dislike each other so much. The bitchy queen is never far away

      1. de Villiers 12 Oct 2011, 8:42pm

        You should know James! You are forever swearing at and abusive towards people here with whom you disagree.

  4. I don’t want ministers to be about sex and glamour. I want them to have a damned brain in their head. If their ideas are sound and their work is professional I could not give a tinker’s cuss if they wear potato sacks. Please please spare us from the asinine and pointless fluff and emphasis on meaningless drivel. Portas tries so hard to be relevant and useful and truly is neither. Damn the vapid blather.

  5. Mary Portas is not a lesbian.

    She is bisexual.

    She is also a stupid, shallow idiot, and clearly hates women, if she is going to judge female politicians by their appearance. Why are female politicians to be judged in this way but not men.

    I am sad Mary Portas has revealed herself to be an moronic imbecile.

    I quite liked her previously.

    1. Hang on, what has she done wrong?

      She’s basically argued that women who are in power should look after their appearance a little bit more. As a woman, I think she has a right to say that. I understand she might come across as vapid and superficial but it’s a well accepted argument that attractive and striking people get noticed more. Who wouldn’t want that in their cabinet? Why do you think Blair was so popular when he was first elected? All those good looking, young women as MP’s was a first and partly led to his landslide.

      But to call her a woman hater is horrible frankly and unfounded.

      1. She actually said that women in power were ‘an ugly bunch’ who needed a bit of ‘sex and glamour’.

        That is a misogynistic statement and far more offensive than saying that politicians should look after their appearance.

        For a bisexual woman in a same-sex relationship, Mary Portas has a shockingly shallow opinion of women.

        1. I understand she could have been a little more diplomatic with what was said but I don’t know how she can be seen as misogynistic. She made a comment but if pushed she’d probably have argued the same about the men in cabinet. She made a comment about the women – how does that mean she hates all women?

          Also, if I asked you what the PM of Iceland looks like you’d be able to give me a rough idea, the same with someone like Carla Bruni. How powerful would David Cameron feel if he a load of beautiful women in his cabinet? He probably would have done a lot better at the election.

          1. Carla Bruni is a model/singer. She is not a politician. She makes her living from her appearance.

            And she DIDN’T comment on male politician’s appearance. She limited her criticism to women whose appearance has zero relevance to their ability to do their jobs.

            Mary Portas is a misogynist. I don’t like double standards. A man who critcised women in a similar way wouid most certainly be labelled a misogynist. So therefore so too is Mary POrtas.

            Which should hardly be a surprise – she and her wife work in fashion – an industry which causes incredible damage to women’s self image. Working in fashion has clearly damaged Portas’s views of women.

          2. I disagree, Carla Bruni is very much involved with politics seeing as she’s the wife of one of the most powerful leaders in the western world.

            I do not see how Mary Portas is a misogynist. If I, as a gay man, stated that the bears at XXL, or the twinks in G.A.Y Late had really ugly fashion sense then that would not make me homophobic – it just means I’ve made a generalising comment.

      2. What makes you think ” as a woman ” your opinion is more valid than an opinion of a man’s, seriously, just because you are female does not make your opinion any more important than that of a man.

  6. Mary didn’t your Gran ever tell you – “You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear”?

  7. I’d be more concerned that two of the mentione are horrid homophobic close minded right wingers.

    Personally all the make up in the galaxy couldn’t make me like trm or fid them appealing.

    1. It’s ‘Mary Queen of Frocks’ this evening. I shall be watching again, but with a somewhat tarnished view of Ms Porter. Shame.

  8. Hmm. I like Mary Portas, but I think she’s got very carried away here. And I wasn’t that impressed with her ideas in her new show actually. I thought they were just as boring as what’s on the high street. I also didn’t like the relentlessness of her approach.

    I suspect that this latest comment from her is related to that show and promoting it maybe.

    And yes, I agree with everyone above who said there were far more important things to look for in an MP than what they were wearing…

  9. The litmus test I always think for sexism is simply “Would you say that about men” – and here the answer is no of course. By evaluating women based on their looks and fashion sense Mary is aligning herself with every dated, sexist stereotype that should be relegated to the history books – what a let down.

    1. Bryan – Indeed. She has fallen into a trap of her own making. Real shame.

    2. I would say it about some male politicians …

      Ken Clarke could do with a makeover, as could Chris Huhne, Peter Hain and Danny Alexander …

      All of them competant politicians – sometimes with interesting things to say – but they could make more of an effort

      1. Why?- I absolutely don’t want to be in a situation like the US where politicians are chosen for their sex appeal and their appearance on TV. It has abolutely nothing to do with their ability to do their job.

        And I cannot believe Mary Portas’ crass stupidity and ignorance in making these comments.

        If Winston Churchill was alive today he probably wouldn’t have become PM as he was not photogenic enough.

      2. The fact that I would say the same thing about some male politicians of all parties does not mean that I believe appearance is the priority. The priorities should be communication, dynamism, substance, intelligence and ability. However, a more professional and pleasing appearance gives an impression that the person is prepared to take care in how they manage themselves and may take a similar approach with their professional remit. Also, there is an increased likelihood that some audiences will pay more attention to a minister who communicates well both aurally and visually.

  10. Well seeing as we’re all generalising here I’d like to say Mary your partner Melanie is a stereotypical ‘angry dyke’. I’d have the misfortune of working with Mel in the past and its enough to drive one to quitting not only work but life. She has a chip on her shoulder but then Mary seems to be cut from the same cloth.

  11. The Government last night said it would consult on changing the problematic Public Order Act, after pressure from MPs.

    Over 40 Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs rebelled against the Government, supporting instead Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh.

    He wants to amend Section 5 of the Public Order Act to remove the word “insulting” – a move which has received the backing of groups as varied as Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights, Justice, The Christian Institute and the National Secular Society.

  12. de Villiers 11 Oct 2011, 5:04pm

    I agree that Mary Portas has been a bit unkind in what she said and that ability should come before looks.

    That said, I would be shocked to see a French Minister dressed in the same was as one from England. They are far more elegant – but then perhaps I find continental woman have a better good taste and sense of style.

    I have certainly observed what is English female fashion and it is very, very different from that on the continent. The same is true with a lot of female behaviour. I still find it shocking to see drunk women staggering around on a Friday or Saturday night – I had never seen this in France or Italy.

    1. de Villiers 11 Oct 2011, 5:04pm

      -same style as

    2. Ah France and Italy.

      France the country where certtain senior male politicians seem to think that raping women is not a problem.

      And Italy – the country where the PM admits that his female politicians are chosen solely on their looks.

      I hardly think either country is a role model for female politicians.

      1. de Villiers 12 Oct 2011, 8:42pm

        Are you mad?

    3. The men are not much better. straight men always copy our style and make it look rubbish. And the men think we all fancy them especially the reallly ugly ones

  13. Mary has a point. Cabinet Monisters need to take pride in their appearance.

    1. And why is it necessary to be sexy and glamourous, to prove you take pride in your appearance.

      They are separate things.

      1. Thats fair dAVID

        However, some of them could either take more pride in their appearance or accept well intended advice as to how they could improve their appearance

  14. It’s taken from an article in HEAT magazine. Some of you think she’s “Mysoginistic, has no depth, pathetic, pointless, stupid, shallow, shame, sexism” Give her a break. Who cares?

    1. If you have a voice, especially one that has some power with the media why as a woman, who is open to a large area of stereotypes, would you stereotype other women because of the way they dress. It just affirms the views that we are part of a masculine hegemonic society where men should percieve women as objects to look at, surely were as good as men? Can you really say its fair that looking good affects the job they do? They may get noticed a bit more but that isnt necessarily going to help run the country, I think most people would rather they put their time into the cabinet not into shopping for the latest fashion. Sexism is at its worst when your own gender turns on you! A large number of people care, thats why women are where they are today and not just housewives!

      1. “JUST housewives”??

        The point is that women can CHOOSE and if it’s their choice, there’s nothing wrong with being a housewife at all (or a househusband).

        1. That was kind of the point I was making, in that it doesnt have to follow patriarchal views of men being the breadwinners and women housewives, it has changed so that women have a choice, they can be the breadwinner if they wish too. I was trying to get across that women have moved on from being stuck in a certain masculine ideology of what women should do with their lives and that they now have the option to taylor it the way they want!

  15. Yawn. Snuffle. Cough. Turn over. Zzzzz….

  16. skjdfksldjfkjwerigfsdklfjs
    I absolutely hate it when people take aim at the outwards appearances of women that are involved in doing their jobs in any way. It completely nullifies the effort that they put in (I’m speaking generally, not about any of the women specifically) because whether or not they wore matching accessories takes precedent over their goddamn jobs.

    1. Mary Portas and her wife work in fashion – an industry famed for its hatred of women though.

  17. postopgirl 11 Oct 2011, 8:32pm

    What a judgmental woman to come out with that, she’s no oil painting herself, there is an old saying when considering insulting others “look at one’s self first before casting that stone”

  18. I hate the word ‘ugly’ being used to describe someone’s appearance, no matter who they are or what they look like.

    By all means say someone has an ugly personality, but being disrespectful of their appearance is a little off to me.

    1. Attractiveness comes from the mind. People can be goodlooking and unattractive.

      1. Goodlooking but vile: Rupert Everett. Fugly but f’kable: Evan Davis.


    1. Mary Portas is not a lesbian.

      She is bi.

      1. Yeah, she’s a bi woman trapped in the mind of a much younger more fashionable woman.

      2. Melanie Rickey Her civil partner and lover would disagree with you – you ill informed poof

  20. I’m not keen on Baroness Warsi (and others) either, but as a general rule I’m perfectly happy for those who govern us not to be notable for their sexy style. I found it rather contemptible when Louise Mensch – an attractive and smart woman – so obviously overdid the Botox.

  21. Jason Brown 12 Oct 2011, 2:37pm

    If a gay man said male mps looked like munters I doubt it’d be newsworthy, she is right, they are an ugly bunch, considering how much they get paid they could probably get some advice every now and then.

  22. Oops! I may quietly agree, but that wasn’t the most tactful observation!

  23. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2011, 4:23pm

    Wondering if the words Pot and Kettle mean anything to her?

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