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Johannesburg police dismiss ‘gay serial killer’ reports

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Reader comments

  1. What they mean is they aren’t really gonna try and catch a man killing gays but don’t want the bad press.

  2. As a South African myself, believe me when I tell you the majority of the police force is black, and hence the majority of the police force is homophobic.

    1. The Apartheid government actively supported anti-gay laws.
      I don’t think you should assume this is racial.

      1. The apartheid government was white Afrikaans, who are also renowned for their homophobia.

    2. It may be that the police service is institutionally homophobic

      It may be that the majority of the police service is black

      it does not follow that both are mutually inclusive and one leads automatically to the other

      1. Stu, I respect your comments as they are balanced. I know it seems like I’m generalising about a race group, but it’s true in this case. I grew up in Africa. Regular comments from Africans saying no blacks can be gay, as it’s a European disease. They also are mostly uniformly religious. I’d say the same thing if it related to white people in south africa.

        1. Ty, Thanks for giving a reasoned response. I have spent quite a lot of time in Africa and recognise both the truth in your comments and that they are (to an extent) stereotyping. Of course, some stereotyping is based on a factual context. That said, we reinforce these stereotypes by making sweeping statements that whilst possibly true for some in a situation are not true for all. Such statements can be provocative and whilst interesting do not resolve the situation.
          In short, I just think we need to be cautious when generalising in any way as it does not support those who seek to change either from outside or within.

          1. I would agree – the unAfrican thing was brought in by European Christians (and sill is being brought in by American evangelists) – many African’s historically accepted gays as part of Ubuntu. My domestic worker nearly died of shock when I told her my friend was more than a friend but 5 cups of tea later she said she was happy for me as I too was ‘Gods child’. Her daughter laughed as did my brother saying what’s the big deal?

            It’s a generational thing not necessarily a race thing.

  3. What a farce.

    I’m so disappointed with the criminal justice system in SA, the country that gave us 2 Mr. Gay World.

  4. It appears reasonable of the police to state that one of the murders can not be linked if they have already charged one person with one of the murders.

    It is also normal practice, globally, to minimise speculation regarding serial killers unless there is clear evidence that multiple murders are definitely linked.

    Scottish police played down the murders in Edinburgh this year of gay men as not being linked despite speculation that there may be a serial murderer and different people were certainly charged with two separate murders and I am not sure if the other is yet solved.

    Whilst the S African police may be (perhaps rightly) perceived as homophobic, this does not mean that their view that the crimes are not linked is necessarily incorrect.

  5. How many of the police there are Right Wing Christians?

  6. Cambodia Guesthouse 12 Oct 2011, 7:12am

    Whilst it LOOKS bad, I really don’t think we have enough details to make proper judgements about this… They may well be linked, yet again they might not.. They could simply be some other nutters reading about the crimes and thinking it’s okay to copy them..

    I await more developments.

  7. I think that we need to be wary of thinking that this is a serial killer based on information supplied to the media. It is entirely appropriate to give warning to the LGBT community to be extra wary at this time, to let people know where you are and who you are with and display caution. But whether or not it is a single serial killer is not obvious. No one denies that this is a disturbing surge in murders targeting gay men, but it may not be helpful to assume that the same person is responsible for all of them.

  8. These deaths were the reason I came out – there is actually little reason in South African as a middle class person (who these victims) not to come out (you’d be pleasantly surprised. It is for your saftey and other gays that you let at least one person know who are you with and some way to trace them – that way these people can be caught and if you lucky you could be saved if something goes wrong.

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