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Two gay Republican contenders in San Diego mayoral race

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Reader comments

  1. Republican, and gay… Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

    1. de Villiers 11 Oct 2011, 8:46am

      Being gay does not lead to an inbuilt left-wing politics.

      1. well it should – the tories blocked all atempts at gay rights for as long as they could – and they would now if they could get away with it

      2. How can a gay Republican put up with the discrimination, bigotry and humiliation to which they are subjected by other Republicans like Palin, Kerry, Buchanan, and the rest…. That it is not natural, that is perverse and masochistic

    2. It shouldn’t be relevant, and one day it wont be, but at the moment it’s a bit like a jewish person voting for Hitler.

  2. They have extend “don’t ask- don’t tell” into their party.
    As long as you keep your mouth shut and don’t campaign for gay rights- you can be a candidate.

    1. These 2 don’t seem to have kept their mouths very shut, do they? Prop 8 is going to be reversed by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats in California once the ideologically pure left-wing step out of the way:

  3. Wonder how long it will be before there are sufficient gay people in the Republican party and sufficient change in attitudes and culture so that people will disbelieve honest pro gay stances by leading republicans as unlikely due to prior Republican behaviour?

    Somehow I think it might be a long time …

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 10 Oct 2011, 7:39pm

      Some years ago our very own Conservative Party had it’s share of homophobes. In the 1980’s Conservative run councils would remove protection for gay employees and it was the Conservative government that introduced Section 28 although they extended legal homosexuality to Scotland in 1980 and Northern Ireland in 1982. A number of Tory MPs such as the outspoken John Carlisle called for the recriminalisation of same-sex relations. Today this would not be allowed in the party ranks.

      1. Thats the sort of issues I was thinking of … and whilst such horrendous attitudes have no place in modern Britain and the current Conservative party – I somehow struggle to believe the Republican party can make a similar transition

  4. Eminently possible that the GOP at the local level is no where near as hysterical and full of maniacs as the national level party. It could be that they are genuinely interested in small government and fiscal responsibility and have not picked up the social policy stump of the current GOP clown parade. Or maybe they are just suffering from cognitive dissonance…

  5. Sam Maloney 10 Oct 2011, 7:32pm

    The Republican Party is practically schizophrenic these days– The libertarian wing has no problem with gay people and is actually more gay friendly than some core constituencies in the Democrat tent, like the teamsters and black churches, which is why the president is NOT in favor of marriage equality, etc…
    Sadly, the ‘God Squad’ republicans seem to be in the ascendency these days.

    1. It was the black churches, coming out to vote in force for Obama in 2008, that meant Prop 8 was carried in California. Californian Republicans tend to be pretty sensible about these things (look at the 2 mentioned in the story, and also the likes of Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush’s friend Ted Olsen who united to challenge Prop 8 in the courts).

  6. I don’t care if they are loud ‘n proud or if they are quiet, just so that thier voting record supports the LGBTQ community.

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