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South Australian premier Mike Rann calls for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Hopefully gay marriage happens in Australia sooner rather than later.

  2. Peter & Michael 10 Oct 2011, 6:26pm

    What a pity that he has spoken for gay marriage as an outgoing politician, perhaps he could not stand the flak whilst premier. Shame on him for letting his gay population down!

    1. Rubber Ducky 10 Oct 2011, 6:35pm

      better late than never no?

  3. Good to hear one of the Australian political parties having the balls to grasp this issue at last – piles the shame on Gillard

  4. Giving your support ten days before you step down, when you have lost the power to DO anything, is taking the “easy” path and giving the issue nothing but lip service.

  5. Good for him, however late it is.

  6. Gay Daily Mail Reader 10 Oct 2011, 7:43pm

    Only a matter of time now . . . .

  7. And another honorable voice for human rights in Australia, Mike Rann, These are men and women you need to keep on the benches and seated as officials, people who are trying to make the communities better and fair treatment of others injected in their actions and speeches, the actions must be inacted after their speeches tho , and very promptly and efficiently to help the masses and counter act bigotry terrorism on families damaging communities and business relations, many people have loved one who are gay directly or indireclty even in business , their voices for social justice against injustice must be heard as well as they need to continue to stand up and act like Rann, and Cameron, and Rennie. now Brown of california is just now getting on board, but much more needs to be done, the proposition 8 must be thrown out completely and every city and state must have full marriage and equality and the aclu and human rights must assure it, no tolerance of hate and bigotry mistreatment

  8. Mike Rann needs to stay in the office he is in or run for a higher office in the parlimemt in Australia , this is not the time for him to be going out or resigning , the people need him now and his voice and actions , The officials and politicians in all these countries that are voicing for humanity and equal rights need to network even outside the offices of the political arenas and help make their communities better by joining and creating boards that actively set programs together for children and women and senior citizens, veterans and minorities lgbt families, the lgbt gay laison officers around their social centers and clubs for one thing in the countries and cities where the harrasment out breaks or occuring, and more lgbt shelters and youth centers, funded and erected, all over, and networked into other countries as well, their is major things that need to be done and actions taken on behalf of the people and their children and humanity and liberty and harmony, the foundations

  9. The foundations, and and structures must be peace , love , and humanity, and kindness , that ensues, equality , fairness, saftey , charisma, and good charicters, of humaness, leading to a positve today and tommorrow, instead of the evils and sorrows , infecting our society by bigots and racist, hate groups starting violence and wars, and abuses, and they should all be in jail, children has committed suicides because of these monsters and hate religions, be quiet and listen who except the bigots and racist voice like the pope and arch bishop and hate religions and republicans bigots, and other hate groups , who else do you see keeping the world from walkin and living in peace and harmony together side by side, who else but them, keep harrassing people every day, meddling in their persoan affairs , and in their bedrooms with their sick obssessions with the gay families, yet in the dark many sexually assualting little boys, like philip hinkle and ted haggard, and the vatican, and others

  10. Most of us progressive South Australians are feeling a little cynical about Mike Rann’s ‘parting’ comments on Marriage Equality! Looking forward to the new Premier, of the Left, Jay Weatherill, starting work on October 20th. 9 years of a very conservative Labor Government , closely associated with the Catholic church is not to be forgotten by us progressives here in South Australia! Good riddance Mike Rann!

  11. He could have done more while in power!
    I do not believe we will have gay marriage in Australia for (at least) 10 years. Leaders of both the government and opposition are opposed to it. The Liberal (so-called) opposition which (sadly) is likely to take power in (at most) 2 years has NEVER passed any bill in favour of gay people – indeed it has tried to block most of them. They will be in power for at least two terms – total 10 years! The State governments are also now almost totally Liberal controlled and the two Labor states also won’t do a thing. The territories are keen to act but have been threatened with legal action if they try. How embarrassing! Our one hope was Gillard and she has proven to be our enemy.

  12. Father Jack 11 Oct 2011, 10:34am

    The fact that he waited till he was retiring suggests that Australian politicians are operating in an unhealthy atmosphere of fear of Christian extremists, or maybe the fantasy papal block vote that doesn’t actually exist except in the mind of the Vatican.

  13. I’m not very hopeful of the ALP , under Gillard, giving us gay marriage. I suspect we may also get an admission from Gillard, just like Rann, just before the next election that gay marriage is something they ought to have looked at and if we keep loyal to them then it will be something they will look into further if they get re-elected. After countless number of wet replies from labour mps/senators and fairly homophobic replies from the Catholic ones (Lab is full of them!) then a lot has to change before we get marriage. Criticise CPs etc but Labour didn’t even try to get us these at Fed level and this is their 2nd term in office. Too little too late Rann, what a coward to speak up now….

    1. `and if we keep loyal to them then it will be something they will look into further if they get re-elected’ – how often Have I been told this over the years. I was a committed Labor party person for years, but simply got sick of hearing this same message! John is correct, the Labor party is full of Catholic `do-gooders’ who cannot see past their own prejudices and who see gay people (they personally know very few) as intrinsically evil.

  14. Funnily enough, according to media sources, Julia Gillard’s popularity would increase if she back-flipped and allowed same sex marriage. C’mon people, it’s time!!

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