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Scottish Lib Dem leader attacks bishops for ‘imposing’ gay marriage views

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  1. I somehow do not think that all or even most of Scotlands Catholic will listen to what the church has to say. Considering most Catholics arent devout in this country.

    1. Absolutely. I’ve discussed this with my sister, who does consider herself a devout Catholic. Attends mass every Sunday, goes to confession, etc. But she is fervently in support of gay marriage. Since when did ordinary Catholics listen to their bishops, cardinals and priests? Condoms, divorce and masturbation come to mind.

    2. Lucio Buffone 11 Oct 2011, 12:07pm

      They will listen in the same way that they listen to the church’s teachings on contraception. Archbishop Conti allowed a married Headteacher at a Catholic school who had a 13 year affair, keep his job. Selective morality, even by Catholic Bishop standards.

  2. The Catholic church doesnt seem to realise that the days when they could impose their views are over. Just because they are wearing nice frocks and odd hats and spouting gibberish doesnt mean we have to take anything they say on board.

  3. Another positive voice like david cameron, Willie Rennie, is very right and needs to continue his vocal and active delegations and implimintations in scotland , helping other liberal human rights equal rights officials in women and men and gay officials get elected and on boards so that the country can have a positive overhaul in their communities, The hate religions should be reprimanded for their defamations and instigating high violent crimes and disruptions and wars, kaos, in the families in communities , instead of trying to bring the country together in peace and harmony making it safe for all and children, these wicked false prophets and bad pastors of satan filled with hate and hippocracy who need to be adressing the real sin which is them and their sick pedehpliia ,, rapes and murders, and wife beatings an child traffiking , these monster need to be fired and none that does not promote peace and humanity should never be allowed to fill the publics ears with rage causing war

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 Oct 2011, 4:21pm

      Are you a random word generator?

      1. Random word generators can spell.

          1. If you read what carrie writes (and yes, I know it’s sometimes hard), you’ll see that there are some good points buried in there. Carrie’s writing has become better structure-wise, and as we have no idea who she is or what literacy problems she may or may not be having, I don’t think it’s fair to criticise her.

            Remember she used to always use all capital letters? She stopped that so she does pay attention and try to make her comments easier to read.

    2. Another Hannah 11 Oct 2011, 11:04am

      What someone has to say is important. Their syntax and spelling are not so important and it is terrible to criticise them for contributing. Carrie makes some excellent points, and makes a big contribution.

    3. Dr Robin Guthrie 11 Oct 2011, 3:44pm

      Apologies Carrie.

  4. Well done, Mr. Rennie. About time MPs started speaking out against the bigots. What nerve the roman church has to impose its will on the rest of us. They don’t speak for everyone and have NO business interfering in or trying to derail civil rights which is what this really is. It has NO moral authority to make any pronouncement given its dismal millenia old track record of child sex abuse, misogyny, and subjugation of ethnic groups in Latin America and Spain, absolutely NONE. Time to remind them, over and over.

    1. George Broadhead 11 Oct 2011, 9:42am

      Well said Robert! Trouble is that so many MPs and others in the Establishment and the media still kowtow to religionists including the RC Church. You have only to think of the adulation heaped on the pope when he visited the UK last year.

  5. People like Willie Rennie standing up for humanity knows these people and see thru them and its time the rest of the world woke up and realize what they are trying to do in this nations hiding behind religious titles and names and buildings that do not possess not one christian heart , deed, or actions of delegations, just cover ups for corrupt wicked scams and abuses of people like the big million dollar false mega church in Arizona on tv, that they just arrest amost a hundred bad false pastors women and men in the pulpit , for sex trafficking young girls, and some women, the people in the neighborhood had been complaining to about how many dangerous men had been coming around flocking to the bad church, before they made the big bust, the 44 rabbis arrested for sex trafficking boys an girls an meeting them in private apartments by the so called church funds , an the 21 catholic and non catholic mixed priests an bishops arrested last year, all hate groups and just a vile corupt evil

  6. Willie Rennie is right , you do not allow these twisted hate groups called religions to make delegations and impementatins at all to the communities and countries anywhere, you should not be allowing the pope and the archbishop to be spreading defamations and hate messages, poisoning the minds of people and children, and stiring up wrath and trouble in other wise peaceful communities, a lot of these people would not be bothering anybody if it where not for the instigators like the pope and hippocrite hate religions terrorist, the son of the westboro syco religion went on tv and told them that the same sycho false pastor beat his mother all the time in their home and then told them god told him to do so, that would be the same devil that tells him to act like a monster and terrorist, stalking gay people and friends of theirs , he just needs a good ass kicking and he will stay out of their faces, put a gay biker dude on his ass, and drag him around the church building for a while ,

  7. Another Hannah 10 Oct 2011, 4:51pm

    It is an utter cheek to interfere in politics and government. they do not have the right to tell anyone what to do. their desire to force their beliefs on other religions says it all – they have no respect for other religions and other beliefs other than their own, and given that their followers must be banned from the apparatus of state, or well all be eating fish on fridays, abolishing divorce, and they’ll be destroying childrens rights, and banning any religion but catholicism.

  8. Another Hannah 10 Oct 2011, 4:55pm

    I mean they can offer guidance to their followers, they are not legislateors. it is incredibly outrageous for them to try to interfere in the democratic and political rights of a state. The Scotish government run scotland, not the Roman Catholic church.

  9. Father Jack 10 Oct 2011, 5:09pm

    Alex Salmond should slap them down too. Maybe launch an inquiry into child abuse like they had in Ireland.

  10. oh, yet again, the Catholic brigade pokes its konk into issues it has no business in.

    Do we go into churches and tell them how to run the sermon?

  11. Great to see more mainstream politicians both standing positively in favour of equality and LGBT rights and being prepared to stand up to the inappropriate and bigoted leadership in certain churches

  12. Julian Ferguson 10 Oct 2011, 6:10pm

    Did anyone hear the Thought of the Day this morning on Radio 4 Today? Reverend John Bell from the Iona Community said some really sensible things, ending with:

    “I believe we have a responsibility to enable same sex couples who are deeply convinced of their mutual love to celebrate and safeguard that commitment with public and legal significance. A civil partnership can take care of the business side, but marriage is the true endorsement of love.”

    So not all Christians are bigots (though the Iona Community is particularly free thinking)!

  13. And now the Catholic Church in Scotland has sent 100,000 protest cards to the parishes.

    These cards are to be signed and sent to the government.

    I remember when the same tactic was used in Canadian Catholic churches in a last ditch effort to stop the gay rights legislation on marriage from going through.

    The cards were placed in the pews along with ball-point pens. The majority of the cards were found on the floor Monday morning by maintenance personnel, while Catholics were shocked to see the Church spend so much money on this issue at a time when both money and church attendance were at all all-time low.

  14. Once again religious organisations trying to blackmail politics. It’s not about faith to them. It’s about religion, a man made construct using it as a weapon for power. That’s all these people want is power and control over our lives.

    I hope they get told to shove it by the people of Scotland.

    Personally I can’t wait for State Marriage.

    1. You guys are wrong. Part of liberal democracy is for anybody to voice their opinions. Including Catholics and yous.

      And ministers criticizing anybody for exercising this right should be censured for assaulting these freedoms.

      1. Which is not what they are doing. The point is that civil laws and legal rights which all have to live under should not be dictated by religious belief. Religion can say and believe any nonsense it likes, and instruct its followers to conform to it if they want to be in the ‘club’. No-one is denying that right. But the laws of the liberal democratic state should not be determined by such considerations.

      2. Another Hannah 11 Oct 2011, 11:09am

        They have the right to campaign, not to demand their followers act on their leaders beleifs and not their own – they don’t have the right to a religious block vote. They are campaigning for more than this – they want the right to dictate to the Scottish government to make OTHER RELIGIONS follow Roman Catholic beliefs by banning them from allowing marriage when they want to. many of those religions have a far better and more honourable history than the Roman Catholic church.

  15. Father Jack 11 Oct 2011, 10:53am

    This church’s paranoia and fear mongering about gays will rebound on them. Ordinary Catholics are quite pro gay in my experience, and ready not just to support equality, but fight for it.

  16. Dr Robin Guthrie 11 Oct 2011, 11:09am

    These bigots just cant help themselves can they.

    “Dundee-based Christian faith group Solas has joined forces with the Free Church in calling for a referendum on same-sex marriage.”

    1. How about a referendum to ban catholicism once and for all, see how they like it? Confiscate their properties, investments and use the proceeds to give to the poor, in the true christian spirit?

  17. Another Hannah 11 Oct 2011, 11:12am

    TEEGB makes an excellent point – I think we should campaign for the right to make sure that sermons and their general conduct are regulated and that they do not have the right to preach against the LGBT minority in them or in their church in any way.

  18. This is not news. It isnt news that Catholic leaders want to control their flock and it isnt news that they have anti gay views. And, although Im for gay rights and against organised religion, I have to say- what did you expect of them?! This is what they believe and as misguided as i think they are, sounds as though their just living in accordence with their ethics. Which is their duty. To themselves. Its what we all do

    1. I suppose it is fair enough in its way. It would’ve been rather more impressive if their ethics didn’t operate on a sort of sliding scale when it comes to safeguarding their own, eg in instances of child abuse. But yes, “Upper levels of Catholic hierarchy express bigoted views” isn’t exactly news.

  19. This not news

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