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Mugabe wants Archbishop of Canterbury to explain views on gays

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Reader comments

  1. Galadriel1010 10 Oct 2011, 1:51pm

    I hope he stands up for us. It’s too much to hope that he could change Mugabe’s mind, but maybe he could change the minds of the church in Zimbabwe.

    1. I fear your hope will be misplaced – at best we can hope for a pathetic hate the sin love the sinner defence.

      I do agree with you that it will not make one jot of difference to Mugabe who, I would suggest, is only asking the question in order to make archy say something remotely positive about us which will then be used by Konunga to further his rape of the anglican church in Zimbabwe.

  2. “It is illegal in Zimbabwe for two members of the same sex to hold hands, hug or kiss under laws enacted by the regime in 2006.”

    So you aren’t even allowed to hug your own parents or children?

    1. Lloyd Copper 10 Oct 2011, 11:12pm

      It’s ridiculous and repulsive. I hate that cretin so much. Can you imagine living in that country? I feel very sorry for gay people in Africa. Die Mugabe!

      1. David Myers 11 Oct 2011, 8:14am

        He has been around for far too long and is way overdue for death by natural causes, so one can only hope. The chances of his being overthrown, at this point, are miniscue.

    2. dave wainwright 11 Oct 2011, 12:38pm

      to be expected , Mugabe was raised a roman catholic

      1. My partner of 4 (almost 5) years has a Roman Catholic Grandmother. Such a devote Catholic is she that she makes pilgrameges to the ‘holy lands’ a couple of times a year, and was on the local news supporting the Popes visit to England when he came… My own Grandmother is Roman Catholic, probably of equal devotion…and my Father, Uncle and Aunt were raised Roman Catholic (although do not identify Catholic any longer)…

        All have been fully accepting and supportive of both myself and my partner, inviting us into their homes for food or coming to ours for visits, they are all genuinley lovely people and all are coming to celebrate our civil partnership next year.

      2. Staircase2 12 Oct 2011, 2:32am

        This is rubbish – and doesnt help move the debate forward…

  3. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 Oct 2011, 2:12pm

    Quite simple really.

    Homosexuals are men who love other men.

    Mugabe on the other hand is a man who kills other men.

    Explain that one to your God, Mr Mugabe.

    1. Father Jack 10 Oct 2011, 2:48pm

      As the line from Victor Victoria goes, you can kill him but you can’t kiss him.

      Mugabe and his minions have no problem with murder and genocide, but love between men is anathema to them. Perhaps all love is anathema to them.

    2. He kills anyone he dislikes regardless of sex or sexuality! It will be a waste if breath in my opinion.

  4. I LOVE how black people and nations ignore that book of fables thoughts on slavery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to be able to own a slave. The bibkle says it’s ok

    1. dave wainwright 11 Oct 2011, 12:36pm

      you mean you don’t have a slave ? i could not possibly manage without mine :)

    2. Staircase2 12 Oct 2011, 2:30am

      What’s ‘black people’ got to do with it?!

      Enough of the racism already….

  5. send tatchell ot there he’s the man for the job.

    1. No offence but i do not want Tatchell to represent us.

      1. Father Jock 10 Oct 2011, 3:47pm

        Tatchell was injured by Mugabe’s men when he tried to arrest him in London. Took some guts.

      2. and you think rowan williams will do a better job????

    2. Rashid Karapiet 11 Oct 2011, 7:13pm

      Better still, send Mugabe a copy of Keith Sharpe’s ‘The Gay Gospels’ O-books ISBN 978 1 84694 548 9 or go to A lucid comprehensive debunking of all the biblical justification for the persecution of homosexuality through the ages.

  6. This will be interesting,I think we would all like to know. If Williams responds at all it will be in the typical mealy-mouthed and impossible to follow style that Rowan Williams is renowned for.

  7. Stupid homophobes.

    No one is ‘prescribing’ homosexuality. You don’t have to engage in homosexual acts, or even like homosexual acts. You just need to leave gay people alone. Leave them alone, do not threaten them or hurt them, and do not use the law to victimise them.

    It’s that simple.

    1. It is the standard “straw man” argument – you totally misquote your opponent’s position so that it is obviously indefensible, but make it sound as if that is their position. But it sounds good to your less intelligent supporters.

      1. Still trying to figure out how you would prescribe homosexuality in practice… is it something to do with taking two gays twice daily before mealtimes?
        If lack of fabulousness persists see your doctor.
        Which pharmacy is Mugabe going to for his supplies, it sounds like fun…

        1. How would homosexuality be administered if prescribed, orally, by injection, topically …? lol

          1. David Myers 11 Oct 2011, 8:17am

            or by suppository? Take your pick.

          2. I like to put one under my tongue and let it disolve slowly ;)

  8. Another Hannah 10 Oct 2011, 3:06pm

    suddenly he can listen and pay attention!!! what does that tell you. I think that in a televised dabate even an apologist like Rowan Williams could make mincemeat of him.

  9. In a Times article Rowan explained his own view from academic study of the Bible thus:

    ” in an exchange of letters with an evangelical Christian, written eight years ago when he was Archbishop of Wales, he described his belief that biblical passages criticising homosexual sex were not aimed at people who were gay by nature.

    He argued that scriptural prohibitions were addressed to heterosexuals looking for sexual variety. He wrote: “I concluded that an active sexual relationship between two people of the same sex might therefore reflect the love of God in a way comparable to marriage, if and only if it had about it the same character of absolute covenanted faithfulness.” Dr Williams described his view as his “definitive conclusion” reached after 20 years of study and prayer. He drew a distinction between his own beliefs as a theologian and his position as a church leader, for which he had to take account of the traditionalist view.”

    As church leader he enforces a conservative view.

    1. Yeah but then when he got promoted he decided that LGBT human rights are not actually important.

      He is a true christian – a craven, idiotic coward.

      1. Father Jock 10 Oct 2011, 3:59pm

        He’s no coward, but in putting the cohesion of the church first in his job as leader, he is not taking a lead in standing up for gay people as much as he could against the forces of bigotry. But at least in the past he has given a clear biblical basis for support of gay marriage.

    2. Dan Filson 10 Oct 2011, 3:39pm

      So he thinks the Bible is against bisexuals but not gays?

      1. Father Jock 10 Oct 2011, 3:52pm

        I think what he’s actually saying is gay sex is ok within the bounds of monogamous gay marriage. It’s actually a biblically founded argument for marriage equality.

        Bisexuals are not heterosexuals.

        1. Father Jock 10 Oct 2011, 4:05pm

          A true bisexual can have a loving committed sexual relationship with another of the same sex. He/she can be totally in love with that person. A heterosexual cannot. So by logical extension, a true bisexual would be ok in a marriage with a man or a woman according to Rowan’s lengthy studies of the Bible.

    3. Galadriel1010 10 Oct 2011, 11:29pm

      I hope that his teachings will filter through in the years to come. It’s very hard when the people he needs to support him are men of his age who haven’t come to the same conclusions, but this is the problem with the church as it is with government – you get a concentration of older people who are stuck in their ways in positions of power.

  10. Another Hannah 10 Oct 2011, 3:08pm

    What Mugabe is saying is a lie, and I think that there should be sanctions against those who speak lies. Throw him in gaol until he learns the importance of truth.

  11. Rowan Williams will make an utter disgrace of himself yet again.

    Williams truly is a minnow of a man – a craven, opportunistic, pathetic creature – more concerned with keeping his irrelevant church together, than whether innocent people are persecuted.

    I think Rowan Williams should stay in Zimbabwe.

    1. Dan Filson 10 Oct 2011, 3:40pm

      You don’t think it is brave to go to Zimbabwe and preach a sermon there? Come out from behind your sofa before you take pot shots at people worth 10 of you.

      1. Williams is a man of ‘god’ – he has the malevolent sky fairy to protect him.

        And he is willing to let gay people be pesecuted to their deaths rather than protect their human rights

        The Anglican cult in Zimbabwe is as murderously homophobic as all the other worthless cults in the failed nation of Zimbabwe.

        Williams should banish them from the Anglican church. They have nothing ofr value to offer the world.

        BUt he won’t expel them.

        The unity of his dying cult is his priority.

        He is a wretch of a human being.

        1. Galadriel1010 10 Oct 2011, 11:33pm

          He’s going out there to protect the members of his church, who are being killed by Mugabe’s regime. Yes, the safety of the people in his church is his priority.

          1. The Anglican church in Zimbabwe is monstrously homophobic though.

            Rowan Williams believes that LGBT people’s human rights are less important that church unity, but that Anglicans do deserve human rights (despite their genocidal bigotry in Zimbabwe).

            Rowan Williams is a hideous little excuse for a human being.

            It’s so incredibly hypocritical of that useless cult to start whining about their own oppression when they are fully complicit in the oppression ogf LGBT people.

            You reap what you sow.

            The Anglican cult in Zimbabwe has been sowing hatred and bigotry against LGBT people for years,

            And now they are whining because it is happening to them too.

            Ah well – forgive me for not caring too much about Anglican bigots who want me dead. Or their spineless, absurd leader Mr Rowan Williams

    2. Sorry, dAVID – you’re completely off line. If you really took an interest in what the archbishop says and what he does, then you’d change your views; highly intellectual – yes; at times incoherent – yes; not easily understood – yes; poor at embracing attention from those not as intellectually gifted as he – yes; but definitely none of the adjectives you gave him really fit this man – honestly!

  12. This man is the definition of evil.

    1. dave wainwright 11 Oct 2011, 12:31pm

      Rowan Williams ? :)

  13. Mugabe is a very sick man. How is it that these men end up running countries. I just don’t understand this planet.

    1. I suspect Mugabe is suffering from syphillis

    2. Galadriel1010 10 Oct 2011, 11:33pm

      Often by being the sort of person who is willing to kill other people.

      1. Like the Anglicans in Zimbabwe who have been actively involved in the witchhunts against the gay community in that awful country?

  14. Gay Daily Mail Reader 10 Oct 2011, 7:31pm

    Robert Mugabe is perhaps the most notorious homophobe on the African continent with Ugandan MP, David Bahiti a contender for the title. Morgan Tsvangari, who people were hoping would lead Zimabawe out of oppression is just as homophobic and with him as prime minister and Mugabe as president I feel that those two men deserve each other. My only hope for Africa is that tide of tolerance will rise up from the south with South Africa and Mozambique leading the way.

    1. Father Jack 11 Oct 2011, 10:48am

      There is such a thing as karma, and its a bitch. But sometimes it takes a while.

  15. Mugabe’s constant bringing up of how “evil” we are is classic diversion by demonisation tactics. The message is that doesn’t matter that ZanuPF can send death squads to hack your children to death as long as they keep you safe from homosexuals…

    Salem witch trials all over again.

  16. The visit to Zimbabwe has come and gone and the Archbishop basically gave Mugabe a good tongue-lashing.

    The word ‘homosexuality’ was not mentioned.–zimbabwe-trip-starts-with-antigay-protests-2368107.html

    1. Of course it wasn’t.

      Rowan Williams – the spineless wimp – regards hus cult’s unity as being more important than human lives.

  17. How long is this repellent clown going to last? And who seriously expects him to do anything confronted with a cypher like Williams except run rings round him and grandstand for the media?
    Zimbabwe is a failed state thanks to Mugabe. As far as I’m aware, however, there isn’t any oil there, so scrub the invasion.

    1. It will be a big celebration here when he kicks the bucket, i meant mugabe but williams too.

      1. I don’t celebrate anybody’s death. I just think these two should just give up there jobs and direct their rants and waffles, respectively, at a blank wall.

        1. ditto

  18. dave wainwright 11 Oct 2011, 12:29pm

    How interesting to discover that Mugabe was raised a Roman Catholic , it rather explains things .

    1. Staircase2 12 Oct 2011, 2:28am

      No it bloody doesnt…
      Mother Theresa was ALSO a Catholic wasnt she?

      ENOUGH OF THE RELIGIOPHOBIA PEOPLE! It doesnt say what you think it says about ‘them’ – only more of the same about YOU…

    2. It explains a lot. Pity he wont finish off existing. Maybe he could try feeding 5000 with a fish and some bread. Oh wait he cant…. he has killed anyone with the skills to fish or make bread. Not only is religion the cause of most, if not all wars, but almost all hypocrisy, brainwashing and hatred can find their roots in it as well.

    3. Beverly Taff 28 Mar 2012, 11:48am

      How true. Do as we say, not as we do. That seems to be the Ctholic churches view. Look what the Catholic church has done to women never mind gays.

  19. I’m afraid Mugabe will be unable to understand much of what the archbishop says; his command of language is lacking words like “compassion”, “freedom”, “equality”, “justice”, “human rights”, and “fairness”. He only understands words like “power”, “control”, “fear”, “dictator”, “wealth”, and “corruption”.

    1. Well said, my friend!

    2. It looks as if Williams spoke to Mugabe in terms he could understand:

  20. There is one good thing about Mugabe! He’s 87 and hopefully dead soon!

    1. It wont be of a heart attack. You need a heart for that. Anyway, maybe there is a God because Mugabe really could be a puppet of religions nonsense.

  21. Johnny33308 12 Oct 2011, 1:41am

    Mugabe deserves nothing at all from any civilized person, except contempt. Riding around in a large Mercedes on dirt roads while his people starve. Oh, yes, an ethical “ruler”.

  22. Staircase2 12 Oct 2011, 2:27am

    Robert Mugabe is of course mad as a hatter and right on course to be as evil as most dictators invariably are…

    I just hope that Rowan Williams grows a pair for a change and says something inspired as opposed to his usual drivel in the face of African Anglican Church bollocks

  23. Mugabe didn’t have a chance to mention homosexuality when Williams brought up real (estate) issues:

    What a snake pit.

  24. Shame really. He had such promise! Poor man. May have clicked the wrong link on extube and got annoyed with himself?

  25. “Homsexuals are worse than pigs and dogs”?! What does that even mean?! Whats wrong with pigs and dogs?! Leave the pigs and dogs alone man!!!

  26. Beverly Taff 28 Mar 2012, 11:45am

    Mugabe is a vicious murdering butcher!
    He has no right to ask for any explanations from anybody. The man is a murderous beast.

    1. Steve Keeble 9 Apr 2012, 9:57pm

      What we tend to forget is that most homophobes are brainless, halfwit idiots. I include Mugabe in this comment obviously. By the way, as with the other person, I agree, I love pigs and dogs. so what does that make Mugabe?

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