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Americas domain name sells for $500,000

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Reader comments

  1. The .xxx domain is just a protection racket. Firms with a .com address will feel forced to buy an .xxx domain name to stop it being squatted. Also how long before non-pornographic sites such as ones advising on sexual health, are forced off .com or .org onto .xxx?

  2. Yawn! But then a gay porn film company able to shell out half a million for “” must have a lot of money made out of punters paying over the odds. Wonder how many ISPs will be banning the .xxx domains?

  3. The Christians want to stop all porn and gay dating and gay bars and if they could they would kill all gays. But since they can not murder gays they do the next best thing and try to destroy porn, gay marriage and gay bars and gay dating by using psychological warfare to destroy them.
    We need to start a movement to stop all Christians from telling people who to have sex with when it is none of their business. Never was and never will be. Your sex life is your private business and Christians need to be stopped from making your sex life their business, really people we need to get and keep them out of our bedrooms. You know what they say about sex and people who have sex that they do not like. The Christians use their 2,000 year old failed religion to make people wrong and make themselves right, when they are not right, Christians are wrong for interfering in anybodies sex life, anytime. Kick the Christians out of your sex life.

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