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Cameron appoints gay man as chief speechwriter

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 1:34pm

    More progress from David Cameron. Pleasing to hear.

    1. concernedresidentE3 7 Oct 2011, 2:41pm

      or just window dressing?

      the much promised end to the ban on religious CPs has still not been delivered and despite his bombastic words in support of gay marriage, no policy is actually on the table just a dribbling long “consulation lasting up to 2015.

      I don’t doubt Cameron’s personal commitment but I do doubt his powers to deliver when dragging the rightwing cadaver of the Tory party with him.

      1. it would have been a bit more encouraging to have got some positive news items of Tory mps praising Cameron’s words on gay arriage and not the 2 negatives ones in the telegraph from Christians and Tory MPs criticising it…I agree with your sentiment…we still don’t have the results of the CP consulttion which were due out within 3 months of the end of it and we have a delay in the consultation on gay marriage with no explanation as to why , what is being done before March 2o12 and no real timetable when we will have gay marriage. 2015 is the date of the next election , what good is that!

        1. There are plenty of Tory MPs that support marriage equality, Chole Smith MP for example, Louise Mensch was on the radio yesterday in support of same sex marriage arguing against bigoted Peter Bone.

          Let’s face it, there is going to be a Tory rebellion on this issue, I guess some Labour and Lib Dem MPs will vote against it too, but the majority of the new Tory 2010 intake will vote in favour. The arguments against same sex equality do not stack up and we should demolish it.

    2. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 7 Oct 2011, 9:25pm

      Delusional to think that a Tory can be progressive. Remember, remember the 28 of Clause. The fact is that Cameron is banking on people being please to hear such pro-gay things, but don’t be surprised when they get kick into the long grass… your vote is all they desire from you!

      1. Cameron apologised for Sec.28, it is time to move on. Nothing progressive then harping on about the past all the time. Just like family members and friends that can have a change of mind, politicians and political parties too can have a change of mind we should recognise it and respect it. We should welcome this if we ever want to be seen as equal and not squirm about it.

        Cameron has said marriage equality consultation won’t look at IF marriage equality is going to become a reality but HOW it will become a reality, in other words, marriage equality is coming but they want to consult how best to do it, especially in regards to civil partnership status’ etc. Yes, it is taking longer than we would like but at least it is happening now and I do believe Cameron on this. The way he justified his support for same sex marriage was genuine.

        I think this is a much healthier way of looking at it and gives us hope.

        1. Political parties never change their mind, they lose members and gain new ones. The Tories need to lose far more members and win far more new ones before that party “changes it’s mind”.

          1. What a load of crap!

  2. The Times is in bed with the Guardian?! I’m shocked!

    Almost as shocked as discovering that the Guardian employs a Tory editorial writer!

    What next? The Daily Mail owned by Russians?

  3. Father Ted 7 Oct 2011, 2:07pm

    Is that a recent photo? He looks like he’s in the sixth form.

  4. Father Jock 7 Oct 2011, 2:37pm

    Did they all go to Eton?

  5. Peter & Michael 7 Oct 2011, 2:42pm

    Feel sure he will be honest and articulate and we have always admired Matthew Paris in his journalistic writings.

  6. Propaganda

    1. Yep, its all imaginary, isn’t it Matthew? Put your hands over your ears and La La La – not happening.

      LOL! You’re a bigger fool then I give you credit for, and that’s saying much!

  7. Big woop, don’t care.
    The fact he’s gay is nothing, Cameron could have a gay person for every part of his team and it still wouldn’t and shouldn’t matter.
    Nice that he’s got a new one, I’m sure he’ll write a few good words to be spouted but I honestly couldn’t give a crap and nobody should care that he is gay/straight/blue!

  8. Hodge Podge 7 Oct 2011, 5:51pm

    LOLOLOL As a proud Guardian reader, he can have him. The guy even looks like a Tory in those pictures. What is it with Tories and walking around in suits?

    1. Don’t Labour people wear suits?

  9. Thumbs Up 7 Oct 2011, 6:27pm

    What a fool to nail his colours to the coalition, he’ll be finished in a couple of years when everyone realises what a farce that was and the tories spew him out before the next election, which they will want to win outright and have supreme power. HAHAHA.

    1. Martin Lawrence 8 Oct 2011, 3:41am

      Perhaps then he’ll have to go crawling back to the Gruaniad to beg for his job back. Except it won’t be there. I must admit I never knew he was a leader writer: it would explain lot about how timid the leaders have become. I don’t read them anymore. The columnists are much better: they actually have opinions.

  10. That must have been good news for him. It Must be such an honour for a speech writer to work for the PM. Good luck to him.

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