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Angela Eagle and Stephen Twigg in shadow cabinet

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Reader comments

  1. Labour is still looking a bit boring, like under Brown. Needs more charisma, like in the early days of Blair.

    1. Spanner1960 8 Oct 2011, 9:19am

      For “Charisma” read “Spin”.

  2. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 2:51pm

    He can change his shadow cabinet all he wants but while he and Ed Balls remain in the top positions they will remain unelectable. He doesn’t get it. It isn’t so much his team that makes him unelectable… it’s him.

    They need a new out look and new people away from the Blair/Brown area before they can move forward.

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 2:52pm

      Sorry did of course mean Blair/Brown era.

    2. Dan Filson 7 Oct 2011, 7:56pm

      But then you are Conservative-leaning, so what do you care?

  3. Eagle should get more exposure. She’s pretty on the ball. And poor Ed M should stay in the wings as much as possible.

  4. Miliband didn’t even mention marriage equality in his address to the party conference recently, yet Cameron and Clegg did. What does that say about Labour?

  5. Another Hannah 7 Oct 2011, 5:52pm

    I hope Angela Eagle does well and is successful, from my very limited experience of her she is one of the few politicians I have encountered that seemed genuine.

  6. It also means that Andy Burnham who supports the lifetime gay blood ban and thinks lesbian parents need a man to help them raise their child in Shadow Health Secretary

    1. what do you expect – he’s a Catholic!

      1. So am I. Doesn’t make me a bigot.

  7. Thumbs Up 7 Oct 2011, 6:40pm

    Labour screwed up with ed milliband, he’s worse than michael foot and Neil Kinnock. If only the unions had not stopped david milliband we might have some chance of getting rid of the etonians, sorry tories. Poor Angela, she’ll be like Iain Duncan Smith’s leader of the house of commons, not that anyone would know who that was.

  8. Don Harrison 7 Oct 2011, 9:00pm

    Even so. There is no way I will ever vote Labour

  9. Don Harrison 7 Oct 2011, 9:05pm

    More to the point, the Labour party, could not even run a childen’s party

  10. Spanner1960 8 Oct 2011, 9:18am

    Oh whoopee-friggin’ do.
    Like the Labour Party as it stands are going to see any chance of regaining power again this side of the second coming of the Lord.

  11. Good for her. She must be buzzing. I hope she does well. Good luck.

  12. This is good that the mp has been noted, but David cameron and the liberty liberal party needs more gay liberal women and men especially women because they dont have many and womens rights and glass ceiling need to move to action here, to parliment seats and mps in the us and london and every country, sanfrisico, must wake the citizens to elect the liberal democracy gay candidate, who has a background in equal rights and fair treatment of womens rights , and minorities and senior citizens conscerns and domestic programs and national security implementations, local and national , and where are the gay latino democratic women , find them as well, and elect them with like backgrounds of people concerns, bevin duffy seems well for sanfransico, but where are the gay democratic women that should be running as well for these positions, Emilies list must aid in finding them, if the people cant seem to know any,

  13. They should have elected David Miliband. Ed M is a nice guy, but so was Michael Foot. They both seem equally unelectable.

    Maybe Ed M is not getting the air time to make an impression. But I still get the impression he’s just taking part in school/uni debates rather than being a real leader.

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