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Google removes ‘Is my son gay?’ app

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Reader comments

  1. The problem is while the app was supposed to be a joke, it didnt look like one. There was little implied irony in the design.

    Good for Google, who retroactively moderate the Market, unlike Apple who approve of these apps before they are allowed in the appstore.

  2. Is your son obsessed with clothes? Does he spray tan? Does he own hair straighteners? Does he wear t-shirts two sizes too small for him? Is he always in front of a mirror? Does he pluck his eyebrows til he bleeds? Are you ashamed of him? If you answer yes to all of these your son is not gay, he is from Essex.

    1. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 3:57pm

      No dear, it means he’s French

    2. Spanner1960 6 Oct 2011, 9:18pm

      Does your son like to suck cock?
      Maybe he is trying to drop you a subtle hint.

      1. That’s it, isn’t it? Just because tastes for cock and music theatre/soft furnishings coexist in some individuals does not mean they are connected. Jokes that perpetuate stereotypes rather than send them up aren’t really jokes.

        1. Spanner1960 8 Oct 2011, 9:09am

          You have to put the mockers on it, haven’t you?
          I despise musical theatre personally, but I know a disproportionate amount of gay gays that love it. Stereotypes don’t just appear out of nowhere. They have to have some grounding in reality. I think that’s how gaydar works, one subconciously adds up all the stereotypes and if you see more than a certain amount of things, then bells ring. Blue Jeans=1 point, Red Jeans 5=Points, White Jeans=OMG he’s a fag. LOL

          1. Actually I was agreeing with you. But I believe stereotypes exist among ignorant people simply to pigeonhole others, almost invariably negatively. (I do know a number of gay men who love music theatre, but I know more who are completely indifferent to it – so does that mean the stereotype is still accurate?)

  3. CMYB
    Thanks! You’ve made me giggle on a cold and nasty day.
    How good to see wit on this Comments board rather than viper-sharp comments attacking other gays, straight guys, the church, the establishment…………….
    enjy your day.

  4. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 3:56pm

    Dahlings, they should simply do another app with the same questions, but titled “Is my son French?”

  5. darn! and it was so handy!

  6. David Gervais 6 Oct 2011, 10:39pm

    Soon to be replaced by “Is my parent an idiot?” app ….only one question to answer, “Did your parent use the gay app?”

    1. LOL. Brilliant.

  7. on the one hand, I can see how this cn spread intolerance and stupidity. the fact that it is designed by gay person is worse with that regards s it will lead to the following “but it was made by a gay man so i must be true”.

    on the other hand, th fact that stupid people will most likly take this seriously reminds me of this comic

  8. radical53 7 Oct 2011, 1:47am

    Just shows how pathetic we have become.

    Have to have an app to prove or identify you as gay, give me strength.

    There is no dignity in being gay today. We are nothing but a laughing stock in society now.

    No wonder that the gay community world wide lacks respect from society.
    Not worthy of any.

    1. Speak for yourself.

    2. “There is no dignity in being gay today. We are nothing but a laughing stock in society now.”

      I second the “speak for yourself” – don’t paint us all with your low self esteem brush.

      But tell me, is the laughter you hear in your head or in the real world? You’d be surprised how important that is….

    3. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 1:36pm

      “We”? Thirded – Speak for yourself. You prehaps.

    4. Spanner1960 8 Oct 2011, 6:54pm

      What “community”?
      That is a stereotype in itself.

  9. ,,,as light-hearted as a snake bite…

  10. Some people now think they can get away with their hate and bigotry by saying “it was a joke”. Only insane people laugh at oppressed people who have to fight for their freedom to be who they are in a world of bigots and hate.

  11. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 8:34am

    Took there time but better late than never, I suppose.

  12. James Baxter 7 Oct 2011, 10:05am

    It doesn’t promote homophobia, just gay stereotypes.

    1. And from one comes the other. (That works both ways.)

  13. Miguel Sanchez 7 Oct 2011, 2:42pm

    It’s about time and let’s hope Apple starts looking at apps closer before blindly approving them.

    As for the Frogs (French), some of them could totally screw up a perfectly good wet dream.

  14. Thumbs Up 7 Oct 2011, 7:09pm

    The poor gay guy who made the app has probably been made bankrupt by now. And all the time spent on petitioning a google app, governments continue to be homophobic. Priorities, or armchair facebook petitions?

    1. James Hanover 8 Oct 2011, 10:01am

      “Priorities, or armchair facebook petitions?”

      And the irony (not to mention blatant stupidity and hypocrisy) of posting a comment on line moaning about people only protesting on line probably eludes you, doesn’t it? What the f*** are YOU doing then?

    1. haha i love this! i saw boobs! but then i am a woman that likes boobs

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