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Gay rights activists report another murder in Johannesburg

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Reader comments

  1. Everything points to a serial killer because of the similarity in the M.O.

    There’s a lesson here somewhere, and it has to do with being prudent with online social networking.

    My sympathy to the families, loved ones and friends of the victims.

  2. I don’t see why it has to be a homophobic motive? Yes all the victims might be gay, but so could the murderer…

    I mean you don’t jump on the hetrophobic band wagon when a serial killer goes and kills a bunch of straight women do you?

    1. No, but you might assume it’s a misogynist. Someone who kills specifically gay men is, however, unlikely to be just a misandrist.

    2. Erm. If someone is targeting gay men, killing them, and pouring acid on them. That suggests a hatred of gay men, which is homophobic.

  3. Just read about this shocking case via GDN. This is so shocking and very sad. Sympathy to all relatives and friends down in J’burg. The sexuality of the murderer is eralavant. Murder is murder. These 6 similar deaths are at least very suspicious. The lack of interest by the Police, as mentioned by local groups in SA, is just as concerning! The grieving families and friends deserve a better police responce.

  4. Have any of you heard of another murder, a family member was murdered in the same way. He was bound and strangled and very badly hit. He worked at the joburg theatre, so he lived in that area there.

    1. I forgot to mention the murder was on Saturday the 25th Feb 2012 or early Sunday 26 Feb 2012.

  5. Iv got sum1 stalking me,ever since he found out that I’m do I get help

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