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Three more Church of Scotland ministers quit over gay clergy

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Reader comments

  1. Goodbye crumbling anachronism…we wont miss you! Same sort of crumbly cloistered old men who got their panties in a bunch over women joining the church? Honestly, I just can’t stop laughing (but then I can’t seem to regard religion with anything but contempt these days).

    1. “Goodbye crumbling anachronism. . . ”
      Lets hope so!!!

    2. billywingarten 11 Dec 2011, 5:36am

      I presume there is room at the poorhouse or the unemployment line – the one with the sign “bigots”

  2. They will probably go and join another sect – one they have been claiming is not truly christian for years – bit like CoE ministers joining the catholic church because they don’t like women to be treated equally. The catholic church was heretical up to then (and Vice Versa).

    Watch the hypocrisy flood out.

    1. Whilst I think they will probably will either go to another church or establish a new “house” church etc, I do think your disparaging use of the word sect is both inappropriate and undermines efforts of the LGBT community in seeking equality and fairness. We have long complained about disparaging terms being used against us, and sought respect and honesty. We have also sought to avoid being stereotyped and treated with disrespect to our individuality. However, it appears that some gay people seek to undermine all the good work we have done by using language that shrieks of being patronising and unfairness. That categorically demonstrates that whilst some LGBT people seek LGBT equality – we do not respect the rights of others.

      We can have long and dignified debates and protests (some of them vociferous and dynamic) without resorting to the trite language that we have long campaigned to now be used against us.

      I am defending equality for all not religion in these comments.

      1. Stu,

        Sect is not a disparaging term it is defined as a body of persons adhering to a particular religious faith; a religious denomination.

        There are other meanings as well which refer to the heretical or non subscribing nature of some denominations which in the context of my post is quite appropriate.

        All religious groups or denominations are sects by definition (it is only because some religions disparage others with the term that they don’t like it used on themselves).

        If you belong to a religion which believes that sect is a disparaging word to describe them but not other groups then I think you should enlighten them to the fact that they are heretical to other groups.

        Oh and don’t lecture me.

        1. Dave,

          Sect can be a disparaging term and has negative connotations, and you clearly accept this to be true when you refer to some religious organisations disparaging others by the use of the word.

          I am not a member of any religious group, I have no faith.

          As for not lecturing you … I was entering into debate, which I thought was the purpose of these comments threads? You are entitled to your views and I am entitled to tell you that I perceive your choice of language to be wrong and damaging.

          1. Stu,

            Had I used the word cult you might have had a point but sect is the proper and correct word to describe a group of like minded adherents to a religious view. I am not aware of another word which is not restrictive to a particular faith (denominations only seems to apply to protestant christian faith for instance) whereas sect can apply to a denomination, grouping or an entire faith.

            You are are as welcome to put forward your view of my language as I am to reject your analysis which I do.

  3. David Nottingham 5 Oct 2011, 2:07pm

    Marvellous! At this rate we should be rid of them all by next Tuesday…. and finally the Kirk can get on with the real business of preaching a gospel of love and not hatred.

    1. I would like to think that there will be a movement towards fairness and equality in the CofS and if that frightens some who hold intolerant views that are shrouded in hate, so be it …

  4. Fantastic news.

    It would appear that the Church of Scotland is falling apart.

    That is cause for great celebration – the smaller the church, the less toxic its influence on society.

    I hope this continues.

  5. Jock S. Trap 5 Oct 2011, 2:26pm

    Oh well ta ta…good riddance.

    1. I wanted to say ta ta :(

      1. You still can, Nathan … I don’t think Jock S Trap has trade marked it :-)

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:44am

          Not yet, I’ll wait tils it’s popular…

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:43am

        Personally I think a chorus of ‘ta ta”s would be excellent, Nathan. :)

        1. Can I add a “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”?

          1. “- or your arse either.”

  6. Spiritbody 5 Oct 2011, 2:49pm

    I sincerely hope these people that are resigning dont think that we’ve made them into victims, and feel forced into leaving a job they’ve loved for a long time. Cos thats not strictly true. They’re welcome to stay in the job. But their opinions on certain things may have to evolve. And if they feel like victims, well they ARE victims. But victims of their own making. Victims of their own bigotry and prejudices.

    1. Who cares what they think.
      As long as the church keeps breaking that is reason enough to celebrate.

      1. Now David, I’m no christian so don’t get me wrong here…

        But the Church does do a lot of good in the way of charity… And there are plenty of open minded, progressive christians in the world. The fact that the church is allowing gay men in is the reason these individuals have quit, let’s not forget that :)

        1. In the US, at least, nothing charitable done by religion is not fully duplicated in the secular world, and without the sermons.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:52am

      They being martyrs noting else. They don’t care what others think so why should we. They doing it purely for self interest to promote their own discrimination.

      Personally, I think the church should function better with out such people.

      I really could care less and they certainly ain’t getting my sympathies. They made their bigotted choose.

  7. Will they be taking their football with them while they go and sulk? So childish.

  8. Christine Beckett 5 Oct 2011, 3:44pm

    Bye, then!! :-)

  9. Good, three less to worry about.

  10. This is some of the best news in the church of scotland, they are weeding out the venumous abusers and hate poison, in their church this is the best way to help the saftey and harmony of the other families and children in the church that depend on them to have a peaceful loving atmosphere for all the people, where they all feel loved , the trouble makers and abusers are the hate groups and klans in any color of person that takes on this evil character, the churches that has stood up for equal rights and human rights should commend themselves for doing only what they should have been doing anyway, treating others fair and right, with kindness and teaching it to the childrein who many would still be alive it they where the real churches they should have been instead of church of satan promanading as christians and everyone no they are liars and false, you cant hate others out of just out of personal prejudice and do harm and be a good anything, stop wearing crosses and be good to people

  11. Hip hip HOORAY!

  12. Let the bums go they are either pedophiles or child abusers anyway. These so called “religious leaders” have lost their way, they no longer care for the “Christians” just the ones who give them money to hate gays and others who they can not control with their twisted religious ways. Like babies if they don’t get their way they leave and cry. Who cares about these haters. Once Upon a fairy tale time they pretended to care about people but now that they have to care about all of the people they are taking their toys and leaving. See what these people have become, these Christians have become vile hating devils, the very thing they say they are against hate and Satan and yet they are that themselves hateful and devils. They are no longer needed and the world will be better off with out the Christians hates, they can all go to hell where they belong.

  13. If they need a bus fare I’m more then willing to pay. Even to Vatican.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:53am

      Save your money for something more worth while, they’re just attention seeking.

  14. Don’t trust the Catholics and Christians, they are 2 faced snakes in the grass who think they are secret spies pretending to be gay and going to gay bars and clubs and everywhere else gays go to disrupt them and get information they give back to the Christian hate groups to attack and harm gays. A sure way to prove they are spies if you suspect they are Christian spies is to put your hand down their pants, (no joke) they will freak out, if they are really gay they will like it, another one I saw is a friend of mine though a guy at a club was a fake gay so he kissed him real good and he freaked out and ran away, Christians will not let you touch them unless they are really gay. Now you know what to do;)

    1. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 12:38am


  15. I wonder how the Catholics and Christians would like it if we had a book that said to stone them to death for being
    Catholic and Christians?

    1. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 12:40am

      Well, I’m sure some one has one somewhere dahling.

    2. Catholics are Christians (officially).

      1. Not sure if any of them are official – who would decide ? :)

  16. AS a Christian I just can’t understand this fight against LGBT people. I always wonder if those priest who fight against us are in fact just some gay people who decided to not accept themself as the Creator made them and they espect that we all should do the same…

    1. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 12:43am

      You only just thought of this? Dahling it goes all the way back to the Levites.

  17. Great stuff – now they’ll find out just how hard it is to get a job these days!

  18. Good for their reputation as a church now some people can no what real humanity looks like, instead of these fake christians and fake churches of satanic hate, JOel olstean is another bigot, someone needs to fine comb his private life from beginning to end, he is a bigot and someone said, there is still a video of him and his wife in the news medial news where his wife physically assaulted a minority woman in a bathroom and called her racist names, and the woman took her to court, on the news, They dont sound like the loving sweet christians they look like on tv now, check out who people really are when the cameras are off, bigots do evil and they do assault people and worst, and they are as organizations are tied into hate klans if you trace them , joel is one also, tell the hippocrites when they catch them with there pants down like jimmy swaggert and ted haggard, and others, EEddie long, an others what was that now you where bashing others to hell for

  19. Good – let us hope that their leaving makes room for better leaders with open hearts and minds.

  20. I see things slowly improving for the Church of Scotland. Although i am Jewish, one of my neighbours is a Church of Scotland Minister and she said that she is in favour of letting openly gay and lesbian ministers being appointed. Other of her collegues feel the same way too.

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