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Tennessee student says principal assaulted him for wearing gay rights t-shirt

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Reader comments

  1. And that would be assault. Call the cops and have his bigot arse thrown in jail, everyone loves teachers with criminal records and you cannot lay your hands on someone that way. Law stomp him hard.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 5 Oct 2011, 3:16pm

      Right on Vlasky. That principal just flushed his career down the loo. I hope that boy’s parents file a huge lawsuit against him, the school and school district.

      When the local authorities are done with him, the Feds could step in and charge the principal with a Federal Hate Crime.

    2. The cynic in me says that the cops won’t bother. They should, but I doubt it will get far.

      However, the optimist in me wants to see this teacher be punished.

    3. David Myers 5 Oct 2011, 11:46pm

      If the school board does not fire this as@hole, the parents should sue the school board. Nothing concentrates the minds of school board members and focusses their attentions on doing the right thing than lawsuits or threats of lawsuits.

  2. What hope does a school have when even it’s principal is a bully? Great example setting there. Let’s hope he gets dealt with properly.

  3. Disgusting behaviour!

    Regardless of who what or why the incident occured, the behaviour of the principle cannot be justified in any way…

  4. Why has the principal not been immediately suspended?

    In a case involving a teacher merely complaining about a homophobic tshirt being worn, the teacher was suspended.

  5. Staircase2 5 Oct 2011, 3:34pm

    What a dickhead that principle is!

    People like him really make me sick

    …What a tosser!

  6. A proud Canadian 5 Oct 2011, 4:46pm

    Almost impossible to believe that this person is acting as principal of a school full of young and vulnerable children in 2011 !!! Intolerable…..
    My most sincere congratulations to Mr. Chris Sigler for believing that every one has a right to be accepted for who they are…

  7. First of all where is this childs parents, that they should have kicked this principle ass for grabbing his arm and slamming this child into a wall and the chest bummping the boy with his huge body several times if the boy would have went into cardiac arrest are respiratory problems it could have cause major harm leading to you even death, he would not cared but i know my son has severe chest and respiratory problems and it could have triggered other major health problems othe children has disabeliies as well, the teachers and principles has no business puttting their hands on anyones child without that parents permissions, that assault and that is a crime if the boy was not trying to assault them they were in the wrong, and the princip;e should be arrested and fired and the school s;ued for insubordineate and behaviour and danger to a child out of racism and hate by a man that was klan with a prinicple title, you cannot allow these faculties, monsters to c ontinue to assault kids

    1. Possibly a good point, but poorly made!
      Sorry, but some punctuation would really help – this comment is just one long sentence and I can’t get the sense of it at all.

    2. David Myers 5 Oct 2011, 11:49pm

      Ray, this is carrie’s typical response mode. I don’t know why this happens, but I’ve come to accept carrie’s good intentions and forgive her “style”. Carrie does care and that’s what most important.

  8. Cops can also be bigots so get the ACLU to sue them for all they got, because the only thing the Christians like this school principle understand anymore is money, I think the Federal government in the USA needs to take over this kind of hate and discrimination to stop the gay hate that the Christians are causing to children. The Federal Government stepped in when the African Americans where being stopped by the White Christian people in the 1960’s so why not now that the gay children are being abused by school employees. Christians have lost their minds and religion and are now abusing children in schools, when they use to just rape and abuse children in their Christian/Catholic churches. Stop the Christians who hate gays movement. They are no longer religious leaders but sick and twisted losers who rape and abuse children around the world.

  9. Its the schools fault for not checking out the faculity they hire for hate groups and terrorism, before they hire them , and its the schools fault for not holding a conferencre meeting with all of the faculity incuding administrations, principles etc. about the fact that when school starts if any of them harm or harrasses any student for any reason from sex assaults . racism, overweight or any, they will be fired, and arrested for the assaults, they are their to teach acamdemics and to go home to their own individual families, and be courtieous to the children and families of the children and help where they can in civilized ways with the parents on call if needed, for meetings and advice, the schools have become terrorist camps with the t eachers and priniciples head of hate gangs in the schools and the task force and aclu must continue to take action against them until they clean it out, the parents need to continue to sue the schools as well and take them to the media. so others no

  10. jamestoronto 5 Oct 2011, 6:27pm

    What disgusting behaviour and from the principal no less!!! What kind of message does it send the bullies when he is out-bulying the bullies. But the is Tennessee we’re talking about where you not allowed to say the word gay in schools

    1. jamestoronto 5 Oct 2011, 6:28pm

      “this is tennessee” not “the is..”

  11. Nail him and make sure he doesn’t teach again.

  12. “Sigler claims that principal Maurice Moser, who previously threatened to punish students for publicising a proposed gay-straight alliance, grabbed his arm, shoved him and chest-bumped him repeatedly while asking “Who’s the big man now?””
    Funny, from my perspective the ‘big man’ status in this scenario hasn’t really shifted… people in positions of authority abusing their rank to chestbump students into submission for campaigning in favour of equality aren’t my definition of ‘big men’.
    Insecure man/ pathetic man/ modestly endowed man who’s just forfeited any borrowed moral authority he had are all acceptable substitutes.

    1. Indeed, I know who the big man is and it isn’t the principal. In fact, the principal is a tiny tiny tiny little worm of a man.

  13. Jack Scott 21 Oct 2011, 8:02am

    Another example of bigotry in school. It’s because of morons like this that kids are kiiing themselves. They should be ashamed.

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