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David Cameron urges Tories to back gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Amazing! I haven’t seen any of this but it certainly sounds very unconservative…Did anyone put the camera on Tebbit, leigh or Helmer after he said it?

    1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:23pm

      I wish they had!

    2. Does sound very unconservative but I saw it and I believed Cameron when he said it … and there was applause … not what I expect from the Tories lol!

      1. bearshaped 5 Oct 2011, 4:41pm

        I don’t believe a word of it.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 7:53am

          Your choice of course but you either want progress or you don’t.

      2. Gay marriage is unconservative? Cameron made the point very well that being a conservatives means you should automatically support gay marriage. Conservatisim is about commitment, after all.

    3. OMG – sounds extraordinary !!!

    4. Tebbit, Helmer and Leigh…. dying voice sin the marriage when it comes to LGBT issues. But they are entitled to their views, despite me disagreeing with their bigoted views,

      1. Oppos, should be, ‘dying voices in the party’.

    5. bystander 5 Oct 2011, 6:28pm

      It was delivered with passion too and he didn’t shirk plain speaking – there was no euphemistic toning done to appease the tory grandees. He is not bending to them but is basically saying, if you dont like it – tough.

    6. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 7:52am

      No they didn’t but then this wasn’t about them, those of the past. this is about the here and now in 2011. We hear enough negative thanks to mainly the media lets not spoil this massive step forward… for now.

  2. This consultation is taking a long time and do you seriously think the Tories will be wanting to support gay marriage in the run up to the 2015 General Elections?

    I don’t thing so!

    1. Clegg's Driver 5 Oct 2011, 4:09pm

      Don’t be so bloody negative. Cameron, regardless of which party one supports, is turning out to be one of the most pro-equality PMs of all time. May even vote Tory next time round…!!

      1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:21pm

        Not a sound reason!

        1. I have not been persuaded to vote Tory yet – and their performance (or lack of it) on the economy etc will be a key factor in my decision making processes ….

          That said, Camerons movements on LGBT issues and in particular his unambiguous stance on equal marriage, means there is one less barrier they have to overcome to persuade me

          1. Cameron is the ONLY PM to support same sex marriage and the ONLY party leader to stand on at a conference and say that.

        2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 7:59am

          Nor is taking such a positive speech and using it as a negative. I realise it means for some they will be disappointed because Tory bashing is their sport but it comes down to this… you either want this equality or you don’t but don’t hen peck which party or who does it, rejoice in th efact it is happening.

          We’re going to hear plenty of negatives, that tends to be all the media print so lets take this for the very much the now and enjoy it.

      2. So have they set a gay marriage date then, NO! They have not!

        Furthermore I have been try to set up a community garden in my town. But because I’m Gay, the local Tories are blocking it. So his big idea for supporting your local communities does not apply to gay people, it would seem.

        Typical Tory all mouth and no action!!

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:09am

          Yeah, coz you remember all the PMs, Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown all stood up and rallied their support for mariage Equality…. oh wait no they didn’t.

          Cameron could have easily chosen to take what most in his position would and simply not mentioned it, to be safe but he flew in that face and went for it. Yes knowing some would take issue but still he stands up and clearly wants to make a decision for the better. This has to be applauded.

          Now you either support marriage Equality or you don’t but don’t be all two faced about who should and who shouldn’t be doing this.

          Prehaps you’d prefer to wait for Ed Miliband to do this, stuff all progress until they back in? Here’s a thing, 1) I very much doubt Ed Miliband will ever be PM and 2) forgive me but I don’t remember Ed Miliband going out on a limb to announce this kind of action.

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:10am

            If you don’t want this equality fine but don’t stop the rest of us from having the choice because I hope to be in line when this equality comes into being by 2015, finally.

    2. You could be wrong. Every floating vote will count in 2015.

    3. pat-o-001 5 Oct 2011, 6:00pm

      Cameron committed to it in a speech today didn’t he?

      What do you want him to do – write a commitment in blood?

    4. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 7:56am

      Guess he never had to make such a public speech about it but hey he did esp when most wouldn’t. If you saw it you would have seen that he clearly believed what he said and believe in was in the best interests of both his party and the country.

      I for one was very proud to hear it.

  3. We’re very lucky to have such a pro-gay government that understands the need for equality and equal marriage rights.

    1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:23pm

      We don’t! What we have is a government that is taking an age on a consultation but a Prime minister who is taking a bit of a lead. All credit to him even if it is slightly opportunist.

      1. So the consultation is about HOW rather than IF or WHEN

        explain to me again how Featherstone, Cameron and the government are not taking a lead on this …

        Precisely what are the stances of Milliband, Cooper and Labour on this – they were inadequate in their conference on the issue of LGBT equality and fairness

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:14am

          Exactly. I don’t remember any such speech at last weeks Labour party conference. They could have made it policy but I don’t think our community even got a mention.

      2. Dan, give us some evidence in how LGBT equality is going back to the stone ages? I am expecting lots of it….

      3. bystander 5 Oct 2011, 6:39pm

        “Opportunist” (sic). Yes, what better opportunity to announce it than the Tory Party Conference. That’s what its there for !!!!!! Der.

      4. Dan, we know you have a political agenda, which is Anti tory. But why not put aside your party politics for the labour party, and welcome this excellent news.

      5. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:13am

        Er, I think Dan the speech yesterday begs to differ. Mr Cameron is clearly taking the lead and it’s about time.

        Lets not choose who can give us Equality and who shouldn’t. It really does us no favours.

    2. dave wainwright 5 Oct 2011, 7:02pm

      you are deluded , this bunch of tossers will do anything for a vote , and they need every vote they can get, and they know it .

      1. Dave Wainwright’s logic:

        Cameron announces his commitment to same sex marriage demonstrates he will do anything for votes (like giving gay people equality is a bad thing!).


        Cameron announces he is against same sex marriage is also doing anything for votes – the bigoted vote.

        Truth is, he can’t win with you.

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:17am

        Yeah coz this kind of speech comes up all the time…. Guess some won’t ever be happy if this government make mores to equality.

        Carry On…. Moaning!

    3. Wow what happened to Pinknews, a few weeks ago there were few post now there are a lot more, seems the Christians have found Pinknews and are pretending to be gay and respond with some of their religious confusion. But there are some like Cleggy who is not hiding in the closet and who comes out to bash gays in his own way. It seems after the Reddit Christians go wind of this site were gay could post truth in the news and respond they had to come over to bash and hate on it like they do on their site. Try saying something anti-Christian on reddit and see what happens, and they are located in America the land of the free LOL.

  4. Interesting that he is the only leader to mention gay marriage in his keynote, and while a consultation period is b.s I would give the man props for putting it in the face of his party when he presumably had a choice of speech content.

    1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:24pm

      Yes credit where it is due.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:18am

      Here! Here! Exactly!!

  5. This consultation is taking a long time?

    1. There is something wrong with this comments, one minuet it’s showing it and the next it’s not showing the comments.

      1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:25pm

        I noticed this too.

        1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:26pm

          and now they are back again!

    2. And why do bloody christians need to be consulted about our human rights?

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:20am

        Not sure they are but guess they will have to but on the condition that this is about civil marriage and they have no claim on it.

  6. He’s right in his analysis, and it’s quite courageous to put it in his speech. However, I’m still worried about the risk of destruction of our educational system, particularly higher education, and our infrastructure, by cuts that are too deep. No one can afford degrees, let alone long 7 year courses to be a doctor or architect.

    I’m far from convinced they have the economics right.

    1. University is free, you repay back after you graduate. You repay only on earnings after 21k and the ‘debt’ is wiped out after 30 years. The ‘debt’ does not appear on any financial information you provide for a mortgage or commercial loan. You only pay what you can afford. Most people will have a chunk of their ‘debt’ written off. The new fee system acts like a graduate tax but starts after earnings over 21k not 7.5K, the current tax threshold. The new system will see an increase in the amount universities offer the poorest in terms of support whilst they study and there will be an increase in maintenance grants therefore allowing the student to have a better standard of living at university.

      Everyone can ‘afford’ to go university.

      1. “University is free, you repay back after you graduate.” Er, so it’s not free. Many people will be put off by having to start their working life with a debt that is bigger than most first time mortgages, and will last their whole working life. It’s quite scary for a youngster.

  7. Just skimmed through his speech in Daily Hail Online, and I can’t see a single mention of the equal marriage bit. Funny that.

    1. Dan Filson 5 Oct 2011, 4:26pm

      Asinine of the Mail to be cuaght censoring one of the most noteworthy parts of his speech!

      1. Well put!

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:22am

      Probably a blessing but am surprised.

  8. gay mariiage is conservative in the best way. family, social bonds etc.

    its also liberal in the best way. freedom and equality.

    1. Exactly right. It’s what we should expect from parties that want to promote social stability and that at least pay lip service to individual freedoms and rights.Having said that and knowing what the old tory party was like it would have taken guts for a tory party leader to raise this in his keynote speech.
      We shouldn’t forget that the tories have more out LGBT than the rest of the House of Commons put together.

    2. Marriage is not equality. Some of us stll live in violent parts of the UK where survival is more important. Criminalise anti gay speech and I will beleive we have equality

      1. Marriage is part of equality …

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 3:38pm

          Marriage is an important part of Equality..

  9. Xaria, exactly right and same-sex marriage IS a very conservative thing. Every reason why the Tory party should and must support it. Well done, Cameron, he’s gone from considering to supporting it, a huge leap. I think if Miliband, who supports its, gets his party to endorse it, the Tory party won’t have any choice but to endorse it officially.

    Cleggy,the Tories not supporting marriage equality woudn’t bode well for the 2015 election. They only just scraped through last year’s election with a hung parliament and some gay votes. Interesting that it chose the Liberal Democratic Party, the only one officialy endorsing it. Speaks volumes.

  10. Apologies for some of the misspelled words in my last post.

  11. Gay tories… turkeys voting for christmas. The only reasons Cameron’s trying to get his party to support this is because he knows it’s an important Lib Dem policy and after stiffing us over fees etc is trying to curry favour.

    1. What a load of rubbish you spout.

      Do your research, it was Cameron that actually persuaded the government to adopt this issue into policy.

    2. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 5:48pm

      That’s a bit bitter, Charley. Look on the upside – it makes life brighter.

    3. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:25am

      Actually, I’m wondering if Sam’ Cam is more behind this than you’d clearly like to think. She is clearly a big supporter so while a degree may be because of the Lib Dems I do get the sense that it’s not entirely.

  12. I remember many people saying the Tories, in particular David Cameron needs to come out in support of same sex marriage to some the evidence needed to show his support for LGBT equality. Now we have that, he said it in front of his own party and the party applauded that.

    Yet some of you are still not happy. It is great progress, we will get same sex marriage before 2015. The implementation of this needs to be complete before many of the critics can be won over.

    Won over, not in becoming a Tory but having the knowledge all three major parties support LGBT rights. Surely this is what we want?

    Well Done David Cameron, very proud of what you said today.

    1. It’s great but Channel 4 News has said that many in the hall did not applaud that. So it may depend on Cameron remaining leader?

      1. There will be some opposition to same sex marriage in the Tory party but these people are a minority and fading away with every new day. I watched the speech on the BBC and most people were clapping at the announcement.

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:31am

        I Very much doubt Cameron is going to be ousted in the next few years somehow. He deffo is unlikely to be given the boot before the next general election as I strongly suspect they win on a majority.

        It’s all very well carrying on with this if he remains leader business but I don’t see the logic in it. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be.

        Prehaps you can see something I can’t? Why would he be ousted?

        1. But if they win a majority, they then repeal everyone’s human rights, then an authoritarian government gets in and does to us what they like. It’s happened in other places.

          1. I would only vote Tory if they dropped all ideas of repealing our human rights.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:27am

      Sadly, some will never be happy just simply because of who is doing it. Trouble they don’t see the damage that in itself does. How can we say we want Equality but be selective about who does it. It’s just not right.

  13. Young Gay Voter 5 Oct 2011, 5:13pm

    Cameron already supported civil partnerships in 2005.

    The world has changed, Britain has changed and seemingly the Conservative Party has changed. The day when being gay is simply a non-issue between the parties is a day when we can celebrate true progress.

    If you want gay politics and gay rights to forever be just a side issue of the left and centre-left, if that’s what gay rights means to you and people like you, I’d much rather have the real equality that now seems to be coming to place.

    Your vision of gay politics is old and tired. I am young and I sometimes think that older gay people are still stuck in this 1980s mentality of ‘the left love us, the right hate us’. You seem to want to pigeon hole the politics of all gay people, we should have your political vision shoved wholesale down our throats.

    (continued, feel like a rant, sorry)

    1. Young Gay Voter 5 Oct 2011, 5:18pm

      The reality is that almost everyone in my generation, gay and straight, supports gay equality. Another reality that you need to understand is that gay people do not constitute one uniform political block. In your vision of gay politics, gay people must all agree on fiscal policy, NHS reform, law and order and justice. Gay people are individuals like everyone else, you can find gay people who support the deficit reduction place and gay people who are against it.

      The day is coming where as gay people we can make informed voting decision as individuals and not as some uniform bloc of the left. This sounds like real equality to me.

      1. Couldn’t agree more.

        The day LGBT issues become an irrelevance to the party you support is the day we have equality in politics. Today is another step in that direction, Whatever your political views, you surely must support this?

      2. bystander 5 Oct 2011, 6:19pm

        Well said.

      3. Its definite progress. The strange thing is that some people genuinely fight for equality, but get frightened of losing their empire when it gets nearer

      4. dave wainwright 5 Oct 2011, 7:05pm

        How sweet so young , naive and gullible and still has faith in politics and politicians HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I sincerely hope you don’t find out , as we found out , by experience , I wouldn’t wish to be around when your bubble of enthusiasm is burst by stark reality.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:36am

          Some people are never happy unless their truely miserable.

      5. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:35am

        Excellent comment Young Gay Voter!!

      6. Real equality is knowing that the shop front church next to the lidl is not preaching that you are ill or the mosque is not preaching that you should be killed. When people get locked up for that then I will beleive we have equality

        1. Thats another aspect of equality.

          To be fair there are aspects of equality in every aspect of life, having relationships respected and given equal value and status is one aspect, being treated fairly and appropriately is another, access to services is another etc etc

  14. A report on Twitter suggest a number of MPS/delegates left the hall on the announcement of gay marriage.

    It was a report from a Daily Fail journalist at the event … so make of that what you will :/

    1. How many and who left?

      As a Tory, if they don’t believe in marriage equality, a conservative principle then leave the party.

      BTW, every party has individuals in it that are against equality for LGBT people, it’s up to all of us, Labour, Tory, Liberal etc to root them out. Cam decided to do it on stage.

      1. I just saw this on Newsnight and I could clearly see there were MANY in the hall who’s hands stayed firmly in their laps while others applauded. Cameron may speak – but who is he speaking for? Not the mainstream Tory party I think.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:40am

          Sorry but whilst I fully expected some who be negative I saw many applaud this piece as well as cheer it on.

        2. Are we surprised that some people in the Conservative party don’t agree with or like Camerons approach to equality in marriage?

          There are people against marriage equality in all the major political parties

          Does that mean Camerons stance is any less valueable? Not to my mind

        3. LOL, some people will do anything to put a negative spin on this fantastic announcement to a Conservative conference. Grow up mate!

          Ray, I watched Newsnight and the ONLY people I saw not clapping were two old people at the front, everyone else were clapping and it was loud one too. There were bound to be some people not clapping, we all knew that, especially those who think the Tories eat babies for breakfast! Why are they acting so surprised at two old people at the front not clapping to Cameron’s gay marriage announcement? There are people from every party that are against same sex marriage.

          Mainstream Tory party supports same sex marriage, this is a remarkable achievement for a right of centre party,. Many right of centre parties around the world do not share this view, The Tories in the UK in the future will be seen as a model for many right wing parties when they finally catch up with reality.

          Cameron was speaking to the Tories and to the country, that was clear.

          1. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 9:15am

            and to be fair I did notice that those two older people at the front didn’t clap to anything til the very end and they just look miserable throughout….

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:38am

      “It was a report from a Daily Fail journalist at the event”

      Ok and….? It’s the Daily Mail for pucks sake, what do you expect.

      1. Tony Blair, arguable Labour’s best pro gay rights Prime MInister was booed by Labour supporters last week. Care to comment on that?

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 10:25am

          I think it says a lot about where the Labour Party is at the moment and probably why they are unelectable…. not just because of Ed Miliband.

  15. We do seem to be seeing a new face to Conservatism (it’s wasn’t very conservative to support LGBT rights not too long ago) but there’s till those old dogs in the house of lords, have they changed or died off or just gone off to the old people homes? Just hope Cameron’s words have some effect on them, I’m sure if Cameron is for “gay” marriage (funny he uses the term gay marriage) then the rest of his party in the lower house will follow but what happens to those old lords and ladies and bishops?

    1. jamestoronto 5 Oct 2011, 7:05pm

      If the House of Commons passes the bill by a healthy majority, I suspect a good number of the Lords will have a cold or flu the day their vote comes up. Non-commital may be their best strategy.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:49am

      As much as I prefer Marriage Equality I do see why he said Gay marriage. I can just see the bigots now if he just stated marriage Equality. We’ve all seen the pillocks and their arguments about marrying family, animals, oh and why just one… that boring ol crap like that. At least he said what he’s actually talking about giving no room for bigots to pick.

  16. Good for him – apart from anything else, it is laudable that something so concrete on l&g rights should be mentioned in an otherwise usual leader’s end-of-conference speech (feel-good, cheer-the-troops, no-detail). Still deplore him as a whore of unregulated capitalism, of course, but he gets a chocky for this. It will keep Labour and the LibDems on their toes about the issue, as well.

    1. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 5:47pm

      > Still deplore him as a whore of unregulated capitalism

      That is as realistic as describing Ed Miliband as a whore of communism.

      1. More realistic, I’d say. All mainline politicians are basically clients of financial and corporate interests today(you know – the folk who don’t like regulation), it’s just that the Tories positively orgasm over it. Miliband is a bit more sheepish about it.
        But I still say kudos to call-me-Dave over this. Not least because there are fruitcakes in his party who will be sticking pins in a wax image of him over it.

      2. Milliband isn’t asking for a communist state, is he?

        1. Don’t think so. It’s difficult to know what he’s asking for at all.

          1. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 9:17am

            Or indeed what he stands for.

  17. Peter & Michael 5 Oct 2011, 5:40pm

    Well, plenty of clapping of hands, but we need action on Gay Marriage from politicians, we feel that we have waited long enough and from what we understand it will take till 2015 to have Gay Marriage enacted. Surely, with equality legislation passing through Parliament, Gay Marriage can be realised within a year.

  18. The indonesia gay couple is here in the us and like david cameron says all gay marriages anyone has to be honored and the human rights and aclu, and other organizaitons has to proceed, continually until they have a nation wide and country wide human rights equal rights forums and commuities with strusctures in it , for all the people , in order to have positive todays and tomorrows, you cannot allow, racist and bigots who are terrorist to destroy the nation like they have been doing, the nation must stand up as communities and families gay and hetersexual alliances both against it and its evils which damages and harms the masses of peaceful and freindly families otherwise, and their communites, they just found out one of our texas governors belongs to the klu klux klan, of curse every senator or officail who is a bigot and a hatemonger is always secretly or openly tied into the klan , you just have to trace their associates in secret and connections and phone connections hidden clubs

    1. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 5:52pm

      > you cannot allow, racist and bigots who are terrorist to destroy the nation

      > they just found out one of our texas governors belongs to the klu klux klan, of curse every senator or officail who is a bigot and a hatemonger is always secretly or openly tied into the klan

      I’m not sure that those who disagree with gay marriage can be described as terrorists who wish to destroy the nation.

      It is also delusional to think that all Texas governors have belonged to the KKK.

  19. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 5:50pm

    I am not sure if people realise the significance of the speech. A Prime Minister on the political right has stated that gay people should have equality and gay marriage. In itself, that is an enormous statement and one which Barack Obama in America has been unable to make – despite him being on the left.

    If the Prime Minister of the Conservative Party is speaking up for gay marriage then we know that society and politics has changed for the better.

    1. Add “in the UK” to your statement.
      We’ll have gay marriage just before America gets a repeal of DOMA.
      I bet America starts another war before all this, that’s always their highest priority.

    2. dave wainwright 5 Oct 2011, 7:01pm

      nothing whatsoever to do with the conservatives needing every possible vote they can get at the next election, the NASTY party like a leopard doesn’t change its spots , when cornered it just gets even more ruthless in its determination and ludicrous in its absurdity .

      1. bystander 5 Oct 2011, 9:03pm

        Pathetic. Blah blah blah. Same old socialist crap.

        1. I think Dave Wainright may be Ed Hilibillyband with the way he spouts his anti-Cameron crap

      2. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 10:02pm

        The Conservatives need every vote – just like every other political party. It has “changed its spots” in that it now supports gay marriage.

        I cannot see what is ludicrous or absurd in the Conservative party adopting more modern liberalism and embracing gay marriage.

        1. We don’t have a one man party. Take a good look at the majority of conservatives and see if they are going to allow CaMoron an easy ride on his token PR stunt. Take for example the 3 times postponing of a useless consultation, delaying a process by a whole year… that is a little real taste of things to come … so if by 2015, yawnnnn, he manages to still be in power, a difficult bet in itself, AND get his mostly homophobic backbenchers to support him, it’ll be a miracle…

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:00am

            Yeah. best they do nothing eh? That would happy and you could keep boring us with you constant moaning about how the Tories are going to remove all our rights. Trouble I think it’s what You campaign for.

            How is it right to want equality but choose who gives it to us?

            You argument, as usual, is seriously flawed and without any logic. Why would a Prime Minister be removed? He’s doing the job, he at the forefront taking leadership. It is most unlikely that he will be pushed out. They’ll want a second term so all this talk is unrealistic.

            It tends to be the Lib Dems who have a habit of stabbing a popular leader in the back for personal ambitions but not Tory or Labour’s way.

            It sounds like you want this party to fail on Equality but heres the point, I don’t remember Labour making such a stand last week and had Labour won and remained under Gordon Brown we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

        2. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 9:03am

          You have called a Conservative Prime Minister promoting gay marriage as no more than a “token PR stunt”.

          Ignoring the erasing of previous sex-related convictions for gay individuals and a public announcement on television in favour of gay marriage, you have instead pointed towards a delayed consultation period as showing “a little real taste of things to come”.

          You have reacted with the response “yawn” to the prospect of gay marriage being legislated before the next general election.

          Let others here pass their comments upon you observations.

      3. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 8:54am

        Most woul dhave left out that part of the speech. The fact Cameron took it upon himself to highlight this is very much a good thing and nothing to do with votes. It’s called progress. I guess that in itself may gain them some votes but probably loose some from the religious extremist.

        Your comment is very limiting.

        1. The Tories have already failed on Equality. This Govt is about hot air and PR stunts, and of course, stealing from the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. CaMoron’s own electorate think he is disaster now, and are thinking in voting UKIP and BNP next time. His premiership will tend to decline in popularity in the next few years. Wake up Alice…

          1. Your comments on the approach of the Conservatives to equal marriage is irrelevant. Your rampant rhetoric has been shown to be false. Your claims that this government would never advance on equal marriage was misguided partisan ignorant rhetoric.

            You were wrong, and your comments can only be viewed as irrelevant in the light of that.

          2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 3:49pm

            Really – So what did Labour do in it’s first 3 years compared to this coalition government of 18 months?

            Whats happened so far?

            Well outdated convictions are to be removed so they can’t be used against a person.
            Civil Partnerships are going ahead for religions that wish to do them.
            Blood donations have been reduced from a lifetime ban to a yrs.
            We are to get Marriage Equality by 2015.
            Opened office to tackle homophobia in other country where the laws are even worse than ours.
            David Cameron is personally interested in combating homophobic bullying.
            David Cameron is publically seeking help with projects such as HIV, sports, etc
            David Cameron is publically telling his party he is for Marriage Equality and it’s not long if or when but how….

          3. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 3:52pm

            Sorry but thats not a record to be ashamed of in 18 months of power and leadership esp when it’s more than what Labour did in their first 18months. Yes I know did do plenty of good things but your moaning just for the sake of moaning, I mean seriously, your almost as bigotted as those you accuse…. did I say almost?

    3. I agree… this is a momentous event in the UK…… quite astounding too !!!

    4. It’s not equality you can say anti gay things in church and get away with it. Make anti gay rants a criminal offence like racism or anti semitism and I will beleive we have equality

  20. It will be interesting to see if Northern Ireland implement this aswell since they’re keeping their homophobic blood ban.

  21. Obama and the democratic party especially patrick laehy, has supposed to been ingrapheted a new bill to stop wrongful deportation, and that is if the couple or individual or families have not committed violent crimes against others, and harmed others then you have no basis to deport them nor arrest them , which would be a wrongful and illegal arrest of innocent people, who have done nothing wrong, their race , their gender, their sexual orientations , is not and never ever is a crime, but evil raisist who are a crime against humanity have in the past and still tries to make up illegal and wrongful laws of ab;use of others , like they wrote that all minorites had to sit in the back of the bus, or be arrested, and the water fountaing , and the restraunt ordeal , and even white women for voting and having a voeice they abused masses of minorites by illegal and wrongful laws written by racist gangster and biggots mainly men back then, but now some ignorant women assinines, do others harm

  22. pat-o-001 5 Oct 2011, 5:59pm

    Where are those stupid Labour party supporters now?

    Labour are a bunch of LOSERS. They had years to do this and never did.

    Good on the Conservatives and Lib Dems.

    1. Without CPs, there would be no marriage. Stop living in a dream.

      1. pat-o-001 6 Oct 2011, 7:27am

        I wouldn’t say that – Spain, Argentina and Portugal legislated straight for marriage – the Tories may well have done that had CPs not existed. Labour are LOSERS. Hahahahahahaha. Excellent. I am so glad.

        1. “Labour are LOSERS. Hahahahahahaha. Excellent. I am so glad.”

          What are you, 5 years old? Grow up for christ sake, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  23. The aclu and human rights organizations need make sure they are up at the white house and in Obamas face after giving meeting globally and running to their organizations for their votes, telling about how fair he is and is standing for equal rights, you need to remind him he has no escuse to lie if they try and deport a gay couple from indonesia, because they are gay , they have not commited violent crimes either , so he only reason would be because they are gay and immagrants and that blatant discrimination, and abuse, and Obama ;The nation is already watching his ass, and actions , checking his true stand, for equal rights and against injustice, his ratings are poor because he has been wavering in both areas, and have had to be prodded by people such as the civil rights leaders and others , simply to do what he himself as a minority and a descent human being would do anyway, You acess the needs and fix them , roll up your sleeves and dont kiss ass and bown nose, an dont need ass pats

  24. Luke, quite. If the Tory party adopts it as offiical policy,it’s a done deal. There’s no way Labour could be left out in the cold on this one if that happens.

    John, I wouldn’t worry too much about the clerics in the House of Lords. I believe ther are only 28 of them, smaller than usual number. They can rant all they want, they won’t be the majority if the Tories endorse it.

    de Villiers, exactly right.

  25. Cameron’s alright.

    And the deal is that gay people pay their taxes, abide by and don’t break the same laws as law-abiding, taxpaying straights. Why should gays, who put into the economy of their country of birth, receive only partial rights, when many straights i.e. not even born in the UK and who have never paid half the taxes a gay national may have done, or a straight who can claim benefits fraudulently and still be able to marry – though they put nothing into the system and only take? The balance needs redressing.

    1. I understand the sentiment, but this post is totally lacking in logic.

  26. I’m really torn on this government because I can’t stand the austerity measures, but Cameron’s been behind us all the way so far, if you’ll excuse the pun. ;)

  27. The proposition 8 hate mongers are and example of bad government bigots who commite hate crimes and other abuses of their titles, and should never ever be allowed to adress a court room or waste time of any organizations with their mess and bigottry, these are the crime elements of our nation wake up who the hell do you think has all of these homeland problems and wars going , children committing suicide, and and harrassed in schools , the problems and crimiology of bigots in actions and pulpits, the monsters have to be stopped no what they cannot have is hetersexual bigots , who are the problem everywhere making decisions for the rest of the ciilized communities and families who get along well without bigotry bothering their families and friends, the hetersexual are the one comminting almost all of the crimes in our nations, so why the hell do you thinkd that their asses, should be making calls on gay marriage, when they are in divorce court everyday, because of the hetersexual evils,

    1. bystander 5 Oct 2011, 6:42pm

      Oh for god’s sake take your barely literate verbal diarrhea elsewhere will you.

      1. Gayseraph 6 Oct 2011, 9:30pm

        I’m afraid that complaining isn’t going to help, I really don’t think she even looks at the replies to her comments

    2. I agree with bystander.

    3. Well, whatever else they do in American schools, teaching basic grammar and spelling isn’t among them, obviously.
      Are they ALL illiterate, or is it just the uneducated who post on here?
      Sorry to moan, but it’s impossible to get any sense from misspelt and badly composed comments.

  28. Just a lot of propaganda.

    1. pat-o-001 6 Oct 2011, 7:28am

      Get a life idiot. Why would the PM make a televised speech if he wasn’t committed to it. All of you Labour losers just can’t handle the fact that the Tories have changed and the Tories and Lib Dems are now leading social change.

    2. “Just a lot of propaganda.”

      Did you say that when Civil Partnerships were brought in?

      I bet you did,

      And I’m laughing now. Denial is a popular pastime for you, iisn’t it Matt?


  29. jamestoronto 5 Oct 2011, 6:56pm

    He is sounding more and more like what we would call a “Red Tory” – fiscally Conservative but socially quite Liberal (red being the colour of the LIberal Party.) A most interesting speech and not one one would hear from conservatives anywhere. I am trying to imagine this speech at a Republican convention!!! Booing wouldn’t even begin to describe the venom that would spew forth.

    1. But as Cameron said, marriage for gays is socially conservative in essence. That’s obvious. It’s just that the Republicans have become beholden to religious extremists. Polls show most Americans support marriage equality too.

    2. If he were still alive today I could well imagine the late Sen. Barry Goldwater saying something pretty similar.

      1. Father Jack 6 Oct 2011, 12:02am

        For sure!

    3. Marriage does not equal equality. Use the n word get locked up use the f word and nothing happens. Lock people up for anti gay rants and I will beleive we have equality. Everyone knows you can kill a fag and get away with it

      1. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 9:05am


        1. build a solid foundation criminalise anti gay speech

          1. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 5:59pm

            Those are not mutually exclusive.

  30. dave wainwright 5 Oct 2011, 6:56pm

    He also once promised the NHS was safe in tory hands HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA !

    1. The only party that is increasing NHS spending in England and making sure an organisation that asks for so much more is being modernised, in fact, Labour’s reforms continued.

    2. Well, until it can be sold at a profit perhaps…

    3. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 10:05pm

      Et alors? What has a bad health policy got to do with the introduction of gay marriage or praise for that particular measure?

      1. Father Jack 6 Oct 2011, 12:04am

        The implication is politicians promises are not worth much.

        1. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 9:07am

          Public pronouncements on the equality of gay life and gay families are worth a hundred other promises because they change the political mood and the prevailing climate towards gay equality.

  31. I remember before the election the lib dems promised not to raise tuition fees. They did. Labour promised not to raise the top level of income tax. They did. Cameron urges tories to back gay marriage. Let’s wait and see. I’m not holding my breath. I’d love to hear baroness warsi say she supports gay marriage. What I don’t get is why the consultation. They don’t have consultations for any other laws. Seems like a lot of time wasting to me. They either support it, or they don’t. Are the conservative party pro gay marriage or not? Does anyone know?

    1. They do have lots of commissions and consultations, they’re all annoying to be honest but it’s not just same sex marriage that’s for sure.

      Are the Tories pro gay rights, well, their leader has pledged the party’s support for marriage equality and the conference applauded it.

      1. Not pro gay rights, I know they’ve moved on that. But are they pro gay marriage? Will it be in their next manifesto? I’m assuming we won’t get marriage equality before the next election.

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 9:23am

          Have you not been listening? This whole thing about ‘Gay’ Marriage is to be in by 2015. It’s now not if or when but how.

          So if we get it by the 2015 there wouldn’t be a need for it to be on any manifesto coz it will have already been acted on. This is what it’s all about.

          1. Calm down. What is your problem with me?

    2. Maybe they want to hear from us how we would like to convert our CP’s. I can’t afford another ceremony.

      As for baroness warsi, I guess she would state the party line, through that famous sneer.

      1. John Antrobus 5 Oct 2011, 9:13pm

        They should offer a free CP to Marriage upgrade to anyone who wants one, preferably online. After all, we’ve already paid once and if we have to pay again, or go through any further formality or administrative burden, then that’ll be something else that’s not equal.

        I thought that CPs were second best at the outset but had one anyway because I couldn’t wait for marriage equality (I expected it to be a way off and needed to secure inheritance tax exhemption for my partner (as it turns out, I’m still here!)), but I shouldn’t be penalised for that. I should get what I should have got in the first place at no additional cost or inconvenience to me.

        1. Father Jack 6 Oct 2011, 12:08am

          Good idea!

    3. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 9:08am

      There are consultations for most issues of policy.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:04am

      Well guess we are expecting that but the fact remains Civil Marriage has nothing to do with religion. They should keep their conks out of it.

  32. This may be the only good thing he’s doing.

    ..but speaking of equality – what about the change in employment law to make it more difficult for an unfairly treated employee to go to tribunal? Are they likely to be able to afford £150 to start one and then £1000 for a hearing?

  33. John Antrobus 5 Oct 2011, 9:27pm

    I agree with Mr Cameron that it’s about equality, but commitment? No.

    My partner an I have been together for forty years and I don’t know any couple more committed to each other than us. No ceremony or vows or pieces of paper could increase that commitment and our CP five years ago made not the slightest difference to our feelings for each other. It was about pensions and tax.

    On the other hand, I do know plenty of married couples who don’t seem very committed to each other at all, so, so much for their ceremonies, vows and pieces of paper.

    1. Peter & Michael 6 Oct 2011, 7:27am

      Hi, we agree with you, we have always wanted to have our relationship of 30 yrs recognised, as you say the CP was the only way at that time to be both recognised for equality issues, pensions, etc. Yes you are right, we too are commited to each other, but we look forward to a Same-Sex marriage as soon as possible, we should not be repressed any longer, no hospital or business cannot discriminate like they did in the past. Same Sex marriage is our right even though many gay people think that we are imitating hetrosexuals.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 10:20am

      Good point but committment through marriage is also what shows other how committed we are.

  34. Great news about Cameron’s comments on gay marriage. It’s almost enough to make me think they might have changed a bit !

    But sadly there’s a sting in the tail – he’s going to use the tax system to penalise single people. Nasty, very nasty. What next, re-introduction of the Ducking Stool?

    Quite apart from being none of the state’s business to meddle in such personal decisions (aren’t they supposed to be in favour of small government, not control freakery?), their logic is fatally flawed. Caring, stable people may well choose to get married to formalise their relationship, but that doesn’t mean that those who get married just to get a tax break will therefore become caring and stable.

    1. de Villiers 5 Oct 2011, 10:08pm

      I understand that the policy is not that the tax system will not penalise single people but that it will act not to penalise couples. Single individuals receive higher level of individual welfare benefits than couples and those anomalies are to be addressed.

      1. As I understand things, they are proposing to advantage married couples, so single people will be treated less favourably, hence discriminated against in relative terms. Secondly, they won’t treat unmarried couples in the same way, so it’s discrimination against the unmarried.

        Presumably widows and widowers will also be considered to be similar social outcasts and will lose out the marriage bonus? Nasty. All seems pretty medieval to me, not what a genuinely modern Tory party should be about.

  35. why does this article go on for so long about non-gay related subjects?

  36. You’re mental.

  37. Oh, p1ss off.

  38. Of all the chubby-faced, prattishly smug chaps only Osborne seems more smackable but, to give credit where credit’s due, good for Cameron for sticking to ideas that in many ways will not make him popular with the majority of his supporters.

    1. Peter & Michael 7 Oct 2011, 8:20am

      Osborne has always been on our side, perhaps you mean Hague?

  39. Have the tories done anything yet for gay equality? Just wondered?

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:09am

      Ask yourself what Labour did in it’s first 3 years of power compared to this coalitions in 18 months.

      1. Chill. I was only asking. I don’t vote labour.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:00pm

          But you did ask the question right?

          1. Yes, but you didn’t answer it, mr angry. You just asked another question. Your issues, not mine. I’m not a labour supporter. So why bring labour up?

      2. Yes, what have the coalition done in 18 months for gay rights?
        One thing was scrapping part of the Equality Duty as I remember which would of supported gay rights!!!

        1. What part of the equality act was scrapped Cleggy?

          I have already said what the coalition have done the last 16 months they have been in power for.

    2. Gay historic convictions wiped.
      2 x Gay pride at Number 10 has continued.
      Action on homophobia in sport.
      Action on homophobia in schools – was in the education bill going through parliament.
      Religious civil partnerships.
      UK passports modified to include same-sex parents
      Marriage equality proposed to be implemented before 2015.
      Axing the ban on gay men donating blood.
      Home Office to take additional care of gay asylum cases.
      Pressuring homophobic countries such as Uganda (now stopped it’s extremely homophobic bill going through parliament), PM spoke out against Qatar’s stance on homosexuality etc.
      A comprehensive national survey to highlight transgender people’s concerns.
      Using the increase in foreign aid to challenge other countries views on homosexuals.
      First ever action plan “Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality: Moving Forward”.

      All this in just 15 months of office, I think that’s a great start.

      1. And closed centres for vulnerable people and reduces financial support for all except those with high needs

        1. Local councils decisions. If they chose to pay Union barons instead of keeping centres open then that;s their choice and the local people should vote them out. The deficit needs to come down. We can not keep borrowing like this forever, the markets won’t forgive us and force us to pay higher interest on our debts which is dead money.

          Financial support is not being cut at all, the welfare state has never been so big, the state accounts for over 50% of consumption, higher than when Labour were in power.

          One last thing, Labour would of made lots of cuts too but play the opposition game and oppose every cut.

          1. Disgusting sentiments Luke. The day you get sick or old you eat those words

          2. James! Grow up, the sick and vulnerable are protected in this country and will continue to be protected whilst we reduce our borrowing (the deficit). Allowing a deficit to grow like Labour did was treachery, promising things government were unable to delivery on a sustainable basis, now that is disgusting.

        2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:00pm

          It always makes me laugh when people accuse this government of not doing anything for ‘Gay Equality’ then when they’re shown proof that contradicts they then being in the mass general population too to balance their argument.

        3. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 6:08pm

          The closing of centres and assistance for vulnerable people is genuinely worrying. Electing not to pay for union barons will not raise a fraction of the money needed for these services.

          Sadly, what are the options? There really is no money left. The amount of money being spent by the UK government will increase every year until the general election – there are no actual cuts in the level of cash spending. What has been cut is the rate of increase. More worryingly, in order to spend more each year for the next four years, the government borrow an additional £480 billion over the life of this Parliament.

          Look at that figure again – £480 billion extra borrowed debt because the government is spending more than it is receiving. At some point, that money must be repaid with interest. That increased repayment can only come from tax-payers in the future. Borrowing more to spend now means higher taxes and poorer people after us. The current government did not invent this.

      2. I think Luke works for No 10, Most of those things was started by the Labour Party, like action on homophobia in sport and schools and gay asylum cases. It’s just the continuation of Labour Policies!

        1. It’s the continuation of LGBT equality, not Labour policies.

        2. hahaha thanks for the compliment, wished I worked for Number 10 :-)

        3. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:06pm

          Actually Labour was blasted at the end of their term by Human Rights groups for Not doing anything about Gay asylum seekers so thats wrong.

          Anything you claim to be a continuation of Labour Policies is still relevent considering people like you insisted the Tories would scrap all Gay rights when in power.

          It makes me laugh also that when asking a question and shown the proof that isn’t what they wanted then suddenly you must work for the government or ‘No.10’. It’s pathetic.

          If you don’t like the answer don’t ask the question. If your not prepare for the answer then maybe you should do your research better.

    3. One more:

      Giving recognition of same sex couples in the tax system.

      1. Thanks Luke. I don’t keep up with politics. So it’s good to know.

  40. Michael Aidan 5 Oct 2011, 11:39pm

    When the Gay Liberation Front published its manifesto in the 1970s, it identified sources of gay oppression. These included the medical profession and psychiatry, the church and the institution of marriage.
    Marriage remains a source of oppression – and David Cameron was at least honest when he admitted that he supported gay marriage ‘because’ he was a Tory not ‘despite’ being a Tory. Do Peter Tatchell and friends need any further prompting to reconsider their betrayal of the principles of gay liberation? Marriage is a lynch pin of the historic oppression of people by the church and big business.

    1. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 12:18am

      Bollox then by a handful of nutters and bollox now.

    2. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 9:11am

      What a lot of nonsense.

      Most of us want to get on living our lives in peace and equality rather than trying to SMASH THE BOURGEOISE STATE.

      1. You wait until you have some vulnerability in you life like illness or old age then you’ll see the true nature of the tories. If you don’y make money you’re irrelevent. I know of 5 centres for deaf and disabled people that have closed this month. the last tory govt closed all centres for people with mental health problems not they are either dead in jail or living on the streets

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:41pm

          ” I know of 5 centres for deaf and disabled people that have closed this month”

          Thats local government that is closing them James! not the coalition.

          1. To be fair, Jock S Trap …

            Which services should local authorities close? They have to close some given pressures on their finances … so which ones?

          2. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 9:44am


            Yet local authorties waste massive amounts of money… awards for best car parks or loo for example. Several council leaders earn more than £200,000 a year. As usual they are taking unnecessarily from the front line not in fact where they should be concentrating on.

            Lets not forget that these cuts were supposed to take 4 years but most councils, whilst sitting on millions of pound for ‘rainy days’ choose to cut in one go then in some cases spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a poster campaign blaming the coalition.

            It seems many councils have gotten their priorities wrong and are instead of cutting senisbily are turning irresponsibly to making the cuts on the front as a polictical ploy instead of taking from the back first.

          3. Personally I think there is a great deal of propaganda on both sies but particularly on the govt with regards cutting of local services. They have imposed and pressurized for cuts in local services above and beyond what they told the public in the NHS and I see no reason to suspect it is any dfifferent in local authorities

    3. Marriage is lots of things, Michael Aidan, including a valuable legal and social protection and recognition of a committed relationship. We don’t have to imitate its more dodgy inherited aspects once we’re in it.
      I am no fan either of the Church or big business, but see no reason to concede them copyright on marriage.

  41. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 12:27am

    Not a very nice recommendation for worshipping god Keith dahling, such evil and vicious things for a god of love to do. You seem a little confused. Who would want to worship such a god?

  42. Bubbles de Vere 6 Oct 2011, 12:30am

    I was Cameron’s fag at Eton, and this is payback for all the toast I had to make for him.

  43. Because only the straightest of the straight people reads the gay news right Chiva?

    1. Ben Foster 6 Oct 2011, 7:35am

      This is the big flaw in logic. Our same sex depravity dates way back to the old testament. Our ‘sin’ has existed in every civilisation since. but only NOW is God punishing us with disaster, flood, recession etc.

  44. Will congratulate Mr Cameron WHEN same-sex marriage is legislated and becomes law! Let’s hope Mr Cameron takes complete personal responsibilty for this social justice initiative, the same as the President of Argentina, Ms Kirchner did
    The proof will be in the pudding!

  45. It is good to hear that the binational couple has been seen by Nancy pelosi personally , she needs to handle more cases promptly on behalf of equal rights and humanity, and justice against injustice, if those immigrants has not committed violent crimes or crimes against others to harm them , you dont need to waste time on allow others to keep them in limbo, you simply allow them to stay with their families in peace, and amnesty, it seems to be insanely hard to get people simply to do what they already know is right to do. Put themselves in the place of the victums and that too will help alot, maybe find the heart they never had or lost in darkness of evil hatred or noncaring monsters, Nancy needs to make a difference where ever she can and whenever she can, also for womens rights, an domestic programs the nations is counting on her and fienstein, and a few others, somebody has to be level headed and sound and full of humanity, How many actual decent people really are in the white house

    1. May I introduce you to the full stop? Here it is.

  46. More words. More PR. He can forget that. He is also trying to conceal the Tories rabid euroscepticism. The more CaMoron puts on a liberal mask, the more the Tories show their true colours. Many well known homophobes are uniting to articulate new strategies, and he has still to explain and justify the 3 times postponing of his sooo much publicised and useless consultation exercise. His words don’t match the deeds. Go figure.

    1. pat-o-001 6 Oct 2011, 7:30am

      Ah, Beberts, I was waiting for you. Even now that your precious Labour have been exposed as losers, you are still banging on about how bad the Tories are. Get with it man – you are out of the game. Cameron is going to do marriage equality, and in doing so remembered as a gay rights hero. Good on him.

      1. I do really hope someone does marriage equality. Will it be CaMoron and his homophobic gang? You bet.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 10:16am

          But by the same reckoning I bet you Never thought you’d hear a Tory Prime Minister supporting Marriage Equality yet here we are.

          You just sound bitter for bitter sake. This is 2011 please come and join it.

          Please do tell how you’d prefer we got this and by who. Is it right that we become so selective? Doesn’t that make us as bad as the people we complain about?

        2. So you would prefer Cameron not to do this, and wait for the next Labour government?

          You are so out of touch. You just can’t face the fact that David Cameron is the one who will be remembered in future as a gay rights hero. In 50 years time, history won’t remember what Labour did: it will only remember marriage equality. How ironic that Cameron is the one who will be remembered, no one from Labour. Can’t say I am sad though: Labour should have done this years ago.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:10am

      Sorry but I want progress. You clearly don’t.

  47. Ben Foster 6 Oct 2011, 7:32am

    Chiva, if you can’t even spout your hate in sensibe English why should we read it?

  48. Ben Foster 6 Oct 2011, 7:38am

    Of course it’s just politics. He doesn’t really give a stuff about us. But if we get marriage equality then at least he’s done something useful. Still a pasty-faced streak of Etonian nothing, mind you, and he doesnt’ get my vote. But we’ll see if his desperation for popular support wins us this measure!

    1. That’s right Ben, Most of what we have seen is a continuation of Labour Policies!

  49. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 7:51am

    I was very proud to see this yesterday, I have to admit. The fact that a Tory Prime Minister took the time to highlight Gay marriage (still prefer Marriage Equality but hey..) when most wouldn’t speaks volumes. I do get the feeling Samantha Cameron is a big supporter but the fact that part of the speech got applause and cheers make me feel good and hopeful that at last things are moving in the right direction. In the face of bigots, religious or otherwise this was a bold move and one I have to support and feel a little excited about.

    Of course now we have to prepare ourselves for the negative comments that will come our way but knowing that our Prime Minister and Deputy PM both support this is one massive step forward.

    A good day now lets see the good action being put into place.

  50. I am worried that in order to be a respectable gay you will have to be married and the single gay people will be shunned.

    I want equality not necessarily marriage and I would start by criminalising anti gay speeches from everyone including religious people. Lock up the homophobes then I will feel like we are moving forward.

    At the moment we are moving towards assimilation for a few but if youre poor in a rough area marriage is not high on the list, survival takes priority

    1. de Villiers 6 Oct 2011, 9:13am

      It changes what is considered to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour – which itself filters through courts and judges and sentences.

      1. Rubbish

        you can’t say n*gger kike p@ki but you can say all gays will burn in hell legitamitly in church, synagogue or a mosque. Start there marriage is a false dawn thats why he’s so keen to say it. Their will be a 2 tier gay society the respectable married ones and the queers who will still experience discrimination

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Oct 2011, 12:44pm

          You do have a chip on your shoulder….

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:47pm

            oh pass the mayo…. :P

          2. Gayseraph 6 Oct 2011, 9:39pm

            I have to agree, James! seems to be perpetually angry

        2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:46pm

          “Their will be a 2 tier gay society the respectable married ones and the queers who will still experience discrimination”

          On what planet is this? Where do you get your info from? It’s dodgy mate and may I suggest a new source.

  51. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:06am

    Yawn – Boring.

  52. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 9:07am

    Wow. I’m surprised someone who deluded is allowed out in public.

  53. Watch his speech yesterday did not believe a word he said that man will say anything that makes him look good.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 10:10am

      See that comment just doesn’t make any sense.

      One minute it’s we mustn’t forget all the things they did why back in yesteryear and now he’s just saying positive thing to look good but by your reckoning that can’t be right.

      I guess the worst like you prefer Equality through selective means whereas the rest of us just want progress.

      1. Equality for all gay people, not just those who want to be married.Stop hate speech first don’t let religious people get away with it

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Oct 2011, 12:43pm

          Hate speech will never die off. You cannot legislate against it but you can criminalise it.

          Part of equality advancement is normalisation.

          I.e. we are seen as just another part of society and not a dangerous unknown as we were and are currently perceived by some.

          Continuing this “them and us” segregation will get you know where.

        2. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:50pm

          “Equality for all gay people, not just those who want to be married.”

          Er, the whole point is Everyone has the choice to be married not be separated from it. You comment is quite ridiculous.

    2. Of course. Cameron will get up in front of his party at their conference and talk about gay marriage, something that risks alienating a large section of his party, because it makes him look good. He put some serious political capital on the line by doing what he did, and good on him for it.

      There are still so many members of the “old guard” who are convinced the Tories are out to get us and can’t accept that people change. Well, I can accept that people change, and accept the Tories have.

      We should be welcoming the change, not making cynical comments. The fact that the Tories are doing this shows how things have changed. Society has moved on, but some of the old gay and lesbian guard are still living in the past, living as if they are still oppressed and things are still so terrible.

  54. Another religious person obsessed with homosexuality. There \are millions of kids starving out there, get some perspective!

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 10:17am

      Indeed and who cannot think for themselves. Life must be so limiting.

  55. Heavy sedation prescribed.

  56. I welcome David Cameron’s speech. You do not get many Conservative Party Leaders accross the world back gay marriage. I do however think that David Cameron should appoint someone new as Equality Minister. Thersa May has basically vote against nearly every single piece of gay equality legislation that has came before parliament while she has been an MP.

    1. Quite unfair and wrong. May voted for some gay equality legislation such as civil partnerships. For apologised for voting against gay adoption and said she had changed her mind. We should respect her for having a change in heart and remember, so many people in our lives had a change of heart too when we told them our sexuality.

      She has done a good job so far in the Equalities brief and now supports same sex marriage.

      1. Father Jack 7 Oct 2011, 4:16pm

        May is a terrible Home Secretary. A walking disaster.

  57. dave wainwright 6 Oct 2011, 2:56pm

    Reading some of these comments is reminiscent of watching sheep being fleeced and lambs led to the slaughter , how easily led are the sheep and such short memories to.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Oct 2011, 4:53pm

      Oh Yawn, how boring. Please do join us in 2011, do!!

  58. Sorry but if he is so in favour of that, why wait until 2015? No country that legalized equal marriage took 4 years of preparations once they were in favour of the project.

  59. “it is the sign of God’s abandonment of the people. ”

    And your post is a sign reason abandoned you years ago.

  60. May has done a terrible, clumsy job as Home Secretary, tells barefaced lies about the Human Rights Act just for a bit of populist acclaim, and doesn’t really believe in equality. Time to go.

    1. Rubbish. Regarding the cat case, I do not know but article 8 is a massive problem when we want to deport foreign criminals that should’t even be here in the first place, never mind breaking the law. I for one want to kick these bastards out of the country 1) because they are illegal and 2) because they have killed or raped people. The damage to people’s lives these criminals have done is ever lasing, we can at least chuck out the bastards that did this to them.

      1. Joe Ratsy 8 Oct 2011, 4:01pm

        And how will abolishing the HRA change anything? We are still signatories to the Convention which we co-drafted in the 50s. It just means that judges in Strasbourg will decide everything, instead of our judges, so it means less local control, and more expense.

      2. And do you really want judges from Eastern Europe deciding issues like gay equality in the UK?

      3. Oh, and you do know she was lying about the cat case, or her speechwriter was, as the Royal Courts of Justice staff have confirmed. She should resign.

  61. It turns out Cruella de Vil has misinterpreted the case of a gay man and his family, into a tale of a misplaced cat, only to justify scrapping the human rights act. That’s a calculated and subtle gift to conservatives, resisting to accept gay relationships as families.

    1. LOL! It has absolutely nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the couple, it’s only YOU that brings that up. Homophobe! :-p

    2. I’d rather believe the Royal Courts of Justice than the Express anyday. The reason for his winning his appeal was that the Home Office did not follow their own procedure. I didn’t know that the guy’s longterm relationship was a gay one, but that does explain perhaps why the Home Office chose to get thing completely wrong. Hello, the right wing tabloids lie too you know!

  62. …What is to stop the Bolivian having a gay relationship and a cat in his own native land?

    The goal was certainly not to allow homosexual South American cat lovers to settle in Britain with impunity.

    1. I’d rather believe the Royal Courts of Justice than the Express any day. The reason for his winning his appeal was that the Home Office did not follow their own procedure. I didn’t know that the guy’s longterm relationship was a gay one, but that does explain perhaps why the Home Office chose to get thing completely wrong. Hello, the right wing tabloids lie too you know! When they haven’t got a rational case they resort to emotional manipulation and lies.

      1. The Home Office (headed by Cruella de Vil) didn’t recognise the gay relationship as familial. That’s why the Courts of Justice intervened in the case. And that’s the reason Cruella ridiculed it in front of an audience.

      2. Subliminal stimuli from Frau Cruella Goebels de Vil.

        1. Did you notice that with that hairdo, her face looks remarkably similar to the pope when he’s wearing his cowl. One for Private Eye’s ‘separated at birth’ column, maybe.

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