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90210 to feature gay wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Isn’t this character meant to be a teenaged schoolboy?

    Why would a show want to encourage weddings among children.

    I know that the US is hyper religious and many states approve of children getting married.

    But showing it on TV is a tad irresponsible.

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 2:43pm

      Plenty of straight couples get married at aged 16 – 20 so why not Gay couples?

      Irresponsible how exactly? Coz they’re Gay – coz Gay people can’t make their minds up at 16 – 20? What rubbish.

      There’ll be plenty of people getting married young and staying married. Stop being narrow minded.

  2. Married by Elvis?

    Are they trying to denigrate the seriousness of the commitment between two gay people, by putting it on a par with the short-lived so called “marriages” of heterosexuals like Britney Spears in Vegas?


  3. And on a totally unrelated but equally serious note:

    A gay penguin couple in China has resorted to stealing eggs and replacing them with rocks so they can raise a child together:

    Someone please get these little guys an egg!


  4. Sweet Thor, 90210 is still running? Who knew?

  5. At least say something different from one comment to the next and stop pasting the same rubbish over and over again on each story. Or better still, go and pray and stop leaving comments.

  6. Lo! You have blasphemed by presuming to speak for the Lord – and you shall roast for a thousand thousand eternities in a Hell of your own worshipping.
    For you have also trolled excessively, and are boring the living bejeezus out of the lot of us.
    In the tradition of your Catastrophe Ballet – I wish you “Merde,” of which you are full even unto overflowing.
    May you cut and paste with better attention to grammar, punctuation, and those little niceties of punctuation that differentiate reasoned points of view from mere echo chamber idiocy.

  7. 90201 is a postal code in California, which does not recognize same-sex marriages (Prop 8 case outcomes are STILL pending).
    Las Vegas is in Nevada, which also does not recognize them.
    These points are noted merely for the edification of UK readers.
    “90210” continues to bear as much resemblance to present reality as “Torchwood” (i.e., utter fantasy).

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 6 Oct 2011, 7:11am

      California while not currently allowing same-sex marriage still recognize civil partnerships, a similar situation in the UK. Marriages performed in California prior to Proposition 8 (which was passed by a 52% to 48% vote) are still recognized. The most notable of these is Star Trek actor, George Takai who can still refer to his partner as ‘husband’.
      It may be possible to marry or have a civil partnership ceremony in Nevada under the laws of your home state – many British couples marry in Las Vegas under UK law.

  8. For a story line that has featured less character content per episode than most other gay plots/arcs it is hard to believe that they are going to have a character who has not yet appeared in the show marry Teddy in November!

    Teddy story line has bean a teaser since it started! weeks between appearances and briefest time on screen. If Hollywood wants to do a gay story time to bust open the closet and get on with a head on story line like UK and Europe!

    For north American TV, the Teddy story makes a mockery of genuinely dedicated gay story lines.

  9. Gay Daily Mail Reader 6 Oct 2011, 7:25am

    Same-sex weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are now becoming commonplace on television shows. Coronation Street is due to have a CP and Eastenders are following suit. A civil partnership happened on the lunchtime soap, Doctors, last year and radio soap, the Archers had one soon after they became legal. Soon same-sex marriages and CP’s will become an everyday occurance on television.

  10. Some like Chiva seem to have left charity behind.Let’s hope they will be shown the mercy they deny others.

  11. Wow Chiva – you ‘god’ sounds like a right dreary old killjoy.

    Thank Cher ‘god’ is a fictional character.

    And the buybull is a book which has nice thin sheets of paper which are most useful when one finds oneself short of toilet paper.

  12. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 2:44pm

    Adding nothing again I see. No relevence whatsoever.

  13. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2011, 2:45pm

    Stop blaming God and start blaming the real reason/problem… bigotted human beings.

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