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New York student suspended for saying bullied gay teen was ‘better off dead’

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Reader comments

  1. Good. Foul little swine. I really don’t buy all the bleating about how the bullies were just kids and didn’t know any better – understanding that you don’t hurt someone on purpose is basic and rudimentary.

  2. What really gets me is that these school district authorities are very reactionary. They don’t seem to really do anything which is proactive.

    Where’s the initiatives to stop this happening again?

    Suspending a child for what they’ve done is all very well and good but perhaps this could have been done previously before the poor lad went and topped himself.

    Disgusting – that’s the only word I have for the school, it’s district and these idiots that often sit on the boards.

    Grow some balls and ensure that EVERY child feels secure.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 4 Oct 2011, 5:12pm

      Mendirin, they did do somwthing as soon as they found out about it. I can’t speak as to why the school didn’t do anything tobegin with. I do know that the adults Jamey talked to let him down by not recognizing how deeply troubled he was. If they had, maybe the outcome would have been different.

      1. I agree that he was let down.

        Miguel, you strike me as being from the US so perhaps that’s where our differences are.

        In this country every school has a duty to protect students under it’s care. It isn’t perfect by any means but it is surprising that schools in the US don’t appear to operate under the same guidlines.

        I also disagree. Teachers notice when a student isn’t happy, their grades go down the pan, they become withdrawn and unhappy, unable to make eye contact, lack solid attendance…there are so many signs and ALL teaches are trained to keep an eye out for such signs.

        They knew….they may not have known what the bullying was about (although I remain cynical of that and believe they probably turned a blind eye) but they bloody well knew and didn’t act.

        They are as guilty in my eyes of this boys suicide.

  3. These things make me so f****** angry.

    Idiots like this need to see the pain they cause, they need to experience the hurt and sorrow that their victims do.

    I’d want this little cretin punished further than being given time off school for a short period.

    1. David Myers 4 Oct 2011, 11:45pm

      Yes, he and the others should be “sentenced” to mandatory sensitivity training and required to make appologies to the family and friends involved.

      1. Lol, no they should just get the tar beat out of them, then when they get better, suspend them, then when thats over fail them, then when the school year begins ostracize them and exclude them from everything. then for the heck of it beat the crap out of them again. oh boy, If I was his sister, I would have freaked out and attacked the bully right there at the dance for pulling that little stunt. we’re raising a bunch of bullies and weaklings. If you gay, awesome, but be strong enough to defend yourself on all fronts, or..well you’ll end up killing yourself

  4. Jock S. Trap 4 Oct 2011, 12:35pm

    Well lets hope those responsible get charged and wipe their smugness of their faces as they cry for mummy when it suddenly suits them. Having said that it sounds like their whole attitude may have been from the likes of ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’.

  5. Not enough, the scum should have been expelled for what they did to that poor boy!! xx

  6. All learned behaviour. Nail the parents too for raising scum like this vile kid and teaching him the wrong values.

  7. There’s a serious lack of empathy in America.

  8. Cambodia Guesthouse 4 Oct 2011, 1:11pm

    I have to say that I agree with all of the above comments..

    Little morons.. Lock ’em up.. and their vile parents also.. Homophobia and hate is learned behaviour..

    Good to see the school authorities reacting now.. Pity they didn’t do more when the poor lad was still alive.

  9. That make me so damn angry! I hate people who do that and I hope that kid gets justice for his family! Thats so sad! Gay or not gay so what that will not effect me! I support gay rights and people who hurt others because they are hay and cause them their death cna go to hell!

  10. So even the threat of possible legal action didn’t shut the bullies up? Are they that immature that they think it’s all some kind of game? Don’t they care?

    Maybe if the school authorities came down much harder on this kind of bullying right at the very start, the message might eventually get through.

    1. gay is ok and its sick people do that to others!

    2. Iris: I feel incredibly sad at Jamey’s untimely death and I can’t even begin to articulate my feelings towards those who have acted in such a cruel way or those who allow the environment for these things to happen.

  11. wow! thats so sad! Im just really pissed off! I hope these school systems get ahold of this immedialty! there is no excuse for this type of sh*t going on! Its very sad! I hope those scum bags will get it the hard way in jail and bullying people because they are gay?! So what that has nothing to do with the personallity! America needs to realize this and this needs to stop immeitly! thats jsut so f-ing wrong! I hope they will get justice! Let the gays live peacefully and just dont harras us at all becuase of what we are! nothing wrong with being gay! thats absulty absord for that kid to do that to an innocent child! Gay is the Way deal and accept it in life!

  12. A boy openly mocks the feelings of a recently bereaved young woman and openly states that a boy whom he has probably helped drive to his death should indeed be dead, even in the face of apparently huge social disapproval. That suggests a massively entrenched and self-reinforcing hate culture in the school, the street, the home, and on the Net. How can all this be tackled pre-emptively? The school itself certainly seems totally reactive, as others suggest.

  13. When I heard of the hate crime charge I thought it seemed a bit extreme but now I think its safe to say I was wrong and the little C***ts that did this should pay to the full degree of the law.

    They quite clearly have no empathy or understanding of the terrible thing they’ve made someone do.

    1. Empathy is unamerican.

  14. See that’s the thing isn’t it? The school and the school district should be asking “how can we stop this happening again?”

    Instead they’re asking “what do we do now?”.

    The problem with this is that it doesn’t tackle the root problem which has led to the kid’s suicide in the first place and also doesn’t deal with bullying full-stop.

    In my eyes any organisation which fails in its responsibility to care for the chidren they’re meant to isn’t fit for purpose.

    Once is a tragedy but many times is a disaster. There is something inherently wrong with the system in the US.

    1. David Myers 5 Oct 2011, 1:13am

      If it reaches the point where parents have complained and asked for itervention and the school board has ignored their requests and done nothing, it is now time to sue the school board. Nothing gets their attention and results better than successfully suing the school board. A successful law suit against the North Vancouver school board in B.C.(Canada) got really good results province wise, including manditory inclusion of educational components on bullying and homophobia in the high school throughout B.C.

      1. I agree.

        However, teachers know the signs. I think they ignored them – it’s not always up to the student and the family to report incidents. It is also up to the teachers to look for warning signs.

  15. I’m almost speechless at the brutality of those miserable little horrors. Their parents should be ashamed.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if their parents sued for their vile little crotchfruit’s right to be abusive to Jamey’s sister. While some parents are genuinely in the dark (I recall the father of a boy who bullied my brother dragging his son to our front door to apologise and expressing his horror that his son had been a nasty little scrote) there are plenty more who won’t care, won’t act or won’t believe their kid can do anything wrong.

      1. Let’s hope for the best Valksy, it’s just to depressing to dwell on how ghastly people can be.

  16. How kind of them to give this evil bully a holiday from school. No doubt he’s at home on the xbox or whatever, enjoying his time off. That’ll teach him! (Not…)

  17. This story just makes me sick. I’m glad they suspended the kid though i’m guessing it won’t be long before mommy and daddy come out and claim the school is singling their poor child out, to make themselves seem better than everyone else.

  18. Sam Maloney 4 Oct 2011, 7:13pm

    We are making great progress on many levels, but I truly fear the over heated rhetoric coming from BOTH ends of the political spectrum is feeding the all too human tendency to marginalize and dehumanize each other…

    I’d wager that there is one kid at the center of this bullying ring, egging the others on, driving them to prove their ‘straightness’ by attacking the ‘gayness’ of others… and this kid is terrified of his own inner gay. I honestly hope he survives long enough to embrace his true self and become a force for acceptance.

  19. Suspension isn’t enough… how could this little urchin say such a thing? What would he feel like if someone said that about his best friend.

    Disgusted that the school has only done something after the horse bolted…

  20. Thanks for representing God and Christ with an unreadable load of crap. Adultery was also punishable by death in biblical times, but Christ himself would not let the woman get stoned for it. Why not? Why would God break his own rules? Are you absolutely certain that the Christ you claim to speak for (by the name of Christ) would rejoice in seeing a gay child dead and that the Christ who saved a whore from the stoning she deserved would condemn good people to death through natural disasters, etc? If so, your God and your Christ is a rotten, unfair God. I prefer the God of grace and glory and his Son the Redeemer who judges the hearts of people and not by the rules that the sick individuals like you, Chiva, twist into something disgusting. In my opinion, what you do to Christ by speaking for him with your words of hate is way worse than being gay. Luckily, he is the judge and not either of us.

  21. If I ever got in trouble for such a thing (which i would NEVER EVER do), my parents would first personally give me a beating and then send me to military school. And frankly, I think that punishment still isn’t enough.

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