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‘Serial killer’ may be targeting gay men in Johannesburg

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Reader comments

  1. Any Ugandan MP’s down there on holiday?

  2. Hmm, perhaps it was the one Scot Mills talked to? Or one of his cohorts from the Lynch Mob.

    Someone thats clearly sick in the head out there.

    Be careful out there folks…

  3. We all know this killer will be secretly gay…

    What is a worry is the police are not warning the gay scene. Maybe they are wanting him to get a few more??

    1. Everybody knows there are Right Wing Christian police around the world who are anti-gay. The thing to do is report them if they do or say anything that is anti-gay to you or any gay person. If you don’t stand up for your rights who will? It has been said that the police are just another gang. If that is the case where you are then you might want to form your own “gang” to protect your self and your gay friends. Because if you travel in a group you will most likely not harmed, it is when you are alone a killer will attack most often. Perhaps you can carry some kind of protection with you like pepper spray or a knife or a gun if you can legally do that where you are. If not travel with friends where ever you go and carry a video camera or cell phone to record any attack of hate crimes of words or violence to use in the courts if it goes that far. These people who are inciting anti-gay crime around the world, and they need to be taken out.

  4. ghastly crimes

  5. Here you will find some of the people who are also most likely behind the influence that caused the person or people to commit these murders

  6. The law is very pro gay in S Africa. Some police are too (unfortunately not all).

    Horrific crimes, but hopefully the LGBT communities in SA (who tend to be well organised) will be working both independently to warn LGBT people and seeking to work in paertnership with police and to put pressure on police and government to take a hard stand on this.

  7. This is chillingly reminiscent of the killings carried out by Colin Ireland in the ’90s in London. The victims were not attacked or abducted on the street, but picked up in bars and murdered in their homes. Ireland was nabbed when he was seen on CCTV using a victim’s debit card at an ATM. Let’s hope this character makes a mistake just as stupid.
    A particularly creepy thing about Ireland was that he seemed indifferent to being seen as a murderer, but was desperate that no-one should think he was gay. Societal homophobia + psychopathology = very sick and dangerous.

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