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Obama attacks Republican booing of gay soldier

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Reader comments

  1. Obama is quite right of course. But consider the maniacs of the GOP – this time they booed a soldier, time before that they cheered the man who said that an uninsured man in a coma should just be allowed to die, before that they cheered the number of people executed in Texas under Gov Perry. The party is rammed full of psychopaths, bigots and general filth. That they use the “guns, gays and abortions” wedge issues to get middle and working class Americans to vote against their own interests demonstrates clearly the statement – there are two kinds of people who vote Republican, millionaires and fools. Except they aren’t just fools any more – not they are completely insane.

  2. Jock S. Trap 3 Oct 2011, 10:36am

    Good for Obama. The Republicans need to be highlighted on their disgusting, disrespectful behaviour. It’s damaging and completely out of order to treat such brave people in a way that alienates them because of a few bigotted, small minded people,

  3. The Republicans are truly scumbags – vile, monstrous, hate-filled christians for the most part.

    Then again – let’s not get carried away with Obama-love.

    He is a Democrat – a party as much in the pockets of corporations and big business as the Republicans are.

    LGBT rights (along with abortion rights, immigration etc) are wedge issues. They exist to show that there are differences between the parties on social issues.

    On economic issues however the Democrats remain entirely accountable to Wall Street. Just as the Republicans are.

    Differences on issues such as marriage equality serves as a useful purpose. It allows both parties in the undemocratic US system to pretend they care about the electorate.

    They don’t – in the US the political establishment really doesn’t care about the electorate.

    It’s why I hope this ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement continues. The US systemk is rotten to the core. Obama can be trusted to speak in a nice manner. But that’s it.

    1. Very true David. But even if Obama has done little for LGBT people (which is debatable) then apathy has to be a better choice than outright enmity. I am sure there are citizens in the US who have to think that they will vote for X because at least X isn’t as bad as Y – we do it too and no likes it. But the alternative is unthinkable. And failing to show up to vote is what gave the House away in 2010. In terms of general US politics, until they stop calling it lobbying and use the right words – corruption and bribery – nothing will truly change.

      1. Until the whole rotten, undemocratic edifice of the US political system collapses nothing will change.

        Untill the 10% of the US population which controls 90% of the wealth start paying their fair share then it does not matter whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power. It really doesn’t.

        Occupy Wall Street is a movement that offers the best hope at the moment. It’s disorganised but it is a grassroots movement of people who know that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

        Voting for the slightly lesser of 2 evils – Obama – is not good enough.

  4. Cambodia Guesthouse 3 Oct 2011, 12:01pm

    Yeah, give the man his dues… He is having to operate within a system that makes it very jard to get anything done.

    That said, he has done well.. Finally managed to end DADT when others failed/didn’t want to bother..

    There is more to be done, (as he himself said), but he’s quite right when he asked how a stage-full of candidates, senior politicians, who hope to be President one day… How can they be the Commander in Chief when they cannot honour a man who wears the uniform and serves his country?

    GOP? LOONY SCUMBAGS one and all…

  5. Maybe they booed him just for being a soldier, killing Innocent people for corporate profit. Beggars belief. Rep or Dem they are all run by money and greed. America against the World is sad mind set. It can not last.

    1. Jane Clare Pawling 3 Oct 2011, 6:52pm

      No, it was only the gay factor.

      1. Sadly, I know.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2011, 10:13am

      Limited mind you got…

  6. Great to see Obama standing by LGBT servicemen and women.

    The actions and attitudes of the Republican candidates and their members was inhumane, disrespectful, arrogant and rude. Certainly, no one who takes political expediency (particularly when the issue is one of whether to be bigoted or not!) over defence of military staff has the gravitas to be a respected statesman and lead a nation.

    Unfortunately, some nations (including the USA) fail to seek statesmen and women to lead that have the requisite gravitas and morality.

    1. Meanwhile 50,000,000 Americans STILL do not have health insurance.

      Obama’s achhievements are so very, very modest.

      1. But those Americans could stand up and lobby for it if they really wanted it. They could march on Washington in colossal numbers, but they won’t. Sad truth is that the Democrats might have held Congress for two years, but it wasn’t filibuster proof (and the GOP has filibustered in record numbers this Presidency, wonder why) and some of the Dems were “blue dog” ie Republicans in Democratic clothing. The President really doesn’t have the power to take unilateral action and if he did, by virtue of executive order, it won’t stand when he is replaced. Legislation needs to pass through both houses first and it just wasn’t going to happen. And part of that is because US citizens have been brainwashed for decades and won’t educate themselves or ask questions – good grief they are still embroiled in “reds under the beds” terror of everything they think might be socialism (although understanding of that word seems limited). The people have the responsibility for apathy too.

        1. Jane Clare Pawling 3 Oct 2011, 7:05pm

          People who can not afford medical insurance also can not afford the time off work, and the travel expense, and their children out of school, and accommodations, and expensive food while away from home, etc, to “march on Washington”. Washington is on the east side of a large country.

      2. Health situation for people in the US has improved, and well it was not the Presidents proposals that were voted in …

        1. Health situation also is a deflection from the immorality of the Republican candidates in tacit or vocal approval of booing a serviceman currently on opreations – outrageous and unacceptable – full stop.

  7. For anyone with eyes to see,there can be no doubt that religious faith remains a perpetual source of human conflict.

  8. Scott Lovely 3 Oct 2011, 3:19pm

    None of the GOP candidates dared to challenge the booing of a gay soldier, because none of them dares to challenge the mantra of demonising gay people at every opportunity for the benefit of their low IQ, badly educated supporters.

    1. And while the US is obsessed on whether LGBT people get equality; and whether a woman be allowed to have an abortion, the attention on the disgusting wealth disparity between the rich and everyone else is ignored.

      It really is quite clever the US system. Those in power will do ANYTHING to continue stealing from ordinary people.

      Yet the ordinary people (the majority of the population) are too busy denouncing or defending gay rights or women’s rights, that they lose sight of the fact that corporate rights are the only real concern of the US political classes.

      1. The economy affects all people LGBT or heterosexual …

        Its not purely the US seeking LGBT rights – the UK are moving towards equal marriage, Tasmania has brought in equal marriage, Spain is opening gay retirement homes etc etc

        Look beyond the shores of the US – the is more of a world out there, some of whom are more ethically and morally advanced than the US

  9. The booing and abuse of a serving us soldier is abhorant but before everybody starts to worship at the alter of obama please remember that his administration is against any form of severance pay for members of the us armed forces forced to quit before the repeal of DADT

  10. Except for Herman Cain, the Republicans remain silent after Obama’s comments.

  11. It’s a powerful speech. Watch it in full at

    or just the highlights at

  12. This is the reason they booed,

  13. i think that obama is right to bitch at the political peeps. its not right that someone who fights for our country can get booed because of his sexuality and or question about homosexuals. i give the man props for being brave enough to ask.

  14. Obama, marry me ? You almost brought tears to my eyes with this declaration.

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