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Gay EastEnders star John Partridge ties the knot

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Reader comments

  1. All the best to husbands. May you enjoy your love and happiness. Bless you.

  2. Scott Lovely 3 Oct 2011, 2:41pm

    They got married in a pub?

    1. The Trafalgar Tavern is not really an east end boozer. It’s very posh!

  3. Congrats! Hopefully no pie and jellied eels were consumed though.

  4. If only CPs were legal marriages, but congrats to both of them.

    1. Nah – I like CP’s and I hope to get one, some day.

      I never want to get married. However while the CP apartheid regime is in place then it must be fought tooth and nail.

      Both same sex and opposite sex couples need to be given equal access to both CP’s and civil marriage. As is the case in the Netherlands.

      It’s the only fair system.

  5. I met both John and Jon on one of the nights that Jon, as undertsudy, played one of the lead roles in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and John P had taken him to the Ivy club afterwards. They came over and chatted to us as we had been to Priscilla. They were charming, funny, friendly and obviously very happy together. Good luck to them both.

  6. Jock S. Trap 4 Oct 2011, 8:43am

    Congratulations to the happy couple. It was about time they did it!! ;)

  7. Dreadful man, on tv too much, hopefully once the storeyline in Enders’ dies down they’ll cull his part.

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Oct 2011, 10:00am

      I take it you punish yourself every night in a very painful way being that your so miserable about life.

  8. Best wishes- Good luck.
    May you have a very happy life together.

    1. All I can Say is wish it was me John! Hope happiness continues to reign.

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