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September 2011

  • 23rd September 2011

    Three students may face charges over teenager’s suicide 59

    Jamey Rodemeyer died last weekend

    3:12 PM — New York police are considering charging a number of students over the suicide of a 14-year-old boy. Jamey Rodemeyer, a student at Williamsville North High School, killed himself last Sunday after suffering years of anti-gay bullying.

  • Northern Ireland minister accused of homophobia over gay blood ban 26

    Edwin Poots has been accused of homophobia

    2:32 PM — Northern Ireland health minister Edwin Poots has come under heavy pressure to lift the lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood. He has been accused of homophobia.

  • Video: Gay soldier booed at Republican presidential debate 122

    Rick Santorum said he would bring back the ban (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    1:54 PM — A gay soldier who submitted a question to a Republican presidential debate was booed by the audience. Stephen Hill, who is currently stationed in Iraq, was told by candidate Rick Santorum (pictured) that he would keep the military gay ban.

  • Man found guilty in retrial over transgender woman’s murder 10

    Destiny Lauren was killed in November 2009

    12:49 PM — A London man has been found guilty for a second time of murdering a transgender woman. Leon Fyle, of Catford, was convicted of the murder of Destiny Lauren last September and sentenced to 21 years in prison but the Court of Appeal ruled his original conviction was “unsafe".

  • East London celebrates Pride after a rocky year 26

    East London Pride will be held tomorrow (Photo: Kevin Wong)

    11:26 AM — East London Pride is to be held tomorrow. The event comes after a tumultuous year for the local gay community.

  • Gay civil partners ‘less likely to split up than straight married couples’ 41

    Civil partners are less likely to split up (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    10:32 AM — Civil partners are less likely to divorce than straight married people, new figures suggest. Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that after five years, 5.5 per cent of marriages had ended in divorce and 2.5 per cent of civil partnerships had been dissolved.

  • 22nd September 2011

    ‘Speedo fetish’ man sued over websites 37

    A lawsuit has been filed in an Australian court

    5:24 PM — An Australian man with a Speedo fetish is being sued by the brand for breaching its copyright. Dave Evans, 24, is being sued by Speedo over a number of websites he owns which show men posing in - and out of - the skimpy swimwear.

  • Margaret Cho: ‘I’d f*** Michele Bachmann and Christine O’Donnell’ 8

    Margaret Cho says she doesn't like labels

    4:04 PM — She’s the Queen of stand-up. She’s twice been nominated for a Grammy. She wore a tasselled rainbow flag dress on Dancing With The Stars and has been one of the gay community’s most vocal allies. On The Cho Show she introduced America to anal bleaching. She’s a Drop Dead Diva with, according to one of her songs, a p**s that has won 15 Tonys. Laurence Watts caught up with comedienne Margaret Cho.

  • Pope faces hostility from gay groups in Germany 38

    The Pope is visiting Germany

    3:30 PM — Pope Benedict's first official visit to his homeland of Germany is expected to meet strong opposition today from up to 20,000 people, including gay rights campaigners, feminists, atheists and church abuse survivors.

  • Men jailed for attacking and robbing gay victim

    The pair were sentenced to eight and five years in jail

    1:55 PM — Two men from Melton, Leicestershire, have been jailed for attacking and robbing a gay man. Andrew Davis, 42, and Jonathan Huckerby, 21, were jailed for eight and five years respectively for inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent and theft.

  • Dancer sacked from Chinese talent show because she’s transgender 18

    Jin Xing says culture officials said she would have 'negative effects on society'

    12:13 PM — A famous Chinese dancer says she was dropped as a judge on a TV talent show because she is transgender. Jin Xing, 44, had sex reassignment surgery in 1996. She was booked to appear for eight weeks on Feitong Fanxiang, a show for professional singers.

  • Northern Ireland health minister refuses to lift gay blood ban 70

    The ban will be lifted in England, Wales and Scotland

    10:57 AM — Edwin Poots, Northern Ireland's health minister, has refused to lift the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood. He has said that the current policy “should not be altered” because of safety concerns around HIV transmission.

  • Lady Gaga says she will meet Barack Obama over anti-gay bullying 37

    Lady Gaga said she would meet the president

    9:46 AM — Lady Gaga says she plans to meet President Obama to discuss homophobic bullying after one of her young fans killed himself. Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, from Buffalo, New York, killed himself om Sunday after posting an online tribute to the singer.

  • 21st September 2011

    Obama’s UN speech: We must stand up for gay rights everywhere 60

    President Obama urged countries to back gay rights

    5:57 PM — Addressing a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly today, US president Barack Obama urged countries to stand up for gay rights. The president, who was discussing the Palestine statehood bid, said: "No country should deny people their rights because of who they love, which is why we must stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere."

  • CCTV shows vicious anti-gay attack in central London 109

    Police are appealing for information

    4:48 PM — Police have released CCTV footage of a vicious homophobic attack on two men in Charing Cross, London. The film shows the victims, aged 22 and 25, walking in the direction of Tottenham Court Road at around 1.30am on August 9th.

  • Video: Foo Fighters play ‘gay love song’ to God Hates Fags church 26

    The Foo Fighters teased anti-gay protesters

    2:34 PM — The Foo Fighters found an unusual way to hit back at anti-gay protesters picketing their gig at the weekend - by performing a 'gay love song' for them.

  • Marines begin recruitment drive at gay community centre 8

    Marines began targeting LGB people for recruitment yesterday

    2:12 PM — Marine recruiters pitched up at an Oklahoma gay community centre to find openly lesbian, gay or bisexual recruits. The 18-year-old law banning openly gay troops was finally repealed yesterday and Marine recruiters set up a stall at the Dennis R Neill Equality Center in Tulsa.

  • New York boy, 14, kills himself after anti-gay bullying 78

    Jamey Rodemeyer said no one listened to him

    1:13 PM — A 14-year-old boy from Buffalo, New York, killed himself after suffering homophobic bullying. Jamey Rodemeyer, a student at Williamsville North High School, had made an 'It Gets Better' YouTube video and said that pro-gay singer Lady Gaga was the "reason" he was still alive.

  • Teen says he killed gay man because he came on to him

    The case continues

    11:30 AM — A Lincolnshire teenager accused of murdering a pensioner says he lashed out because the older man came on to him. Aiden Jackson, is accused of murdering David Cowley, 67, at Sleaford Rail Station in November last year.

  • Tasmanian parliament backs gay marriage 17

    Tasmania's decision puts pressure on federal Labor

    10:22 AM — The Tasmanian parliament's House of Assembly has backed gay marriage, putting pressure on the federal Labor government to follow suit. This is the first time a house in any Australian parliament has voted in favour of marriage equality. Tasmania only voted to legalise homosexuality in 1997.

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