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Serbia Pride may be banned over violence fears

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Reader comments

  1. If the march is banned, that will just send the message that violence and intimidation work, and not only in respect of demonstrations for human rights. Fascist tactics cannot be seen to be effective.

    But an alternative to marches in such places should also be contemplated that can garner public support.

  2. So far right fascists are more powerful in Serbia than the government and the police. I thought catholics were homophobic but orthodox christians are even worse. They do paint good icons though. Nice halos.

  3. cpt kibbles 30 Sep 2011, 4:14pm

    i guess its a hard 1 for their government (not that i have much respect for them in the first place but thats my own political views more than anthing else) on the 1 hand they’re a free country and allow protests or other marches generaly but on the other they do have to look out for the wellbeing of both civilians and their police officers

  4. The march must not be banned, or it will send the message that fascist tactics of violence and intimidation are effective.

    But it would be good to come up with alternative, less confrontational events too though.

  5. So, the far right group is allowed to hold a protest instead then? Talk about preferential treatment… Yet again the LGBT community is looked down upon.

  6. Cambodia Guesthouse 30 Sep 2011, 7:56pm

    I agree. Threats of violence and intimidation must never be allowed to win the day.

    Those causing the violence are the ones who should be arrested and prosecuted by the police, not peaceful protesters and marchers in a democracy.

  7. Lloyd Copper 1 Oct 2011, 3:18am

    Let the Serbian government know they shouldn’t cave into extremists:

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