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New website lists gay-friendly therapists

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Reader comments

  1. This is actually amazingly helpful since I myself have been victim of implicit homophobia by Doctors and therapists. Although I didn’t mention my sexuality they continually asked if I had a boyfriend and took my lack of one as some kind of social deficiency. (I think the exact quote was: “unable to make or maintain meaningful relationships”) I know that if I had mentioned it they would have put it down to ‘traumatic experiences with men’ (which was what was hinted). So old fashioned and unprofessional, didn’t go back although I really could have done with it *sigh*

    1. you might as well go to some witch doctor or shamanic “healer” rather than be duped out of your money by that lot.

    2. Why did the psychiatrist vote down Matthews post below? Click on it to find out why.

  2. At last somewhere for us to refer our pet troll to overcome the harm done by his conversion therapy.

  3. Talk therapy is basically as unscientific as shamanism and tends to present the therapist’s own prejudices or a dogma learned in training as an objective truth. What some therapists learn to do well is manipulate you into accepting their view of your life (my ex-partner was one of these). That said, I have benefitted from some who take a minimal view of what they do, don’t claim to know what makes you tick, respect your choices and give you space to talk through what may be troubled areas of your life. It can give you a clearer view of what is ‘wrong’ through your own perspective, even if it isn’t obvious what can be done about it. Strictly no magic bullets is the key.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 30 Sep 2011, 10:04pm

      Perspective by definition is clearly a point of view coloured by life experiences.

      No two people have had the same experiences and it therefore follows that each persons
      perspective will therefore differ.

    2. People have always talked about their difficulties, and I doubt that they will want to stop doing this . . .

    3. Therapists are perverse voyeurs who collect clients data and histories, regurgitating what they have been informed from their clients back to them (as therapists appear to lack insight, empathy and inate observational skills regarding human behaviour). A quasi science peddled by charlatans to the vulnerable and naive, a load of rubbish to those with sense of self.

  4. An endeavor whose time has come…

  5. Paula Miles 30 Sep 2011, 8:49pm

    People need to be who they are period. Our sexuality is the very essence of our being. It is who we are. Its a sad day that homophobia is happening in our healthcare system and with therapists. WE to be strong andbe the best that we can be.
    I am a queer counsellor in Victoria, BC, Canada
    I have a counselling practice and do education in the schools, non-profits, and workplaces.
    I am open to couselling by phone or skpe.
    My website is

    1. When Riondo is attempting to discuss the abuses of therapy, of which there are many.

      Your advertising come across, I am sorry to say, a bit like a therapy pusher!!!

      1. I’m not pushing anything, and I concede that most talk therapy is not effective and some is harmful. Skilled and modest listeners are the most helpful people. And don’t pay them anything.

        1. I am referring to Paula Miles post!!!

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 1 Oct 2011, 11:13pm

      Piss off with the “Queer” crap.

      My hetero mother gave birth to me exactly the same way as every other mammalian mother gives birth to its offspring.

      Their is nothing “Queer” about my existence other than idiots trying to tell me that I am not normal. Thus Queer.

      This word belongs in the bin.

      Stop perpetuating it.

      1. “queer” is a subjective term and is hardly as offensive as a therapist desperately attempting to promote themselves.

  6. Sounds a great idea! Not having to encounter some hideous, warped religious nutter with all their sexual hangups!!!!! Mostly WE should be counselling THEM!

    1. floridahank 1 Oct 2011, 12:59am

      Would it be ethical that if the therapist was homosexual to tell the heterosexual patient during the initial discussion, so that whatever sexual prejudice/outlook of the therapist should be openly considered by the patient as to whether the therapist’s ” approach” might or not be slanted with a homo or hetero bias?

      1. I’ve never encountered any gay therapist with a dodgy qualification attempting to push his or her gay agenda onto a straight person with the aim of making them gay, though I’ve read about plenty of examples where it went the other way. It may come as a surprise to you but gay people aren’t anti-hetero as a whole.
        If you’re expecting to dig up an ex-hetero equivalent to NARTH or Exodus pushing to get straight people to abandon their unwanted opposite sex attraction you’ll be sorely disappointed. And no, “Queer eye for the Straight guy” doesn’t count as ex-straight therapy.

        1. floridahank 1 Oct 2011, 5:19pm

          Hey Flapjack….my comment didn’t imply that a gay therapist might want to “aim of making them gay.” My point is are there any studies to show that being a homosexual therapist has any bearing on his/her effectiveness dealing with hetero patients dealing with sexual problems. Are you saying that homo-therapists are more ethical, compassionate, better educated, understanding, etc., simply because they’re homosexuals? That this quality makes them more effective therapists? My point is that a patient going into therapist should have a good understanding of the therapist’s foundation, since he/she has or should have deeper influence on the patient’s working through the problem.
          Also, have you ever seen any studies that show that a person (for serious psychological issues) cannot change their sexual preference? That is, a hetero would change to homosexual sexual behavior? I think that topic has never been throughly studied as to the basic sexual foundation of human beings.

  7. Psychiatrist lie, they say they will help but the truth is they take your money and give you drugs that can kill you. There is no proof that psychiatry works. Psychiatry is a scam to make money off suckers who fall for their lies and they make kick back money from the pill companies who make billions on psych drugs that kill. Psychiatry has killed people with their drugs and so called treatments, like sticking ice picks into peoples brains. In USA the government made the psych pill makers put a warning on the drugs saying that they can kill. School children did not kill other children like they do today, until they gave them psychiatric drugs. Ask your grandparents if the children in their time were on psych drugs and if school children killed other kids back then. They did not have these killer psychiatric drugs until your parents time. Now the psychiatry doctors and drug companies make billions on your suffering by pushing poison pills.

    1. Guess who had a LOT of negative experiences with psychiatrists, hmmmm?

      What a surprise.

      1. Hardly something to gloat about, that people are being abused by negligence and vast incompetence by the above named job.

  8. Jock S. Trap 1 Oct 2011, 9:40am

    Excellent and helpful. Nice one.

  9. Therapists who believe LGBT people are mentally ill shouldn’t be therapists in the first place. Or at least they need to go back to psychology classes full time asap.

    1. Why return to simplistic psychology lessons to resume the same incompetence?

  10. therapy has had its day

  11. This is ironic. Trans people have had such a site for years. I sure many trans folks are familiar with the Dr Becky list.

  12. If you want to see proof that a lot of psychiatrist read pinknews, go to Matthews post that was voted down and read it. See what they are trying to hide and keep you from seeing. I expect them to vote me down too.
    Pinknews must have been taken over by Reddit because they are using their voting system. Reddit is owned by Catholic people who spend millions to stop gay marriage and Reddit is also full of the ANONYMOUS group of people who are really Christians hiding behind mask like the KKK, don’t be fooled.

  13. Somebody needs to ask Wikileaks why they do not do more to expose the Catholic church and their plans to destroy gay marriage and who in the Catholic church gives the most money, millions of dollars to stop gay marriage. It seems as if Wikileaks works for the Catholic Church not to mention Christians because they do not seem to have much computer data on them, yet Wikileaks has all kinds of useless information about the governments around the world. Also where is the Wikileaks information about gay conversion therapy and how psychiatry is killing gays by supporting the Christians and their gay conversion therapy. The same goes for ANONYMOUS, where is the support for gays who are dieing as a result of Christians and their treatment of gays?

    1. A US site, eh? Ideal in a story about UK therapists…But, still, a useful resource for our friends in the US who can see just which therapists to avoid.

      Nice one ;)


    Friends of Wikileaks and ANONYMOUS?

    Cons, scammers and murders.

  15. Here are some of the people who vote down gays here, they are plants who twist the replies in their favor, not very free are they? But then again Christians always twist their propaganda to fit their needs, in this case anti-gay,

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