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Gay former basketball sttar John Amaechi launches HIV support for UK Africans

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Reader comments

  1. With this kind of commitment to HIV support for UK Africans, Amaechi may recover some credibility.

    His intention and his motive seem to be in the right place this time.

  2. It is refreshing to see a black man who is not afraid to come out of the closet and say he is gay and then do something about what is killing his people, AIDS. Now if only all black people around the world stop acting like they do not have not gay people in their race and they do not have an HIV/AIDS problem and start talking about it the problem, then maybe so many black people will not have to suffer and die from AIDS.

    1. “his people”?

      Doesn’t HIV affect us all?

      I agree otherwise it’s good of him to come forward and try to assist.

      1. Staircase2 30 Sep 2011, 4:04pm

        I agree – ‘his people’…..? lol
        anyone would think we were talking about Moses!

        this is about AFRICAN people – not just NIGERIAN people…

        Its like saying someone’s ‘people’ are European – just because theyre born in the UK – its daft – we need a more grown up vocabulary for race – its long overdue…

      2. Spanner1960 2 Oct 2011, 5:07pm

        I agree.
        If this was a fund for “white, middle-class English people” all hell would break loose.
        Sorry, racism works in all directions.

        1. If ‘white middle-class English people’ were a minority being overlooked by current initiatives, I don’t think there would be.

    2. “HIS people”? He’s half-English, does that make all the black and mixed-race people in the world only half his?

      1. everyone grow up, “his people” … “my people”, big deal! I’m sure Tom did not mean anything offensive “by it”.

        You people are a problem as there is no need to covertly sneak the race card in when instead there are serious issues that need to be addressed.

        A portion of African people including African Brits in the UK are carrying HIV which is above the arithmetic mean both straight and gay!. This is mathematically correct now let us address the issue with education, honesty and testing etc without incurring a race card which brings silence amongst the good-going herd and only results in further suffering needlessly.

        1. Well, if Tom didn’t mean anything offensive maybe he should’ve been a little more careful in his choice of phrasing? Just a thought/

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 Sep 2011, 8:45am

    Well Hello, Again Mr Amaechi!! :P

    It’s brilliant that this man is puuting himself out there to make such a difference.

  4. Staircase2 30 Sep 2011, 4:05pm

    The very lovely Mr John Amaechi :o)

    Not just a pretty face/space/place/base!

    …Lovin your work!

  5. honest voice 1 Oct 2011, 4:47pm

    SILLY MAN! You have to stop living your destructive lifestyle and not conduct useless campaigns. Homosexual practice brings serious illnesses as it is unatural. As simple as that.

    1. Idiot.

    2. Spanner1960 2 Oct 2011, 5:07pm


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