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US census shows 131,297 gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. Many more couples to come! Praise the saints!

  2. Gay Daily Mail Reader 29 Sep 2011, 6:37am

    For a population of over 300 million, the adult gay population will be about 10 million. The census represents just under 650,000 households or 1.3 million induviduals. This shows that 7 out of 8 gay people are in relationships but living apart, on the market or playing the field. Of course I can number crunch forever but we all know what they say about statistics.

    1. “For a population of over 300 million, the adult gay population will be about 10 million.”

      But not all gay people are “out”. Probably (although I have no evidence either way) most are not. Not out people tend not to have too much success in stable relationships, with pretend straight ones, or closet gay ones….

      1. Wait for the fundamentalsits to arrive, they just love to play the numbers game . . .

  3. Jock S. Trap 29 Sep 2011, 8:45am

    Commitment should involve the choice of marriage. End of.

    I suspect these figures are on the low level of people admitting. Still it is encouraging.

  4. The Census is weird here – my partner and I ticked the married couple and made it obvious 2 males lived in the house. Gay marriage is unconstitutional in our state but we have more “gay marriages” than Iowa to the south of us. We had a massive queer the census campaign which was awesome.

  5. Equality before the law should not depend on numbers.

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