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Transgender woman tells of DIY surgery

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Reader comments

  1. Hodge Podge 28 Sep 2011, 12:05pm

    :( Shows a lack of knowledge of whats available. Thank god I’m not that dysphoric.

    1. You have to have a real mental illness to be that dysphoric!

  2. So gender reassignment is a complicated medical procedure only to be carried out by trained surgeons under anaesthetic? Who knew?
    I’m crossing my legs as I type. Seriously… owwwwwwwwwww.

  3. OrtharRrith 28 Sep 2011, 12:31pm

    Desperation will lead people to do insane things. It goes to show that better publication about what occurs during surgery is needed to avoid people from doing this sort of thing in future.
    There’s a myth with MTF GRS – I’ve heard it countless times – that they cut the penis off. You hear that enough and some people are likely to believe it.

  4. I, as a woman of transsexual history feel that this is really not any kind of publicity we need. People will just think this person is crazy. I think this person is crazy! Someone (49 years old!!!) trying to cut their own genitals of with a utility knife.. BEFORE even having STARTED to live as the desired gender. How can this person truly know its feelings are correct!? Honestly I don’t feel this has as much to do with transsexualism (or gender dysphoria, if you prefer) as it does with a psychotic obsession.

    1. Another story to reinforce a stereotype thats the only reason it was in the metro this morning

    2. I know of two people who were driven crazy by shrinks trying to get referrals for SRS back in the 80’s who performed self surgery.

      I did not agree with them doing what they did, but I full well understood there reasons.

      Just because you maybe fortunate, does not mean everyone else is.

    3. theotherone 28 Sep 2011, 2:15pm

      wow for you for having got what you desired.

      Privilege anyone?

    4. I think it is an important story for people to know to show how desperate people can get when you deny the right medical treatment, or don’t make the right treatments readily known about. If you have cancer, there’s so many leaflets, guide, help you can ask for, if you’re trans, you’ve got to go looking for it all yourself, and then there’s no definitive way of doing it right.

    5. HelenWilson 28 Sep 2011, 2:16pm

      This is the typical sort of story the CIS gendered love to portray us as, ether mad, bad or victims.

      If you repress yourself for so long you are bound to end up doing something, just ask all those married so called heterosexual men who love to hang around in men’s toilets not being gay!

    6. theotherone 28 Sep 2011, 2:17pm

      good for you for getting what you wanted.

      Privileged much?

    7. OrtharRrith 28 Sep 2011, 2:59pm

      “as a woman of transsexual history feel that this is really not any kind of publicity we need”

      Except that good things can come from this publicity. More people will now be aware that the penis – or rather part of it – is used in the surgery, this will lead to those transpeople struggling as they await treatment; or find treatment taking too long, being less likely to do this.
      It’s a shame that she did this, she could very easily have killed herself but people learn from mistakes – theirs or other peoples.
      As a transperson, you should be all too aware of what it feels like waiting for treatment and waiting for surgery. The almost physical pain when (unsuspecting) people address you by the wrong pronoun, the feelings of guilt and denial over how you feel inside.
      How can she know her feelings are correct? The same way you did, the same way a 10 yrs old does; You should be well aware that being trans isn’t something that occurs over night, or even over a few years. You are born with it

      1. OrtharRrith 28 Sep 2011, 3:05pm


        You KNOW at a very young age. Ok, some people deny it, some people fight it. Some people transition in the youth, others have families, kids; do matcho jobs and try to ignore it for as long as they can – often into the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – but they still know, have always known they were trans, no matter how long they deny it for. So again, how does she know her feelings are real? Because she’s lived it all her life, same as you.

        1. Bull. I didn’t “know I was trans” until I tried living as female and my crippling depression disappeared. Yes, there were subconscious scratchings, but no more than, say, the ones that tell me that tiled floors must be set in regular repeating patterns.

          1. If you didn’t know until you were living full-time, then why did you do it? On some level you obviously knew something.

            The sad part about these stories is that those that self-harm make their eventual SRS much more difficult. I didn’t like my genitals either, but I knew they were necessary as donor material for my SRS.

          2. respecting others feelings 29 Sep 2011, 8:09am

            Carka, maybe not everyone feels the same as you. From their perspective, your experience might be considered “bull” too.

          3. @xrk9854: There’s a difference between a 2-sigma hunch and a 5-sigma result.

            @respectingothersfeelings: OrtharRrith tried to speak for me with eir above post. It’s em – and the swathe of the trans community which claim that everyone has truly astounding levels of self-awarness at the age of six – who should rein themselves in.

    8. Thia Jones 29 Sep 2011, 4:59pm

      It’s incredibly sad that, on the one hand, we have trans people driven to desperate measures of self harm – and on the other, we have trans people effectively denying their own trans identity and jumping on the assimilationist bandwagon – both are symptoms equally caused by the ignorance and hatred we face…

    9. Rebecca; while I take your point about ‘adverse publicity’ of TS persons in the mind of the general public, I don’t believe that any of the rest of us have a right to judge in the way you seem to be doing. I am TS myself, but you must understand that we are all individuals and face our problems in our own ways as a function of our personal responses. Of course ‘self-surgery’ is always ill-advised, but we have all had different experiences of mind and of circumstances, and been able to choose different paths to transition. Mine was long and gradual-what was yours like? Perhaps you had much more support,opportunity or just sheer luck? This lady didn’t.

  5. I understand her desperation. She clearly is transsexual. I hope she gets appropiate sex reasignment surgery soon on the NHS, very soon.

    For those of you criticising her. She is clearly desperate. If you are happy the way you are, then good for you. She clearly is not and if you were transsexual, you would understand her pain.

    I wish her well for the future.

  6. This is sensationalist reporting presumably designed to support the mental illness classification of gender dysphoria.

    Realisation that the sex of the brain is different to the sex of the body occurs in childhood and that is where intervention in puberty delaying drugs is essential.

    It is a medical condition cured by surgery.

  7. We can speculate whether she was psychotic at the time but it doesn’t really matter. Having a psychotic episode doesn’t preclude her from being transsexual, it only illustrates how stressful it can be. I abused drugs as a teenager to try and block out the feeling of wrongness in my body. Many attempt suicide. This story isn’t dissimilar it just has more shock value and is more unusual.

  8. Staircase2 28 Sep 2011, 3:30pm

    Bless her
    I hope shes in a better place now

  9. As another transsexual woman, I can only hope that she comes through this and gets the surgery she so desperately needs.
    I can empathise with her so much as I also contemplated doing this when I was in my early teens – I just hated the body which I had been born with so vehemently. It was even harder back then in the early 60’s as it wasn’t widely known about the condition – and most treatments were either electric shock treatments or ECT

    1. Hello, Carol-you and I must be about the same age,lol! I seriously contemplated removing my inner testes (the epididymis) – in order to stop production of that ‘filthy’ testosterone when I was about 16. I had it all worked out,too-courage failed me, but if I had,then almost certainly I would have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act for a few months. But I,too was veering on the desperate;hating the fact that although slim and not very masculine,I wasn’t able to be what I knew I was, a girl. I recall visiting a G.P. around 1983,asking about facial hair removal/hormones and his comment was that he’d be struck off if he suppied hormones,and if I hated shaving, “Why don’t you grow a beard?” Such was general medical understanding,even then. If a physical woman had complained about facial shaving,would he have given the same advice? Many years and a failed marriage later,l successfully transitioned via approved the London Gender clinic/Charing Cross route -but wish so much that that had been available back then. It would have saved much heartache and negative feelings,both for me and those around me. Only a transsexual can really understand what it is to be transsexual, just as only someone who has experienced,say,a war battle at first hand can know what it is like. It would improve life considerably if non-T.S. persons would refrain from telling us what we are or are not. Lots of luck,health and future happiness to that brave woman! (But please leave it to the surgeons next time!)

  10. And this as the government are making cutbacks to NHS provisions for gender reassignment surgery. :/

  11. I’m glad she has found the treatment and acceptance she needs. I’m sorry she felt she had to go to those lengths to be happy.
    I’m also glad they were able to re-attach the offending organ. She will need it later for her pussy.

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