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Gaydar fraudster jailed for four years

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Reader comments

  1. I’m always astonished that people get taken in by these characters, but I suppose it’s hard to know how convincing they are if you’re not on the receiving end of their wiles. A big downside of online contacts, I reckon.

    1. Its very sad from a lot of different perspectives …

      I remember dealing with a victim of fraud from a con man that one of the things the victim kept saying to me repeatedly was “I never thought I was the type to be taken in by sob stories”.

    2. Spanner1960 30 Sep 2011, 8:58am

      Sorry, I read that as “on the receiving end of their willies.”

  2. It is very sad that people are caught up in these scams. I had someone try it not so long ago on gaydar. At the point where pictures were being exchanged, he said I should send him a camera so he could take more pictures. After asking the cretin what sort of idiot he took me for, I reported him to gaydar and blocked his profile.
    The sad thing is that there are too many people who allow themselves to be taken in by these scumbags.

  3. What did people see in this scruff?

    Still, he’s a minority.

    The biggest act of theft that goes on at Gaydar is time banditry by complete and utter wasters.

  4. I can imagine when a guy who is 20 younger than you wants to flatter you with attention and sex…. it is not difficult to be swept along in the illusion. And before you know it, you’re spending and spending…

  5. He will be fed, clothed and looked after by the very people he stole from, as most will be tax payers… so he has gained a good deal.

    1. “He will be fed, clothed and looked after by the very people he stole from, as most will be tax payers… so he has gained a good deal.”

      Eh? You should probably stay off the Ronseal Wood Preserver.

  6. No, I expect most people who’re taken in by con men imagine that their kind and generous impulses are genuinely doing some good, that’s what makes these lying, cheating scumbags so doubly contemptible.

    1. That was supposed to be in response to Stu’s observation above.

    2. I agree many will have this view. I also expect the victim I dealt with was angry and upset at the time (understandably) and on reflection may or may not have acted differently if another person had utilised such deplorable methods to con them. No doubt, the incident left him trusting other (probably genuine) people much less. He helped this person by feeling he was doing good at the time, but after learning of the nature of the fraud his views were somewhat different. I took it to mean he thought he would be able to spot a charlatan and be happy supporting a genuine need. I think the victim I was speaking of will have felt he was being kind and generous until the point he realised what the real motivations of the conman were.

  7. Jock S. Trap 29 Sep 2011, 9:38am

    What a despicable person. Glad he has this sentence but which 4yrs, 3mths meant 4yrs, 3mths.

    It is sad that people get caught up in these scams but I guess he knew who to prey on, who was vunerable and craved company to those just good hearted people.

    One thing for them to learn is never stop working from the heart but just be careful who you show such kindness too.

  8. I got taken in by a con woman, who turned out to be of no fixed abode and scammed loads of money off me. She even used online forums to meet her victims. Its sad because for a long time I thought she was really kind and charming.
    I wish I’d called the police :-/

    1. You can put part of the blame on the gay society.
      As I grew older finding a companion/sex became increasingly
      difficult. The gay community has a fixation on the young and the hung.
      I remember going to one of my favorite clubs. I was told that this party was not for me. The kino as they are called in Berlin would not allow me to enter they stated it was a private club but I knew it was because it was because of my age.
      So people like me who are lonely who may not have a out let are
      easily taken in by guys like him. Over the years I have learned a few lessons.

      1. Sorry, but I take issue with that. How is “gay society” that different from non-gay society? When it comes to taste or behaviour there is no “gay community”. If you’re talking of the urban gay male scenes catering for singles, I seriously doubt they’re that different from their non-gay equivalents. (I wouldn’t want to be an older straight man trying to get into a bar aimed mainly at younger people.)

        Deplorable as it is, I think you wouldn’t have to search far to find just as many non-gay men and women (specially older ones) being conned by skilled fraudsters. Yet no-one seems to be blaming “the straight community”. Funny, that.

        1. Spanner1960 30 Sep 2011, 9:02am

          I agree there is no real gay society / community as such, but the whole gay scene is totally youth orientated, and even over 25’s are seen as over the hill, and by the time you are 40 you are history.

          1. I have to disagree Spanner. The whole world is youth orientated. Sure it’s the late teens/early twenty-something crowds that tend to frequent the clubs as let’s face it, that’s what their generation does, gay or straight. We need to face that when we start getting older we need to start going to pubs/clubs that cater for the late 20s upwards crowds. I don’t like older men hitting on me as it feels slightly predatory, and likewise I leave guys younger than me alone. This trends mirrors the straight scene.

          2. @ Spanner: if you really believe that there’s only one (“whole”) gay scene, in what way – as Ty says – does it differ from its non-gay equivalent?

          3. Not my experience of the gay community that i wholeheartedly engage in

            Your loss Spanner1960 if you don’t engage in such a community

            Although, I would argue PN comments are (stretching it a bit I accept) kind of a gay community

  9. Yes there are indeed some very dodgy people on gaydar!

  10. Although he has not shown any remorse for his victims, Mark Bishop has said that he is relieved to have been caught because he no longer knows who he is…. he has been a lying conman for 10 years.

    More details here:

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