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Video: Parents of gay suicide teen urge families to talk

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Reader comments

  1. Wish it was as easy as just talking. Coming out can end a family.

    1. Coming out can also start a new family. It is your choice. Good luck.

      1. jamestoronto 28 Sep 2011, 3:45pm

        I Facebooked this to my family list (21) and to my friends list (63) and the result has been 21 likes from family and 40 (and counting) from friends. It may surprise you how supportive family and true friends really!!

  2. Another Hannah 27 Sep 2011, 9:01pm

    This shows just how low American’s have sunk. This is not only about as unchristian as you can get (I’m sure God will view these souls positively – not), but it about as low and vile for any human being as you can get. These kids who did this truly are subhumans with all the associations this term evokes.

  3. We tell people like Jamey “it gets better.” But let’s be honest, sometimes that just isn’t true, is it. Don’t forget that the US is still a very toxic environment for LGBT people – and as LGBT citizens fight for rights like ENDA and marriage equality, it will cause a backlash. It isn’t going to “better” for a while (unless you live in Castro or the Village), it is going to be hard for a long time.

    1. You might be right and that is why we need a “MAKE THING BETTER”
      Everywhere, Now, and not later campaign by working with all people in government and religion to make things better now before we destroy any more children.

    2. David Myers 30 Sep 2011, 10:38am

      The “It Gets Better” project’s message is that you will only be in school for a few more years and when you are out of school you will have more control over your life. It does not mean that school will get better immediately. Gay and Straight alliances can help improve the situation in school – also programs like “Out In Schools” – but at this point in time parents insisting that the school board take action to protect all kids from bullying is one of the best things that can be done. If the school board doesn’t act – sue them! That really gets their attention. Yes, we all have to work to make it get better – particularly in the schools, but that does not mean the message of the “It Gets Better” is wrong or unhelpful. It is important to let kids know that it will get better – at least after they graduate if not before. One other message that needs to be made in the schools is that everyone can have an impact by not tolerating bullying, standing up against it, reporting it, showing support for the bullied kids, etc. The biggest failure of the schools is the attitude that there isn’t anything that can be done to prevent bullying and that it is “natural” and “a part of growing up”. Bullsh#t! Challenge homophobia and bullying everywhere!

  4. His family buried him wearing a shirt that said “Born This Way”. This made me cry, and I am sure his family and friends and a lot of people cried and are feeling the loss of such a beautiful young boy. And the angels cried as they carried him to heaven where God also cried seeing how people treat his children on earth and treat each other and perhaps this is why the world will end, because even the “Holy ones” have become the evil ones who have brought the world to an end.

  5. Couldn’t you have come up with a better way to refer to Jamey in the article’s title than “gay suicide teen”? It comes off as insulting.

  6. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 8:22am

    Very disturbed at what the bullies chanted showing the need for these vile children and quite possibly their parents, to be charged and sentenced.

    To have such a disregard of human life just because of ones orientation is completely unacceptable and so long as they go unpunished a message goes out to bullies that their distructive behaviour is fine and the consequences don’t matter.

    This is just completely wrong.

    People need to be held to account and I don’t care how young they are. To come out with such comments shows they have to wake up in the real world and see that every action has consequences.

    The parents themselves are right and it must be very difficult to speak publically so soon but lets hope their message can help another teenager on the brink into seeing thing can and do change for the better.

  7. David Myers 30 Sep 2011, 10:42am

    Legal authorities are considering laying charges against the kids who took an active part in bullying Jamey, particularly the ones who urged him to commit suicide and told him no one would miss him or care. Good for those authorities – I hope they follow through.

  8. This is so sad.

    And to see religious freaks posting hate on here even after we lose an innocent child makes me sick to the stomach.

    The problem is hate – what is wrong with these people.

  9. Invoking Poe’s law. Good grief man, you are boring.

  10. Flaunt their sexuality?
    Like straight kids do when boyfriend and girlfriend kiss?

    You have the despicable idea that this is Jamey’s or any of the other children’s faults, just because they “flaunt” who they are. I sure hope you do not have nor plan to have any children as I would feel very sorry for them to be put in a home with such a failure of a parent.

    Grow up.

  11. Is that a joke?

  12. jamestoronto 27 Sep 2011, 7:54pm

    Flaunting??? Compared to the virtual barrage of straight sexuality that is literally everywhere a few flaunts here and there (if indeed that’s what they are) are hardly noticeable. What do you call flaunting. Probably just saying “I’m gay” is flaunting to you. Grow up — life is diverse.

  13. You obviously dont have a clue you are a true idiot

  14. Matthew, you are beneath the contempt one would afford a dog.

  15. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 8:24am

    Do tell, how does one flaunt their sexuality? By breathing?

    You sir are the problem. Wishing it was you instead of this innocent young child. The world needs better people to shine through and vile creeps like yourself would not be missed.

  16. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 8:25am

    Lower I think Will.

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