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L Word actress ‘escorted off plane for lesbian kiss’

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  1. What exactly did they do? Peck or tongue-down-the-throat? The story is not very informative.

    1. Leisha Hailey says it was a ‘peck’.

      1. Of course actresses have never been known to overdramatise recollections….

        1. are you a bitter struggling actress, jenny? is your career faltering?

  2. I agree – if they were thrown off for a peck on the cheek then I understand her anger.

    If however they’ve spent 2 hours down one another’s throats I can see how it might have upset some people – not because they’re homophobic necessarily just because snogging the face off of someone may come across as a little crass.

    But then we don’t know – the story is very vague and I have a feeling that this is so it appears salacious.

    1. Given the fact they were thrown off the plane while it was still at the terminal, they can’t have been on it for that long and it would be difficult to see how it would be anything that excessive.

      1. They weren’t thrown off at the terminal – they were escorted off after it landed, probably because they were at that point causing a disturbance by arguing loudly with staff in the air, I would imagine. As a lesbian I know how aggressive certain lesbians can get if they feel they’ve been ‘wronged’ — even if they haven’t.

        I haven’t seen a reference to a ‘peck’ anywhere in the story or anywhere else for that matter, so I’m inclined to think they were doing a bit more than that.

        1. Jock S. Trap 27 Sep 2011, 12:59pm

          Funny how people are quick to judge when they don’t know the full story.

          Assumptions noted.

        2. As a lesbian? I’m convinced

        3. chrisfourpointtwo 27 Sep 2011, 1:44pm

          well, with respect, as a lesbian do you not feel that an assumption based on a stereotype is wrong. i know im being pedantic, but its a bit like a woman coming forward after a traffic accident involving another woman ‘well.. as a woman we are too busy thinking about shoes to worry about traffic’.

  3. i suspect they were removed because they kicked off and started shouting. Ive spent a flight on this airline with two guys ahead of me “heavy petting” and no one batted an eyelid.

    1. Jock S. Trap 27 Sep 2011, 11:27am

      Guess it all depends of staff and customers at the time.

  4. Even if if was a full on snog (which I think is inappropriate in public whether you are gay or straight) the fact that the trolley-dolly said that it was inappropriate because it was a ‘family’ airline is offensive.

    If the trolley-dolly had said ‘Excuse me but your heavy petting is making other passengers uncomfortable’ then it would have been ok. But for her to say that it was inappropriate because SWA is a ‘family’ airline is effectively saying ‘You are weird and you should not be allowed near children’.

    That is horribly offensive.

    And of course the actress says it was just a peck. Which would indicate that the trolley-dolly was simply a nasty bigot (who I will bet identifies as a christian – this type of nasty hatred and stupidity and bigotry is synonymous with religious belief.)

    1. I love how you are so offended while classifying an entire group of working-class women as “Trolley Dollies”.

      Perhaps you should spend less time trying to be clever and getting so easily offended – you might actually have something to say then…

      1. Ok – sorry Karlotta Marx – forgive me.

        I should have called them waitresses. Does that please you better?

        1. Was that the best you could muster? I imagine living in your dually-pained world of oversensitivity and ignorance is a painful enough response for you to deal with, so I’ll remain silent and let the Universe continue pranking you…

          1. Build a bridge – get over it.

            Trolley-dolly is a widely used term for flight attendants.

            Flight attendants main job is to serve as waitresses (although they don’t get tipped).

            being a waitress is a respectable living so I don’t know why you are getting so worked up.

        2. Well I can think of a few common terms used for different ethnic groups – that doesn’t make them correct. If you claim to have used it as a respectful term, I would be as offended as you are…

          1. So you are classing being a flight attendant as being the same as an ethnic minority now??????

            You is funneee!

          2. No – I’m just saying that because a term is common, it doesn’t mean it is appropriate. That reply of yours is a prime example of you missing the point and becoming offended by something you had no need to be offended by…

    2. David, you are making an assumption that the term family was being used in an exclusive way. Families can include gay families, and should, and it may be the case that the couple were going at it too heavy for any family make up (I realise this is an assumption as we do not know exactly what they did). It might have been better to say that their behaviour was unsuitable for a child friendly environment.

      Sometimes we over react to the use of the word family – get annoyed – say or do something we regret and then think “wait we are a family too and they meant all of us”. We assume it excludes us when sometimes it does not and we need to think before we react.

      1. Please don’t ask David to think – that is asking an awful lot…

      2. Or it may be that the trolley dolly / waitress was a homophobic bigot.

        1. Yes, everyone must be. Since you weren’t there, and are solely basing your opinion on the dreadfully-written article above, I’m sure you must be right. I’m amazed you can do the math require to post here…

          1. Are you illiterate as well as stupid.

            If you could read you would see that I said the trolley-dolly MAY have been a homophobic bigot. Not that she IS a homophobic bigot.

            Considering SWA’s history of bigotry I think it’s safe to assume bigotry is acceptable in its staff.

          2. Are you so stupid as to have written this above and then claimed you were just asking if they were bigoted? – “Which would indicate that the trolley-dolly was simply a nasty bigot (who I will bet identifies as a christian – this type of nasty hatred and stupidity and bigotry is synonymous with religious belief.)”

      3. I think we need to rely on Leisha Hailey’s assessment of what the air steward meant and her intent given that she was actually there.

    3. Staircase2 27 Sep 2011, 8:03pm

      You had me up to ‘and I bet she is a Christian’ – one bigotry doesnt entitle another….!

  5. Jock S. Trap 27 Sep 2011, 11:26am

    Disgraceful and pathetic of Southwest Airlines to be so discriminating. One to avoid clearly.

    1. Have you formed this opinion with any other evidence? Or just from scanning this half article above?

      1. @Jenny
        If you are so concerned about “Jessica Geen’s”
        ability to function as journalist, why not contact her at, and let her know what you think of her reporting?

        1. I don’t need to – I can see this was a copy and paste job – no real writing going on here

      2. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:18am

        Entitled to my opinion, dear.

    2. Spanner1960 27 Sep 2011, 4:57pm

      The usual knee-jerk reaction. Or should that be knee-jock?

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:17am

        Hypocrite much?

  6. I totally agree if it was a peck it should not offend anyone, if was a passionate tie me down kiss I would be uncomfortable if my children were to witness that, gay or straight. Shame on you SWA, give her her money back and an apology.

    1. I’m not sure why this has been ticked down.

      It’s not prudish to argue that it can be uncomfortable to have two people playing tongue-fu with one another. We all have to take on board other people’s feelings in this world to some extent.

  7. Even if it was a passionate kiss then the answer to other customers is simple – stop staring. It isn’t like she was doing it on the stage at the Hollywood Bowl, it was in rank and file seating on an aircraft – most people couldn’t have seen a thing and if they did complain it should have been discounted as making a fuss. I very much doubt that they were five seconds away from scissoring in the aisles.

    1. I understand your point but feel we should consider other people may feel uncomfortable, not necessarily in a homophobic way – just a ‘please stop doing that, it’s a little too much’ kind of way.

      I’m not suggesting that people should stop kissing at all but am arguing that sometiems we need to consider the feelings of others. A plane is also not the place to advertise one’s sexual appetities either.

      She’s right to complain, what was said to her was offensive and I possibly would have also kicked off but do it correctly – contact the head office and complain, not kick off in front of people (some whom don’t like flying at all and are already anxious) or young kids who may have been very frightened by it all.

      1. If it was full on making out, I don’t blame the airline for saying something. From what I’ve read, they were kicked off only after arguing and making a scene.

        This woman is quick to blame homophobia, when the real culprit was her own personal behavior!

        Sounds like the former “They’re all against me because I’m black” strategy adopted by gays. I believe nothing of what she says; she trying to deflect criticism by blaming the airline.

        She’s just looking for some free publicity, after all her band’s new CD is going to coincidentally be released soon and the whole thing sounds staged. Book on the most “Family” orientated airline you can find, do a public sex show, then bitch and tweet when you get kicked off.

        From SheWired: “Following a summer full of sold-out shows across the U.S., electro-pop duo Uh Huh Her — Leisha Hailey (keyboards, bass) and Camila Grey (keyboards, guitar) — are gearing up for the release of Nocturnes, their forthcoming full-length album, due out October 11!”

        1. “This woman is quick to blame homophobia, when the real culprit was her own personal behavior!”

          Evidence for that please. You only have the airline’s word for that.

          And also if the trolley-dolly who asked them to stop kissing is a bigot – regardless of whether they were snogging or not.

          She said that SWA is a ‘family’ airline,. So effectively she was claiming that lesbians are weird and unacceptable and should not be allowed near children.

          Has she been fired? She’d better be as she is clearly not fit for purpose at her job,.

          Southwest Airlines has a history of homophobia and discrimination. Remember that story some months ago about the pilot caught moaning about the number of f***ots working as trolley-dollies. That too was Southwest Airlines.

          Remember the film director Kevin Smith was allowed to board an airline and take his seat only to be told by the trolley dolly that he was too fat and had to get off the airline. Again Southwest Airlines.

          1. “And also if the trolley-dolly who asked them to stop kissing is a bigot – regardless of whether they were snogging or not.”

            You have no evidence – stop looking for reasons to be offended. She might have been following the Captain’s orders

    2. So your answer to things that others don’t like is to ignore them? Yet you are making a stand about something which you feel strongly about… hypocrite much?

  8. I would challenge Southwest to PROVE that their actions were not homophobic by providing details on how many hetero couples they have bumped from a flight for “Excessive displays.”

    1. They were bumped for screaming about it. Not for the act itself. I bet Southwest have bumped 100% of screaming passengers off the plane, as it is a safety concern to everyone else. If they couldn’t resolve it without screaming, regardless of who was right, then they deserved to be thrown off.

      1. You don’t know that they were doing anything of the sort. Although I would not blame them for standing their ground as they were subject to bigoted behaviour. There is NO EVIDENCE of anyone screaming.

        1. And their is no evidence of it being a homophobic to remove them from the flight… They were possibly getting over excessive in their displays of affection, we weren’t there, so we don’t know. Wouldn’t you rather them be removed from the flight, as is the protocol for the airline in these situations, than be granted special treatment? Equality is what you seek, no?

      2. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:20am

        That Your assumption is it?

    2. Excellent observation. Bravo.

    3. Statistics in these instances are pointless. How about asking for actual facts regarding the story, for example what the PDA actually was, instead of calling homophobic foul straight away?

  9. Miguel Sanchez 27 Sep 2011, 2:31pm

    The article is a little vague here but this was what I was taught when I was growing up. There is a time and a place for everything.

    IF they were on a tonsil search and rescue mission, that wasn’t the time or the place.

    As a gay man, I would be uncomfortable having to see 2 people (gays, lesbians or straights) constantly tongue swapping.

    1. And if you were told to stop as it was annoying other people then you would probably stop.

      If however you were told that your homosexuality was inappropriate for children to see or be around, then I’m sure you’d be offended.

      That’s what the flight attendant told this couple, She said that SWA is a ‘family’ airline ie lesbians are not family-friendly. That is bigotted.

      1. Where are you hearing that from? The offended publicity-hungry party, or a third neutral source. This article has no research behind it. Not news, sh*t-stirring…

      2. Since when does ‘family’ stand for not lesbian friendly? In the context it was used it, I’d assume it meant it frowned upon PDA, because of the families on the flight…

    2. Nobody would say or do anything negative to the straight couple though hence; DISCRIMINATION. PERSECUTION. Grip reality Miguel.

    3. Staircase2 27 Sep 2011, 7:59pm

      Two things:

      1) REALLY? if you feel uncomfortable ‘having to see’ (ie you arent able to look elsewhere) that really says more about how uptight you are about sex bless you than it does about the people doing it…

      2) Given that you say the ‘article is a little vague’ then why did you assume this is what took place then?

  10. M. Coleman 27 Sep 2011, 2:34pm

    This is absolutely ridiculous… This is a free country and it’s 2011… All people have the right to be happy. I’m sure with her being a highly respectable person she wasn’t tonguing. The flight attendant was a hater and she was knocking it and I’m sure she hasn’t tried it. Absouletly Bogus!

    1. How are you sure? How do you know she’s respectable? Respectable people don’t usually scream on planes, even if they are being unjustly challenged. Did you ever see Ghandi screaming? He put up with a hell of a lot worse than this…

      1. Where does it say either of the women were screaming? Not a dig – a genuine question. Did I miss something? Have you read more about this elsewhere?

      2. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:23am

        I guess like you we’re assuming. Doesn’t make you right or others wrong. I guess you prefer to make the worst out of things, guilty before proven inncoent eh? whereas the rest of us are a little more decent and supportive because many of us have gone through this kind of discrimination at one point or another.

  11. whymewhyme 27 Sep 2011, 2:41pm

    i’d rather tackle Camerons 9pm gay kiss ban issue in the uk – at least there the kisses can be monitored which makes it easier to dispute complaints.

    that said – for many, any gay kiss is too much … some kisses are gay – get used to it !

    kiss on !

    1. Jock S. Trap 27 Sep 2011, 3:10pm

      That wasn’t Cameron that was the Daily Mail.

  12. I don’t have a problem seeing anyone kiss or snog personally.
    I know some people do but this sounds more likely that it was a bigot who complained.

    Plus the fact that the airline carries the GLAAD doesn’t mean they don’t necessarily have homophobic staff.

  13. You should have called them Flight Attendants or Cabin Crew, because that’s what their job title is. Kind of like Julian Clary is a Comedian, not a poof telling jokes or Jane Hill is a journalist not a dyke newsreader. Using Trolley Dolly in the context of discussing this story is very demeaning.

    1. THank you.

  14. It does not matter how they kissed or how much they kissed. I have seen newlyweds for example on their way to their honeymoon destination practically fornicating on the seats and they get applause. I will NEVER fly Southwest.

    1. But GLAAD are happy to continue doing so? A lot of gay and lesbian employees will lose their jobs if the airline is boycotted over one person’s actions

  15. So why is it that Southwest remains the official airline of GLAAD then? You can either believe this poorly researched article about a publicity-hungry actress with a faltering career, or the nation’s premier organization fighting for gay and lesbian rights. Which one is it?

    1. Quite right in that we don’t know the full facts or how biased the reporting is, both here and elsewhere. But blaming the two women and making nasty comments about them is just as wrong as automatically labelling the flight attendant as a bigot.

      1. Well, I think the atmosphere in this comments section, where anyone who dares to question the events and seeks further truth is booed down doesn’t lead to rational comments. Allowing oneself to blindly follow any article that is designed to get our heckles up isn’t doing anyone any good. Think for yourselves, or someone will be there to do it for you

        1. And how exactly didn’t I ‘think for myself’? YOU were the one who seemed to be making assumptions – namely that the two women shouted and were obnoxious, yet you admonished anyone who made assumptions about the flight attendant.

          I googled this incident and I can’t find anything more than I read here so i presume it was just some kind of news release with few details that was published on a number of sites. The truth about the incident? Who knows. But homophobia is being alleged and this is being reported. I see nothing in this article that states that there were DEFINITELY homophobic words/actions – just that it is being claimed there was.

          I don’t think anyone booed you down for questioning events – that is a sensible thing to do and it would be boring if we all agreed. I think it was your attitude which came across (whether you meant it or not) as aggressive and ‘anti’ the two women while simultaneously attacking anyone who was ‘on their side’. Any why sneer at Leisha’s career?

        2. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:28am

          Think your missing the whole point of debate there but hey ho…

      2. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:25am

        Exactly, Iris.

    2. wtf are you talking about? yer a raving lunatic. unless you have been to one of her concerts yer living under a coconut. faltering career? not when so many of us love her and support her music (and acting). just because this airline affiliates itself with gay groups doesnt mean their staff have good judgment or any kind of sensibility. i’m sure you dont leave all your hatred and cynical attitudes at home when you go to work. Doesnt sound like it anyways. Leisha should be commended for standing up against bullying. Many companies pander to our dollars,,,doesnt mean they like us.

      1. Crush much?

        1. Try getting out of bed the other side, Jenny. It’s the only polite suggestion I can think of for your obvious hatred of Leisha. That and envy, I suppose.

          1. Hatred? I don’t know the person. I’m just questioning the accuracy of the article. Nice skew though

          2. Fair enough – question the article, but why resort to digs at Leisha then? You still haven’t explained why you admonish those who make assumptions about the attendant yet are quite happy to slag off Leisha left, right and centre.

            Nor have I the faintest idea why you suddenly appeared here bursting over with anger towards – well, just about everyone. You’d have made your point better if you’d written without such venom and hadn’t been hypocritical by insulting Leisha.

    3. Ask yourself when the event took place?

    4. Staircase2 27 Sep 2011, 7:56pm

      What a load of rubbish – work for Southwestern do we?….

  16. de Villiers 27 Sep 2011, 4:01pm

    I do not know if the ‘offending’ kissing was a peck on the cheek or something much fuller. However, even if were deep kissing, I very much doubt that a heterosexual couple would have been approached and/or taken off the plane for such behaviour.

    Insofar as I doubt that a heterosexual couple would have been treated this way for deep kissing, I would have thought that this lesbian couple were treated less favourably on the grounds of their sexual orientation. In other words, it was not kissing itself or even heavy kissing which was the reason for them having to leave the aeroplane rather than the fact that it was same-sex kissing.

  17. I’ve met Leisha twice during her Toronto shows and she is a sweet and welcoming person. I’m really pissed that she was treated this way. I’d give anything to have been on that flight~I
    ‘d have gotten the boot too. For sticking up for what’s right. I think the airline should be boycotted and any and all times you see anyone kissing on any plane anywhere complaints should be issued,,,,to show what it’s like to be discriminated against. The gay community has a lot of clout (and money),,let’s use it. Leisha entertains us with her great shows so let’s give back.

  18. Not surprised but am so tired of Christianist bigots with their “family” bullcrap.

    GLBT people need to band together and stop letting the Christians get away with this BS. I don’t see them getting on the case of straights who full-on snog but let us give one another a peck and we are escorted off planes or whatever.

    1. Staircase2 27 Sep 2011, 7:53pm

      Nowhere in the article does it mention ‘Christian’ you lot REALLY have to give up the ghost you know….

      1. Staircase2 27 Sep 2011, 7:54pm

        This is about the Flight Attendant’s potential bigotry NOT about her religion, Christianity or no….

      2. I have to give up nothing. When there is ignorance and superstition in the US, the Xtians are at the bottom of it. So I will be as bigoted as I wish to be towards them.

    2. Yes, so complain about bigotry against gay people then be blatantly ignorant and rude concerning the flight attendants possible religion, way to make a good point! You really convinced me with that one…

      1. YOU don’t put up with the Xtians and their bullchit on a daily basis. I do and it is always “family this” and “family that” with them.

        1. As a matter of fact I do. Congrats again on being completely ignorant. You really are making such a persuasive argument.

          And yet again, you’re being completely rude about peoples religion. Pardon me, but I do believe you’re looking for equality, yet treat a group with disdain. Treat others how you’d like to be treated Merlyn, that small tip will get you rather far in life.

          1. I’m 58 years old and have done quite fine in life , thank you. Since you are not me you have not had my experience with these arseholes. No matter how well I would treat them, they still consider me sinful and unworthy of the same rights they have.

            Not butting my head into a wall, thank you.

  19. Staircase2 27 Sep 2011, 7:52pm

    Which is it: That they were behaving in a way which was ‘inappropriate’ regardless of gender or that they are offering their ‘heartfelt apologies….?
    Sound like Southwest Airlines cant make its mind up….

    …caught between a writ and a hard place perhaps….?

  20. Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey have now issued a statement that refutes any suggestion that the kiss was lewd or vulgar. They point out clearly that they were on the plan for approximately 5 minutes before they were approached – so no, it wasn’t a two-hour tonsil sucking session as some have suggested. Ms Hailey says: “We want to live in a society where if your loved one leans over to give you an innocent kiss on an airplane it’s not labeled as excessive or not family oriented by a corporation and it’s employees.” Look it up to read the rest yourself.

    1. Camilla Grey wasn’t kissing Leisha Hailey. They are not a couple.

      I just wanted to be finniky and point that out, sorry. :|

      1. The press release was issued in both their name and seems to suggest otherwise. I stuck the link here, it seems to have vanished. You can pick it up from her twitter, she linked from it about 90 mins ago.

    2. Thanks for that link, Valksy.

  21. All this noise from the ill-informed, merely perpetuates the drama.
    The flight attendant responded to a complaint from other passengers.
    She was attacked verbally, when she passed the complaint on and requested cessation.
    As the aircraft had not even left the building yet, she wisely chose not to take this ego inflated, Lesbian drama in to the air.
    That’s what flight attendants are meant to do. They are there to protect the safety and comfort of passengers, not pander to the self-expression of individuals, who choose such contained public places, as aircraft.

    1. Silly woman, how dare she not stay silent when ordered to the back of the bus. Discover your spine, would you? And who cares what the “comfort” of the other passengers is…it is thinking like that that has seen people of colour kicked off planes for being scary possible-Muslims. It is pathetic and the stupid and ignorant should not be pandered to.

  22. Sheree "Red" Bornand 27 Sep 2011, 10:49pm

    As a queer, political and public health advocate who rides Southwest from Abq. N.M. to San Francisco, Ca. very regularly; I am not one to simply avoid a situation because of lack of conciousness. Instead my girlfriend and I are planning on smooching to the extreme, perhaps even joining the “mile high club” with the intent of peacefully providing an example of “love”. Afterall they cannot escort all of us off the plane-on the otherhand, perhaps they will try which is ok with me. I also have the disabled card up my sleeve which provides very rich potential for a law suit. Perhaps this is a class-action suit already in the making? Remember “Civil Rights” are just that, everyone has different methods which I appreciate- mine have landed me on the front of U.S.A. Today-above the fold-fighting for the right to marry in Ca! (Google Sheree “Red” Bornand if your curious)-Personally I prefer the tongue in your face method…afterall aren’t we all “family?”

    1. God, you loving being a victim….

  23. Sheree "Red" Bornand 27 Sep 2011, 11:11pm

    One more thing-perhaps those of us who are willing could contact Southwest Airlines directly and express concern re: this situation. In addition, inquire as to how they will prevent this type of discrimination in the future. This provides an excellent paper trail as well as a platform for deeper understanding…”in the nicest possible way”…before they are slapped with a civil suit!

  24. this is all gay B.S. its an attempt at fame and fortune and no more..

    1. Yes, of course, because reporting some alleged incident on an internal flight in the US is SO much more likely to bring you fame than, say, starring in a long-running, much talked about drama like The L Word.

      1. That 12 people watched and was universally panned….

    2. I agree. This does sound like a publicity stunt and this woman is an actress, professional lesbian, and she has a music CD that’s coming out soon.

      1. No idea what a professional lesbian is! She’s an actress who happens to be a lesbian as far as I’m concerned. And I hardly think getting into an argument with people is the way to promote one’s CD. If she’d wanted to manufacture some drama to do that, she’d have chosen a much more focussed one which allowed her to mention her CD. I’ve heard her music, but reading about this event I don’t have the faintest inclination to look up her album so I can hardly think that people who know less about her than I do will suddenly dash off to buy it.

  25. It appears the conversation was recorded too:

  26. Another Hannah 28 Sep 2011, 10:59am

    My problem is I don’t know and didn’t see this, but I’m inclined to suspect that prejudice is at work. The first thing bigots do in a situation like this is tell lies and accuse you of this that and the other, because for some reason bigots tend not to be very principled people. People always tend towards anti-LGBT rather than doubt in our favour – we are always expected to apologise for existing. I doubt this airlines sincerity from their response – just a bit too little attention paid and effort put in.

  27. Bet the airline wouldn’t have minded if a straight man had made a big show of proposing to his girlfriend then kissing her or if they were giggly smoochy honeymooners.

    1. I’d take that bet, I’ve seen straight couples be asked to keep the PDA under control on flights, and they simply stopped kissing, instead of kicking up a fuss and calling it ‘heterophobia’. Why is everyone in the LGBT community’s first response to cry homophobia? Instead of examining the case, and the facts and then seeing if someone was truly discriminated against. Do you not want everyone to be treated equally? Well, if so, stop complaining when a gay couple get removed from a flight for airline policy.

  28. I do not believe her story that she was thrown off for just a PDA or kissing.

    I’ve been kissing men in public and having a PDA with a male partner for decades in all sorts of places from rural towns, on busses, in airports, and yes on planes and I’ve never had any sort of stewardess or airline staff tell me to stop or leave the plane before or after we landed. I have also never had anyone tell me to stop, given me dirty looks or had them say anything to me or my male partners.

    The more this professional lesbian tweets and tells her convoluted side of the story the less I believe her and it all does sound like a publicity stunt on her part since she’s an actress, musician, and professional lesbian. I just find the timing of Hailey’s album release more than a little suspect.

    Oh, and Uh Huh Her sucks, sorry. Not even MichFest stage-worthy, are they?

    1. Don’t bother looking for logic or scrutiny to be applied here. Worse than being in Meow Mix at the beginning of the 1998 NYU term…

  29. Another Hannah 28 Sep 2011, 8:59pm

    certainly will avoid Southwest air. the change of story says it all really – I’m not stupid. who would want to use an airline that would throw you off in the middle of nowhere for this!!!! think about it. stranded for gawd knows how long in the middle of nowhere, hicksville Usa. I’m surprised given this ANYBODY uses them!! they don’t exactly sound reliable do they?!!

  30. Another Hannah 28 Sep 2011, 9:03pm

    I suspect many false postings on this thread for some reason…..maybe they have an active PR department?

    1. Interesting thought, Another Hannah. It would explain a lot.

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