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Judge upholds 21-year sentence for trans woman’s killer

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Reader comments

  1. I genuinely hope all the boys in prison are lining up to see who’s turn it is to have a new bitch.

    I hope he is used as a free prostitute for the rest of his jail time.

    1. One really shouldn’t advocate Rape as a punisment. It is a horror even if against a toerag like this.

      1. I understand the point you are makng, but it is easy to say such things when it wasn’t your child/sibling/parent/ partner or friend.

        He has shown no remorse, he even went on to steal from her, then, went off to have sex again with another two prostitues. Maybe I would have felt different if he did show remorse, but he didn’t did he?

        So how do we deal with this kind of sub-humna; jail them for 21 years, ridiculous.

        1. billyWingartenson 21 Jul 2012, 3:09pm

          a cage with the door welded shut, a small opening for bread. waterhe can slobber up like my dog does – out of the toilet if I’m not around. .

          what is wrong with the brits? Dont you have a sentence where you dont get out of jail except in a cheap box for burial?

          I think the news said that Brevik was considered insane, so they could also keep him locked up for life, instead of 21 years.

          potentially you can rehab killers who did it in a fit of anger, or other reasons

          this is hate and fear . – you cant fix that kind of psycho, and we need the psychs to help ordinary people having trouble coping with lifes problems.

      2. de Villiers 27 Sep 2011, 4:03pm

        It is easy to say it when the victim is not a friend. That in no way reduces its weight. Justice is to be delivered fairly, impartially and proportionately. One should never advocate rape as a corrective punishment. It infringes a basic human right against degrading treatment.

        He may be sub-human. Those who advocate rape for him, however, adopt similar sub-humanity.

  2. Good that this second trial is now over and that Destiny’s killer will serve a long tariff for his ‘life’ sentence.

    Does anyone know why the Court of Appeal declared the original conviction unsafe?

    1. I haven’t had any luck finding a statement from the Court of Appeal on the matter. But given that leave to appeal usually requires a material error in the trial procedure (you can’t appeal just because you don’t like the verdict) it could be one of a number of things – from a defence error to a bad instruction from the judge. I am pretty sure (and it has been a long time since I studied any law) that the Court of Appeals doesn’t consider guilt or innocence at all – just safe or unsafe. That the Crown Prosecution Service went ahead with a re-trial suggests that the evidence standard was fine and, of course, prosecuting people accused of murder is always in the public interest.

  3. Glad he got proper justice 21 years is less years than he stole off poor Destiny.

  4. Bet it doesn’t make the 6 oclock news

  5. OrtharRrith 27 Sep 2011, 1:51pm

    Now, hopefully; the family can get some sort of closer on this horrible case and begin to rebuild their lives.

  6. de Villiers 27 Sep 2011, 4:04pm

    I note that this person was sentenced to twenty-one years in prison. Does anyone know how many years he will actually serve before being released? I recall seeing a news article that said prisoners served no more than fifty per cent of their sentence before being released.

  7. billywingart 3 Oct 2011, 10:46pm

    21 year. First they should cut off his wee wee and make him into a woman.

    eye for eye and tooth for tooth seems to fit here

  8. David chukwuka 7 Nov 2011, 2:58pm

    21yrs is way to small,but its an example that u dnt kill anybody and go free. As a Nigerian i think he deserves to die atleast for karma’s sake.

    1. billyWingartenson 21 Jul 2012, 3:12pm

      tks David. hatred of trans people is like hatred of gays and its a problem in much of africa due to xtremist xtian fundies and islamic influence.

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