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Gay Senator David Norris edges closer to Irish presidency

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Reader comments

  1. What a great achievement if he gets nominated and wins the election. As a gay Irish man living in London I really wish he gets there!

  2. It would be particularly sweet to see President Norris greet the Pope if we have to suffer a papal visit next year. Though my money would be on Labour’s Michael D. Higgins to win. Michael D has always been a champion of human rights so I’d be happy to see either win the election.

    1. There will be no papal visit. The catholic church is far too unpopular thanks to their support of the industrial scale support of child rape.

      If there is a papal visit then I hope someone performs a citizen’s arrest on the old bigot

      1. paddyswurds 27 Sep 2011, 9:28pm

        Getting arrested is the least of his worries. He would most likely be asassinated were he to dare sully the soil of Ireland with his naz! paedo red shoes.Anyway he needs an invite to visit any country and there certainly wont be one forthcoming from Ireland any time soon.

        1. You have become remarkably violent in your comments the past few days, Paddyswurds ….

          1. paddyswurds 28 Sep 2011, 10:47am

            In an ever increasingly violent world we need to keep or perish, Stu…..

      2. Gay Daily Mail Reader 29 Sep 2011, 11:25am

        If the Pope does visit Ireland then we should send Peter Thatchell over to nick the bigot! After all somebody who is prepared to stand up to Robert Mugabe and his thugs….

  3. Gay Daily Mail Reader 27 Sep 2011, 2:18pm

    It’s nice to see much good coming out of Ireland these days.

  4. David Wilkins 27 Sep 2011, 2:19pm

    Huge excitement building but the campaign for reall will kick off tomorrow IF he gets nominated. But it’s looking promising. Some much more flattering pics of the Senator available.

  5. Thats good, we need all equal rights and human rights people running for positions and implementing programs and deterents everywhere from racism and bigotry, and racism, its wrong and evil and keeps our nations in wars malicious and jealous, and intimidated hetersexuals, cause masses of damage everyday because of it, just that hand full of bigots does a lot of damage everywhere, there must be a love connections all over the nations for humanity and harmony, and take serious actions constantly against unfairness and bigotry, the children and grandchildren and their futures depend on it and there saftey and happiness, Scalia is a disgrace and needs to be seated the nation do not need these polluted voices lying to the races, if the heterosexuls had any morals at all , there would be no women and children rapped and molested , murders, wife beating, and sex pedephilia in masses of hetersexual churches, so SCALIA, SHUT THE HELL UP AND RESIGN , YOU ARE ASSININE AND TRYING TO BLIND NATIONS

    1. de Villiers 27 Sep 2011, 4:09pm

      > if the heterosexuls had any morals at all , there would be no women and children rapped and molested , murders, wife beating, and sex pedephilia in masses of hetersexual churches, so

      It is not just heterosexuals who rape, molest, murder, beat their partners and commit paedophilia.

      1. Quite frankly, I’m more horrified by the spelling in that sentence!

  6. We do want to see more equal right officials networking like mayor coumao with other , establishing major overhauls, and reforms for humanity, coumo in new york is a good role model for all cities, and every mayor and governor they need to help move forward with programs and protections and benefits for the equal rights forums, for adults and children, and we need mayors and presidents that are concerned and take action against bigotry, all of it, and the harrasment and terrorism of children and teenagers must be a major role undertaking, your lgbt centers/shelters for the lgbt in every place, and country, its paramount, the role of a good president , has concerns and take actions for womens rights, lgbt and minority rights, takes actions on behalf of homelesness an humanitarian aid, and sees that funds an stimuluses are geered there along with family domestic programs protected senior citizens and veterans, aid and protectiosn their benefits and militrary benefits for all an security

  7. Have you noticed , that all the people promonoding with loud speeches of being christians are all the ones being caught in sex assualt and pedephiliea crimes against children, look at all these republican bigots that a crime of evil an satan right there yet the take on the name of christian, while beating their wives and rapping in the church and trafficking children and terrorizing them in the church of satanic occultism, not real christaianity, you cannot walk in hate and walk in christianity, they dont mix, real good humanity , angelic souls, are move to action on behalf of others simply because the love inside them beckons them to its corridors of humanity, and good will, hate has no place there no common ground, good does good and duplicates kind acts, angelic equivelant, hate duplicates evil an abuse, violence, harrasment , murder, evil because its is evil, and do what it is harm, to others, not agelic, but satanic its father of darkness, do your math, the world lacks real love

  8. Well, I sincerely hope he gets the nomination. Ireland is a democracy, and its the people who should decide their president, and if Norris ultimately succeeds, not the ruling parties.

    Besides, win or loose, its says much for the growing maturity in Ireland that an openly gay man is the most popular candidate.

    1. jamestoronto 27 Sep 2011, 8:04pm

      It says a lot for a country when someone openly gay feels comfortable enough to stand for election and have a chance of winning to boot. Hope he gets the nod.

      1. “Hope he gets the nod.”

        Look like he just did James. The last council endorsed his candidacy (stupid system, I know) just a few minutes ago. And so far, he’s the most popular. Could be the first gay head of state in the world, perhaps?

        1. jamestoronto 27 Sep 2011, 9:03pm

          Fingers crossed on this side of the ocean. It lifted up a very dull and dreary day here in Toronto. Its is great news. I saw it right after I posted the first reply.

        2. Tim Roll-Pickering 27 Sep 2011, 11:23pm

          Fingers crossed but be warned it’s a transferable vote election and polls suggest Norris isn’t yet “transfer friendly”. At the moment this election appears to be both Michael D. Higgins’s to lose and a referendum on Martin McGuinness.

  9. I hope he does get the nomination and that Norris stages a major comeback in Irish politics

  10. He got it!!!!/PoliticsIE/status/118757644398891008

    Getting on the ballot paper was a bloody presidential election in itself.

    1. jamestoronto 27 Sep 2011, 8:06pm

      All right. Great news. Now on to election.

  11. Senator David Norris has achieved the required nominations and now will be in the presidential race.

  12. paddyswurds 27 Sep 2011, 9:04pm

    Senator David Norris has just been confirmed as a candidate for the Presidency of Ireland when he gained the final signature on his nomination papers at the eleventh hour this evening. Senator Norris is set to become the worlds first openly gay head of state in a country once mooted as one of the worlds most conservative Catholic strongholds. Industrial strength paedophilia carried out by clerics and nuns of the Roman cult has in the last 20 years made Ireland now one of the worlds leading anti church states, with the Prime Minister, Enda Kenny openly and blisteringly, criticising the Pope and the Vatican from the floor of Dail Eirann, Irelands Parliment.

    1. Paddyswurds

      I hope you are right. It certainly is a remarkable achievement for Norris (given the backdrop to the candidature process).

      I think Enda Kenny surprised many with the dynamism of his leadership and conviction for child safety with his response to the horrendous actions in Cork diocese (and elsewhere).

      Norris deserves to win and would be a laudable and dignified leader of an emerging nation unfettered to its religious past. Whilst Ireland has many difficulties (not least economic), she appears to be tackling them head on and holding courage to ensure it grows with integrity and spirit.

      Good luck to Norris in the election.

  13. Hurrah!

    I expect the next month to get UGLY.

    Crazed catholic extremist and winner of the Eurovision 1970, Dana (not remotely International) is also a candidate.


    1. Whilst I hope you are wrong, David, I suspect you may be right …

      If the Catholic church want to get UGLY there is plenty of mud that will stick on their vestments and indignity

    2. It takes All Kinds of Everything to be a presidential candidate I guess.

  14. Gay Daily Mail Reader 28 Sep 2011, 6:52am

    Nominations for the Irish Presidential race have now closed and one of the main candidates is Sin Féin’s Martin MacGuiness. Both men come from oppressed minoritys but I hope that people chose the persecuted man who did not have to resort to terror to make his point. Now that Sinn Féin and the Provisional IRA have turned their back on violence, I would personally like to see Martin MacGuiness and Gerry Adams retire from politics and write their memoirs and let new blood take over Sinn Féin

  15. Tony Gay Life Coach 30 Sep 2011, 10:56am

    Does it matter that he is a gay man? Most Irish people seem not to think it does.

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