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Gay journalist Johann Hari faces more plagiarism claims

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Reader comments

  1. I’m sorry, but as someone who wanted to give Johaan Hari the benefit of the doubt, he has only proven himself to be a conceitful toad. Firstly he publishes a grovelling apology only AFTER evidence of his plagiarism came to light, up to that point denying all accusations against him while hiding the fact that he invented fake online identities to troll web sites on which he posted insults to his enemies while upgrading and tarting up his Wikipedia entry. Now we learn that he pre-empted the return of the 2008 Orwell award but KEPT the £2000 prize lolly. What outrageous contempt!! Johaan Hari, I’m sorry, but your outrageous behaviour renders you damaged goods. How on earth do you expect anyone to take seriously anything you write in the future knowing the kind of sneak you really are?

    1. I agree..sadly!

  2. Bill (Scotland) 27 Sep 2011, 10:59pm

    Re “Johann Hari”, or “David Rose” or whoever you are pretending to be today, I used to enjoy reading your articles – but I now avoid any publication that carries your scribblings.

    I’ve written numerous tweets to ‘Attitude’ about his continuing role there, including an article by him in its latest issue. No reply, or even acknowledgement! I will not be renewing my subscription.

    What goes around, comes around – for Hari, his time is up so far as I’m concerned.

  3. This so-called “journalist” is a disgrace to the profession. I find it appalling that he contributes to “Attitude”. His personal conduct during this entire saga has been reprehensible. The man should be flogged in public.

    1. A little extreme, I think. The profession of journalism is hardly renowned for its consistently high standards, after all.

      1. shane is a twat journalist who hack deal teenagers phones should be flogged. He stole stuff from others and is a victim of the english disease build em up and knock em down

        1. Staircase2 28 Sep 2011, 3:28pm

          Im not sure what youre actually saying – is that someone impersonating you again?

    2. Staircase2 28 Sep 2011, 3:29pm

      …Flogging in public says more about you than it does about what he deserves to be honest!

      Otherwise I agree with what youre saying…

  4. ScubaSteve 28 Sep 2011, 1:18am

    “Retrained” Oh common, we’ve all dealt with this guy before in our personal lives. The compulsive liar, they never change. In fact, it just gets weirder the longer you know them.

  5. I’ve seen less hatred on the murder of Destiny comments.

    You guys are a disgrace or don’t”trannies” matter to you lot?

    1. The kind of arguments he has been putting across I am not surprised he has been taken out of the picture. I imagine his behaviour is not unique and I bet you there us a lot of people keen to see him discredited

      1. I agree I have been reading his comment since I was looking for information about gay racism and he had the only indepth analysis on the web. He has enemies and a lot are probabally gay

  6. Not sure why he hasnt returned the cash – although many others are happy to speculate …

    The whole Hari thing is getting very boring now …

    I still like The Independents journalism as a whole

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 11:39am


    2. Maybe he spent the cash on his, ahem, “retraining”, the blighter!

  7. I think he needs to retrain for a new career.

    His journalistic career seems irreparably damaged.

    And he still does not seem to grasp why people are angry that he stole other people’s work.

    A nice call centre job for Johann Hari I think.

  8. Retrain in America? Will he retrain under America’s leading journalist Sarah Palin? Why is he expected back at work in four months. How can anyone trust anything he writes?

  9. Staircase2 28 Sep 2011, 3:26pm

    What a plonker!

    Originally I thought he was an idiot but brave to stand up and apologise so publicly – but in that apology as I recall, he said that his Orwell submission was all his own work – so he can’t even tell the truth about THAT either…!

    …What a plonker!

  10. His antics on Wikipedia aside, I can’t figure out why Hari had to give back his prize for previous and unrelated articles. Remember he IS using direct quotes given by interviewees…They’re just not given to him personally. How does this measure with the fictitious and vicious ‘work’ of people like Melanie Phillips, Peter Hitchens and Richard Littlejohn?

    1. Doh, because Hari’s submission on which his (former) Orwell Prize was awarded has itself been revealed to be plagiariased. You honestly couldn’t make this stuff up!! This is sleazy, gutter level behaviour worthy of the schoolyard brat!

  11. It sounds to me like someone is out to get Hari and finish him off forever. I don’t excuse his behaviour, but as someone who has worked in journalism, if you think any other journalist is any better, you’re living in a dream world – they’re all part time liars, with their own agenda. It’s easy to turn the world against someone, other journalists do it everyday, in every newspaper, and no one says a thing.

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