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French smartphone app ‘tells mothers if their son is gay’

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Reader comments

  1. The app should be re-named “Is your son a character in a lousy sitcom.” Oh, and they should do a lesbian one and ask about power tools and the wearing of dungarees and combat boots…

  2. “Is your son jewish?” Featuring questions such as, “Is he secretive about his money?” “Is he hard to trust?” “Is his nose his most prominent feature?” See how long it’d take apple to remove that one.

  3. Blimey – something like this could throw my entire life into disarray if it concludes I’m straight….. hahaha

  4. The Christians are using covert means to locate who is gay. They teach their children to hate and harass gays, Christians have become drones for the devil and are doing the devils work.

    1. Michaelangelo 28 Sep 2011, 1:24pm


      What one earth has this story to do with religion?

      Get over this obsession, it’s warping your mind.

      1. “Get over this obsession, it’s warping your mind.”

        Says the man who has a daily histrionic rant about his catholicism, or what ever mumbo-jumbom nonsense he calls it.

  5. If someone is stupid enough to believe in this nonsense app, then they deserve to be ripped off.

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 27 Sep 2011, 6:41pm

    You can sign a petition to have this app removed here:

  7. Why would someone spend 2 euros on it? Why would someone even download it for free?

  8. I actually laughed and thought it was a joke. Then I saw who had created it and realised that the agenda is serious and rather insipid.
    When will these Christian organisations focus on their faith and the bible rather than being concerned with something that is barely mentioned in their oh-so-holy book.
    When one is obsessed by something, it is usually because one is hiding one’s own desires.

    1. It doesn’t say who its by in the story. It mentions the Christian group Exodus created a gay cure app but they’re not connected are they.

  9. Might awsell ask ‘ did your child play the miss world boardgame when he was a child ? If yes then you’ve got A GAY !


    I miss playing that game still got it somewhere I’m sure. ^^

  10. NEW APP!!


    1. Did she buy an app about your personal sexual life?
    2. Does she pray her imaginary friends, asking them to make you “normal”?
    3. Is she a christian?
    4. Or even worst a jew or a muslim?
    5. Does she throw holy water on your bed before you go to sleep?
    6. Does she ask you every f—ing day: “Did you find a girlfriend yet?” ?
    7. Is she short, fat, miserable, desperate, old and stupid?
    8. Did she every say to you: “The day I’m going to find out you are gay I am going to Scandinavia and throw myself in the Baltic Sea”
    9. Is she fat? (Oh no sorry, I already asked that…)
    10. Did she find your gay porn magazines and pretended those were sports magazines about male athletes because she simply doesn’t want to accept the fact that you prefer c-ck?

    If your answers are YES the CONGRATULATIONS! Your mother is a f—ing BIGOT!!! yeah!

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 28 Sep 2011, 6:45am

      I don’t think that being a Jew is worse than being a Christian. For a start there is only one Jewish state and they do not hang gays from cranes like they do in Iran, and secondly, gays and Jews suffered together in the Holocaust.

    2. anti-fat! very anti
      are you a bigot?

  11. I prefer the app “ma mère, est-elle con?”

  12. Gay Daily Mail Reader 28 Sep 2011, 6:41am

    Wow! An app that detects if your son is gay? How about a ‘Gaydar’ app for my mobile so I can chat up nice handsome men without having them tell me that they are not gay!!!

    1. Isn’t that the supposed purpose of Grindr?

    2. There is a Gaydar app

    3. These appliances never really work ! Love and electrons just don’t appear to get on together at least in my experience !

  13. I wonder if there’s an app that equates stupidity with the capacity to stereotype?

  14. Jock S. Trap 28 Sep 2011, 10:13am

    This is pathetic.

    I suppose at least it say accept it!

  15. Mr Ripley's Asscrack 28 Sep 2011, 10:29am

    Hooray I’m straight! I don’t dress well and hate musicals, give me an action film and 2 hours of Call of Duty online and I’m a happy chappy! Rejoice!

    1. I have a gay friend who hates musicals, is an xbox fan boi and loves sci-fi and action erm…YOU GAY!!!! ;) lol

  16. It is shameful that PinkNews reports such a superficial matter as this, when it has chosen NOT to report the death of a true gay hero, Dr. Robert Frascino, who died last week.

    See over 300 tributes to him at :

    1 in 7 gay men in London are estimated to be HIV positive, but news which is of interest to that seventh of the gay population has been avoided by PinkNews.

    To quote the words of blogger PrairieMary on this particular matter:

    “By denying the death – and thereby the existence – of a man who was so deeply loved and so great a contributor to our modern lives, those who sell “propriety” are simply widening the gap in our society between one kind of person and another – even though AIDS is an equal opportunity infector. When even the gay community rejects one of their own heroes they reveal the reservoir of guilt and shame that still prevents a cure. They are ostriches who reveal their plumed rears.”

  17. Miguel Sanchez 28 Sep 2011, 2:41pm

    W T F

  18. Only anecdotal, but it’s the sort of story that make you feel that, whatever they believe about themselves, the French are as un-cool as anybody else…

  19. Homosexuality has been detrimental to society and was responsible for the initial ‘spread ‘ of AIDS. Identifying homosexuals is the first step to a cleaner , more moral society.

    1. Ignore this troll – report and ignore. Don’t give him the attention he craves.

    2. I agree Keith, gay people cannot accept the truth or accept responsibility for things, they shun it and blame others.

      1. Whereas the unintelligent and bigoted trade in crude generalisations about groups they don’t like, and generally blame them for everything.

        1. Well said, Riondo!

      2. Another Hannah 28 Sep 2011, 9:26pm

        you aren’t wanted here – this would be tresspass if it wasn’t virtual, why don’t you go off together and make your own utopia. what a great place that would be……

    3. Another Hannah 28 Sep 2011, 9:24pm

      sad dimwit keith whose only effect in life will be a negative one – I wonder why so few people hold your views!!!!!

    4. Get yourself a list of the great homosexual men and women of history, fool!

      Study the extraordinary contributions they have made to society, fool!

      Consider the fact that up until the Victorian era the term “homosexual” was not used, that homosexuality was not illegal, and that most people were quiet fluid in their relationships.

      Homosexuality was not responsible for the spread of AIDS, you fool. HIV (a virus) was.

  20. Perhaps the REAL question is “Is your son’s mother an idiot?”
    If she has this app on her phone, then she undoubtedly is !!!!

  21. Does this stereotype come with Dolby surround sound?

  22. Why do you not want it to be removed?

  23. Another Hannah 27 Sep 2011, 8:53pm

    because it’s purile, shallow and sad – and encourages the dim witted to think it’s fine to be bigoted

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