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Lady Gaga and Jessie J lead Stonewall nominations

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Reader comments

  1. Lady Gaga?!?

    What a joke.

    1. If you think that’s bad they’ve got Nigel “Clause 28” Evans up for politician of the year!

    2. Why is Lady Gaga being nominated a joke? She supports the lgbti community tirelessly

      1. Jock S. Trap 26 Sep 2011, 12:40pm

        Well, sadly with talented people, jealousy follows.

    3. David Myers 27 Sep 2011, 7:03am

      You’re the Joke “Alan”. Ladd Gaga is a hero, both as an inspiration and as a serious gay/lesbian rights activist and agitator. Here is a link to “Paws Up Forever which explains some of here strength as a positive gay/lesbian – anti-bullying activist:

      “A new viral website “Paws Up Forever” on YouTube first tells Jamey Rodemeyer’s story, who was only 14-years-old when he committed suicide. Last May he had even tried to help others by taking part in the anti-bullying project ‘It Gets Better.’ on YouTube where he included the information that he was inspired to make his It Gets Better video after feeling rescued by being inspired by Lady Gaga and her healing video/song “Born This Way”.
      People had posted messages online that he should commit suicide and everyone would be happier if he killed himself. Sadly he was found dead on September 18.”

      Paws Up Forever is composed of young people’s videos speaking in sympathy for Jamey and encouraging others to not give up and make it through until it does, indeed, get better – even if that means after they get out of school. Heres the ling to Paws Up Forever:

      1. David Myers 27 Sep 2011, 7:06am

        Pardon my spelling mistakes. Also, Lady Gaga has requested a meeting with Obama to discuss ways to address bullying and homophobia on a national level.

  2. doubt shed pick up award herself..but gaga and the barrowman in one room- thats a party id like to be at!

  3. Jock S. Trap 26 Sep 2011, 12:38pm

    Good luck to em all (except the bigots). It’s good that we can recognise those that are out to help and accept who we are and make life better.

  4. Scott Mills for broadcast, Gaga for Hero, Jessie for Entertainer…but most importantly…Melanie for Bigot of the Century!

    1. I think the Bigot of the year only really works on those who profess denial of their bigotry, so it always leaves me in two minds.
      The vast majority of those nominated would probably wear it as a badge of pride or take it as proof of their relevance.
      Melanie would simply use it to stoke her self-righteous martyrdom complex.
      If you treat it as a bit of an in-joke I guess it has purpose, but I’m doubtful any of those nominated loose much sleep over it.

  5. These Stonewall Awards are tiresome and annoying and a complete waste of money if you support LGBT equality.

    Stonewall has absolutely zero credibility as an LGBT rights organisation (Ben Summerskill has STILL not been fired for his homophobic campaign against marriage equality, trans issues are of zero concern to Stonewall, and despite their pretence to now support marriage equality, Stonewall has done NOTHING to advance this issue since last years awards.

    Remember people that Stonewall ONLY started supporting marriage equality last year to avoid the prospect of embarrassing protests by gay groups highlighting the bigotry of Ben Summerskill.

    Since then Stonewall has achieved precisely nothing,

    I think a nice protest to let the great and the good know that Stonewall does not represnent the LGBT community would be a very good idea.

  6. HelenWilson 26 Sep 2011, 1:27pm

    No nomination for Peter Tatchell and his equal love campaign! Just shows what a joke Stonewall are these days.

    1. It shows how utterly irrelevant Stonewall has become seeing as the court campign to ensure marriage and CP equality gets no recognition at all.

      Then again I suppose Stonewall does not want to draw attention to their own PATHETIC behaviour on this issue.

      I think maybe another protest by LGBT groups in favour of LGBT equality may be necessary,

      Bad PR seems to be the only thing that persuades Stonewall to do any work.

      Certainly the views of the LGBT population is completely meaningless to Stonewall.

    2. The equal love campaign as far as I’m aware is also focused on allowing straight couples civil partnerships.

      Straight couples rights is not really and LGB concern (I know Stonewall omits the ‘T’)

      As much as I admire the conviction of Peter Thatchell and his tireless campaigning I do not blieve he should be nominated regarding this particular campaign.

  7. Stonewall,has passed their sell by date,in my opinion.

    We all pay for their salaries and most of the senior appointments are given to friends of friends.
    The gongs some receive are a joke and people like Peter Tatchell is always overlooked.

    1. Do you have any evidence to suggest that seniour appointments go to friends and families? I didn’t think there was anyone in the Stonewall executive that were related. I could of course be wrong.

      1. Well it’s an indisputable fact that senior Stonewall appointments go to homophobic bigots.

        It needs to be repeated time and time again.

        Ben Summerskill is STILL the head of Stonewall, despite the fact that he was caught red-handed campaigning against marriage equality at the LibDem Party conference last year (even though marriage equality became official LibDem policy at that point.0

        Summerskill has neither explained nor apologised for his homophobic bigotry.

        And he remains the Chief at Stonewall.

        With Summerskill in charge, then Stonewall cannot and should not be trusted.

        They have failed miserably to represent the LGBT community over the past 3 years.

        It is time for Stonewall (and their silly awards) to disband. They are neither wanted or needed to represent our communities.

        1. In what way is it an indisputable fact? Where’s the evidence?

          Saying something repeatedly doesn’t make it true.

          I don’t feel that I can comment on Summserskill – I know what it looks like and I have no love for Stonewall over this issue but I certainly don’t think he’s a homophobe. I think to suggest otherwise is a little overkill.

          Yes, he made a balls-up on gay marriage but then any politician or public figure worth their salt have to provide and investigate both the pro’s and con’s of each argument.

      2. Please read my posting again. I did not write senior appointments go to family members.

  8. There has been a lot of criticism as to why these awards are necessary.

    My personal view is that they highlight those who have worked hard for LGB rights (not ‘T’ when it comes to Stonewall). It also mroe importantly tells those who would do us harm that we know who they are and watching.

    1. Ben Summerskill was not nominated for Bigot of the Year last year despite his campaign against LGBT equality.

      Questioning the necessity of these awards is clearly appropriate when the awards are being handed out by a group which supports homophobia.

  9. Jock Ratzinger 26 Sep 2011, 3:44pm

    I think the idea of these awards is getting a bit tired. They should keep the Bigotry award, but generally the others are a waste of time.

    1. dave wainwright 4 Nov 2011, 7:10am

      Just heard that Roger and Paola Crouch won Hero of the Year Award , beating Lady Gaga , Joan Armatrading and Bette Bourne , I have to say this means the world to Roger and Paola whose son Dominic would have been 17 on the 7th of November had he not taken his life after being subjected to homophobic bullying at school , they have both worked tirelessly to ensure this kind of bullying in schools is dealt with and children are better protected in the future and are making remarkable strides in their personal endeavours , I for one salute and congratulate them.

  10. Why wasn’t Pink News up for Stonewall Publication of the Year?

    Perhaps it’s because Pink News is the publication which forced Stonewall to change its policy on marriage equality. Or perhaps it’s because so many people on these comment pages don’t like Mr Summerskill.

    1. I think more to the point it’s a few people who don’t like Summerskill, just repeating themselves over & over.

      Calling him a bigot repeatedly doesn’t make him a bigot just because you disagree with him on what are basically tactics around legal semantics. I think you could make legitimate criticisms of Stonewall in that it’s little more than a glorified lunch club for A list gays only who can afford to give them hundreds/ thousands a month.

      However the criticisms on this thread of the organisation are embarrassingly weak.

      1. Fair comment about the Summerskill haters. And the lunch club comment seems like fair comment because of the big names, but may just be an impression, I bet there are a lot of hardworking unpaid volunteers behind the scenes.

      2. I think the criticisms of Stonewall regarding marriage equality are far from weak. Nevertheless I agree that Mr Summerskill should not be termed a bigot.

        Stonewall recently announced that it intended to work with gay rights organisations in other countries. I would first like to see them working in concert with UK organisations.

        1. I feel that you’re gunning for Ben Summerskill uncessarily. Stonewlal under Summerskill have done a lot of work for the LGB community and given us a pretty powerful voice in parliament.

          Yes, I agree that the gay marriage thing was a shambles but it’s time to stop bleating on about it, get ourselves together and go about it from a different angle.

  11. “Gay friendly singers” — erm, is this an LGBT news site, and aren’t both of them out as bi?

  12. I always look forward to the Stonewall awards. Such an important event.

  13. dave wainwright 4 Nov 2011, 7:00am

    And the winner for the HERO of the YEAR is : ROGER AND PAOLA CROUCH , and deservedly so , their tireless and undaunting work to put an end to bullying since the death of their 15 year old son Dominic who was homophobically driven to leap from a building in Cheltenham Glos . CONGRATULATIONS Paola and Roger Crouch , you earned it and deserved it .

  14. I hope you have cancer Keith
    Get a life

  15. David Myers 27 Sep 2011, 7:12am

    Do not feed troll.

  16. Jock S. Trap 27 Sep 2011, 8:43am

    Tired and boring… yawn.

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